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Demented p.r. pitches, absurd ad copy

February 24, 2017

Recently the admirable Margalit Fox has been posting on Facebook a series “Demented P.R. Pitch of the Day” (Margalit seems to read more of her nonsense mail than I do). I’ll give the two most recent examples and then turn to some long-standing advertising themes in my own postings: absurd ad copy for premium men’s underwear and for gay porn. (So, yes, in the second case there will be some incidental sex talk.)



February 23, 2017

(Men’s underwear alert! Premium grade, but still…)


Stud Finder

February 18, 2017

(Discussion of men’s bodies and male-on-male sex in mostly very plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Today’s playtime viewing began with a compilation video of scenes from porn flicks featuring Trenton Ducati, beginning with an especially nicely crafted scene from the 2012 TitanMen Stud Finder, involving Jed Athens, Ford Andrews, and Ducati. Well, yes, a bit of titular word play, combining carpentry / construction work and hot men.


The DVD cover, with Ducati in the middle


Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress

January 22, 2017

(It starts with dough and cross-dressing and eventually touches on several sexy topics. So: definitely racy, but probably not enough to frighten the horses in the street.)

Today’s Rhymes With Orange portrays the kinky side of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Poppin’ Fresh (the advertising icon and mascot of the Pillsbury Company):


The Doughboy cross-dressing in an adorable pink skirt — a fluted cupcake liner, from the set on the kitchen counter.

Now: some remarks on cupcakes; a note on sexual undercurrents in the Poppin’ Fresh ads; and extensive discussion of sentient, speaking figures (often anthropomorphic, as here) in advertising, cartoons, or fictions of other kinds, figures that are in fact foodstuffs.


Annals of double entendre

January 21, 2017

Comment by Robert Coren on my “Meaty matters” posting:

“It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion” inescapably reminds me of a cigarette ad from my youth, whose slogan I chose to interpret in a way probably not intended by its creators: “It’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long”.

The 1951 song title was intended to convey (in the Wiktionary gloss)

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, penis size doesn’t matter, but technique does.

The cigarette ad from the 60s (which came in many variants, for television and for print media) was for Winston Super Kings, and the sexual innuendo was surely not inadvertent.



January 4, 2017

(Obviously, sexual content, so not to everyone’s taste.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, in “Johnny Rapid at the jizz ball”:

It started with a device for simulating ejaculation in making porn movies, called a jizz ball (or jizz-ball [or jizzball]) in an episode of (the American) Queer as Fuck (in which the character Emmett becomes an on-line pornstar). That led to jizz ball ‘orgy’, especially a gang scene with one person as focus (a scene I’m familiar with in an all-male context). And specifically to a scene from the 2012 video Jizz Orgy: Winning Ball (from in which Johnny Rapid takes on four members of a soccer team (played by Blaze, Brad Foxx, Leo Forte, and Rafael Alencar). Johnny has a jizz ball!

(with four shots of Johnny Rapid in action).


Pharmaceutical morning names

December 24, 2016

Today’s morning name, an AZ name: AstraZeneca. Which of course led me quickly to the singer Astrud Zeneca.



November 20, 2016

Being heavily advertised on cable television: Blue-Emu spray for pain relief (a relatively recent addition to the company’s line of ointments). You can watch baseball great Johnny Bench flogging both the spray and the original emu oil creme in the video here. The spray:


Originally I thought this must be a joke: emu oil? blue emu oil? But no.


Apostrophic moments

November 18, 2016

Punctuating possessives and plurals in writing English is something of a minefield; possessive plural forms like ladies’ and women’s are especially tricky, and quite a few writers of English would prefer to see the system both rationalized and simplified — in particular to use the apostrophe to signal “grammatical morpheme s” and to place it regularly before the s. That gives us the “greengrocer’s apostrophe”, as in two eggplant’s.

It also gives us possessive plurals like kid’s, as in this ad photo for CheapesTees:


But wait, there’s more.


True Confessions Ripped from the Tabloids

November 6, 2016

(Well yes, men’s bodies, and lots of gay innuendo, but nothing to frighten the horses.)

Headline in The Gaily Male:

“How Giacomo ‘Giacco’ Giaccone’s
SuperSnapJock made me into a sniveling bitch”


Jimmy ruled the
Gym with a thumb of
Steel – one
Snap of his
Strap made the
Strongest man