postings about semen; vocabulary for it; attitudes towards it; sexual practices involving it


4/26/11: Argument structure in porn:
on (1) Oh yeah, shoot my ass!

3/10/13: More sexual terminology:

4/7/13: Scruff cum:
scruffy or bearded men taking cum on their face

7/19/13: Cum play:

7/19/13: More sexual slang:
I turn today to cum play of various kinds, in particular snowballing and gokkun (illustrated in #1 and #2, respectively, in [the posting “Cum play”] on AZBlogX). The first practice was familiar to me, though I didn’t know it had a slang name, other than the transparent name cum sharing; and the second I vaguely recalled having heard about, but under the transparent name cum drinking.
There are many forms of cum play, and they have special emotional power in the gay world, because of the symbolic value of cum to gay men. Cum feeding (with the fingers) and cum eating (by licking it off a dick or the surface of someone else’s body) are common practices, as of course is swallowing the cum of a partner at the climax of cocksucking. Coming on your partner’s face or in their open mouth (in a cum facial) was discussed, and illustrated, in an AZBlogX posting “Scruff cum” on cum facials (and related forms of bukkake). And rubbing cum into the skin (your own or someone else’s), like a lotion, is also common.
… Some other cum-related practices: the creampie (internal ejaculation, also known in a gay context as breeding or as seeding), felching, and (getting) sloppy seconds. On the creampie, see [the “creampie” posting], which also mentions felching briefly

4/6/15: Cumshots and cumfaces:
cumfaces in #2-#5

10/31/16 Annals of verbing and poetic meter:
verbing of spunk ‘semen’

11/25/16: Topping off the Thanksgiving meal:
7 cum facial photos

11/27/16: Face work:
on cum facials and the Ns and Vs used in talking about them

11/29/16: Sperm, sperm, wonderful sperm, and all that jizz:
sperm, jizz, spew

11/30/16: One more SquirtJet item:
spray, skeet

12/1/16: From the stage directions for two holiday musical productions:
cum-oriented play on holiday songs

3/5/17: Body works, Part III: Axillary Delights:
taste and smell of cum

3/11/17: Ejaculatory pop:
cum-spray scene from L.A. Tool & Die

1/24/18: This week’s stellar typo:
semen stimulant

2/14/18: Lucas Valentines for 2018:
#2 facial

5/15/18: Cumshots from muscle daddies:
cum shot / cumshot, referring to a photo of ejaculation or to ejaculation (outside the partner’s body)

5/22/18: The cumless cake:
semen and seminophilia

6/2/18: Annals of barebacking: Anonymous in Brooklyn:

1/26/19: PeterFever and the GrowlBoys:
GrowlBoys: cum as a magical transformative substance when taken into the (male) body

1/27/19: Two specialist porn companies:
regular-blog version of the preceding

3/18/19: Cum, sweat, and broccoli:
cum in or as food; magical properties of cum

10/3/19: Pat-SU fuck: new visions:
power of cum

11/21/19: Muscle Milk:
muscle milk ‘semen’; cumface; appearance, taste, and composition of semen

8/14/20: Cake Shop:
Raging Stallion porn, featuring cum in food

8/15/20: Let them eat cake:
regular-blog version of the preceding

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