Tinging the scalene triangle

From Daily Jocks on the 2nd, a set of three images for 2eros underwear, with this ad copy (untouched here):


Australian luxury brand 2eros have released The X-Series, a new active underwear collection. Each styles comes in two marle colours, grey and black. It features 2EROS’s signature form fit and singled lined pouch for that enhanced but natural lift. Made from premium Lenzing Modal® which has epitomized pure luxury and softness for over 40 years.

Give your skin the ultimate sensual feeling, the fibre remains wonderfully soft even after repeated washing and retains its color brilliance.

(As you will see in #2 below, the spot that X marks seems to be the anus.)

[Quick addition: I neglected to explain marle. This is the British spelling corresponding to American marl. From NOAD2:

a mottled yarn of differently coloured threads, or fabric made from this yarn: blue marl leggings. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: shortening of marbled.

Similarly, red marl, navy marl, and, yes, grey/gray marl and black marl.]

Below the fold, the three images, in the sequence they came in, with a little tale of a romantic triangle in my captions.


Scene 1: Negligent ebony and yearning ivory

Jamal, wanting nothing to do with a
White faggot looking for a black stud to
Top him, ignores the bitch; Tommy is
Wicked hot for him, but averts his gaze,
Wouldn’t want to be staring blatantly at the
Object of his desire.


Scene 2: The dance of the two skivvies

Desperate, Tommy becomes openly
Seductive towards Jamal, does a
Bold ass tease, a sly cock tease for him,
But no dice: Tommy is


Scene 3: The third man in grey

Comes muscular Brad, commanding in
Grey — Whoa! Jamal seriously
Reconsiders white guys.

Unpacking the titles of the three scenes is left as an exercise for the reader. But I’ll unpack part of the main title, “Tinging the scalene triangle”. Here’s one such triangle:


Put Tommy at the left vertex, Jamal at the top right, Brad at the bottom right, so that the distances between their verticles corresponds to the emotional distances between the men.

Now, from the Know Your Meme site:

“Ah, the Scalene Triangle” is an expression associated with a video in which the narrator seductively repeats the phrase “ahh the scalene triangle” while zooming in on an illustration of the geometric figure.

On September 8th, 2012, Tumblr user Drawing Guitarist posted a video in which the narrator repeats the phrase “Ah, the scalene triangle” with increasingly sexual overtones [climaxing in “Aaaah, fuck me, scalene triangle!”] while zooming in on an illustration of a scalene triangle. Within 11 days, the post received over 35,000 notes.

The video is on the Know Your Meme site.

(To recap from your school days: equilateral triangle, all three sides the same length; isosceles triangle, two sides the same length; scalene triangle, three sides of different lengths.)

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