Trent Atkins, a great bottom

(Pretty solidly about men’s bodies and mansex, in very plain street language — which I consider to be the default vocabulary for talking at length about the details of mansex —  but much of it is about the presentation of a sexual self and the structuring of gay porn, and some about the vocabulary for talking about these things. There are sexy images, but none over the line; the X-rated visuals are in an AZBlogX posting “X-rated Trent Atkins”. Still, this posting is absolutely not for kids or the sexually modest.)

I begin with the DVD that in some sense inspired this posting, Trent Atkins’s Best of DVD:


A smooth (smooth-bodied and clean-shaven) very fit young man with a nicely muscled swimmer’s body; mid-length hair with a bit of blond streaking; an inscrutable facial expression that is neither challenging nor ingratiating; and jeans pulled down in reveal a substantial male ass in tighty-whities. Not exactly a classic twink, but maybe a muscle twink or just a muscle boy. In any case, displaying that ass and making it available for fucking. (This is, after all, a DVD of scenes from gay porn, a context in which an ass displayed like this sends a Fuck Me message.)

Images on AZBlogX:

#1: Atkins displaying his naked body in a frontal shot, with discussion of height (short at 5 ft. 5), body type (swimmer), body size (slim and compact rather than massive), and dick size (at 6 in., in the normal range, and entirely proportional to his height and body mass, but short of the usual 7-inch minimum for gay pornstars). Oh yes, Indiana Univ. logo tattoed on his hip.

#2: Atkins fucked by taller, bulkier, more muscular, hairier (and apparently older) Alessio Romero — though, despite these disparities the two men are in competition over who’s in charge in the encounter. Atkins is an enthusiastic bottom, virtually exclusively so far as I can tell (in his porn roles and in real life), but he’s nevertheless inclined to assume the dominant t role in his encounters, ordering his partners to fuck him, demanding that they do it (“Do it, now: fuck my ass!”), rather than submissively asking, or even begging, them to do it (“Oh god, please fuck me!”). Bottoms are often taken to be low in masculinity (getting fucked is the province of women), but Atkins counteracts this with t behavior.

#3: Atkins as the focus in a gang bang, taking on six bangers.

#4: Atkins as the focus in another, more entertaining, gang bang, taking on four bangers, in a screenshot with Atkins doing a handstand to make his asshole more easily available to one of the bangers (this at the rimming stage of the gang bang, before the fucking and bukkake stages). More detailed discussion of the encounter on AXBlogX. For an explanation of the handstand, see the following.

IMDb notes on the actor:

Trent Atkins participated in gymnastics for ten years before switching to springboard and platform diving. In 1997, he received a scholarship to Indiana University for his athletics. He never finished his stint there and went to Los Angeles where he became an adult film actor. While working in the adult industry, Trent managed to contact a diving coach in Hawaii, where he attended The University of Hawaii at Manoa and earned a BA in Economics.

(He was born 12/27/78 in Minot ND but grew up in San Diego CA. He sees himself as something of  a California beach boy.)

He took a break from gay porn for a time while he was working on his degree, but is now back at work. Interviews suggest that he sees his porn work as a serious job, a profession even, that requires commitment much like that needed to train for gymnastics and diving. (He’s also a licensed massage therapist, by the way. A body man in a whole lot of ways.)

As for his sexual orientation, he is frankly gay. Well, he might say that his orientation was as a bottom, and the same-sex desire, gay self-identification, and involvement in gay culture followed from that. (I wonder if there are any gay-for-pay porn actors — men who identify as straight — who are total bottoms. As far as I can tell, all the celebrated bottoms in gay porn have been frankly gay, though a few, like Joey Stefano, have been sadly conflicted over their desires, ashamed of them.) That is to say, Atkins has a kind of deep emotional commitment to bottoming; he’s what I’ve called an an uberbottom.

(Like so many gay pornstars, Atkins loves to display his body for an audience, and he has a high sex drive.)

In his presentation of self outside of his porn roles, he comes across as clearly gay (also as sweet, smilingly amiable, funny, thoughtful, and smart): he has a light (rather than deep) voice (so do I), and, more important, he has a modestly gay voice (with some of the phonetic properties of the GV — which I do not); especially when this is combined with his facial expressions and gestures, I don’t think you’d miss that he was gay, but he doesn’t come across as exaggeratedly so. (Obviously, I find him very attractive.)

Some images, concentrating on changes in his hair over the years. First, an early photo from men magazine, Atkins looking very twinkish:


Then the visual presentation in #1, with shorter hair and only a small flash of blond. And then the short- and dark-haired Atkins in the Michael Lucas Raunch film Ride it Wet (2012), a watersports  feature:


Here Atkins is in his pisspig costume for the role: PigSkin briefs in piss-coded yellow. The TLAGay blurb, which I include here because I think it’s hyperbolically hilarious (bring on the horse-hung hot tops!):

There’s no shortage of hot and horny guys with hungry asses [piling on the H] ready to take cock and Ride It Wet from some of Lucas Raunch’s filthiest hung tops. Cuban pornstar Damien Crosse drenches muscle bottom Felix Barca in piss before fucking him in the shower. Raunchy top Edji Da Silva degrades Rio Montenegro with wads of spit and puddles of urine. Preston Steel fucks tight bottom-boy Trent Atkins on a piss-soaked sofa. Kyle King uses Tate Ryder’s mouth as a urinal. And hardcore pornstar Drew Cutler fucks Adam Herst through a gloryhole before soaking him to the bone. [The verb drench and the idiom soak to the bone are clichës of the watersports genre.] All of these hot, dominant tops have no problem making their bottom boys Ride It Wet.

(I see no reason why fuckbottoms should also be pissbottoms, but in this feature the two roles are rigidly aligned, possibly because some men, maybe even Michael Lucas himself (who’s both a fucktop and a pisstop, think that both roles are humiliating. But an uberbottom like Atkins doesn’t psychologically configure getting fucked as humiliating: for such a man, it’s an exhilarating sharing of masculinity in which he absorbs masculinity from his top (via the top’s cock in his body) and simultaneously flaunts his masculine toughness.)

[Later interpolation, spurred by comments from friends. I’m not disparaging humiliation (not to mention submission and pain and even disgust) as sexually powerful — I’ve posted several times on these pleasures for many men and written on them as streaks in my own sexual makeup — just denying that they seem to be the main things that are going on with Trent Atkins. About some other uberbottoms and ubercocksuckers I’m not so sure. Of course, the springs of tastes can be multiple and complex (as well as outside consciousness). To this end, I note that Atkins’s preference for partners in real life seems to be for bigger, more muscular, hairier, and more strongly masculine men — who want to serve as top and who are, of course, gay.]

Finally, his long-prevalent visual presentation, with light brown hair in a masculine buzzcut, here in The Velvet Mafia, Part 2 (Falcon, 2006):


A bit into this scene, Atkins is supine, ankles in the air, getting Missionaried by his top, Brock Penn, when Penn slaps Atkins’s ass — and Atkins orders Penn to slap him more, and harder (and Penn does, reddening Atkins’s ass to the bottom’s satisfaction). An arresting moment: Atkins doesn’t have control of his body at all, but he’s still calling the shots.

Two interviews. There’s a brief video interview on Lucas Raunch, which you can view here, where you can see and hear the man. In his early 30s then, but still (to my eyes and ears, anyway) definitely cute as well as pleasantly gay.

Then a nice print interview from 2011, with Atkins doing shop talk: on G4P (gay for pay), on taking enormous things up his ass, and on dick size, among other things. Excerpts:

Interviewer: If there was one thing you would change about the business, what would it be?

Atkins: If I had my own company I wouldn’t use gay for pay models. I like working with guys who are into me, and I like to watch porn where you can see a definitive chemistry between two people.

… I honestly hate to work with so called gay for payers. They take forever, complain a lot, and tend to have more attitude than I care to deal with. I come to every job believing that nobody is better than anyone else. I don’t care who you think you are. We are all paid to do the same thing. If you can’t be professional, show up on time, and follow the rules then you shouldn’t be there.

Interviewer: Your on screen personae is a bottom who [personae are bottoms who OR persona is a bottom who] can handle any size of a dick. [any size of a dick is a notable csse of Exceptional Degree Modification (EDM), for which there is a Page on this blog] [Sorry, I can’t just suppress the linguist in me; but feel free to make bad jokes like “Sorry, Prof. Zwicky can’t come to the phone right now: he has a linguist in him and can’t get out of bed at the moment.”] Does that translate into your personal life? Have you ever been presented with a dick that was just too much?

Atkins: I never say too big. I’m flexible, so things seem to just slide right in. Ha! Ha! I think I was just born to bottom. [“born to bottom” – wonderful phrase, should be made into a song, or maybe a whole movie]

In my personal life though, I prefer ’em all sizes. Some of my best lovers have had smaller dicks. Sometimes when a guy has a huge dick, he thinks that’s all he needs to be a good fuck. Guys with small dicks know they are small, so they pay more attention to love making. That’s just my own personal experience though. I think huge dicks are fun to look at, and smack around, but [for getting fucked] I prefer anything from 5 to 8 inches.


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  1. Tim Evanson Says:

    Trent became so thick-bodied, almost muscular, in his later years. I myself wouldn’t have called him a twink any more, as he lost that litheness and delicateness that seems (to me) to be an essential quality of twinkiness. He lacked the muscle tone to be a fratboy type or bodybuilder, but my sense is that Trent found his career waning as a twink (perhaps due to age) and decided a more muscular persona was necessary to keep his career going.

    I really enjoyed his work with Joe Gage in “Joe Gage Sex Files”, where he’s more subdued and almost repressed. Very like a teenage boy among the jocks in high school, glancing at the more muscular, older, better-hung boys nearby and hoping they’ll mount him and give him the loving he so desperately needs and wants.

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