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More doodleages

December 7, 2016

On AZBlogX, three final sets of XXX-rated collages in which my doodles figure prominently:

from 12/5/16, “Doodling with the critters”: 8 XXX-rated collages with critter descriptions (of insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes) plus doodles

from 12/6/16, “Doodling with dinos”: 13 XXX-rated collages combining dinosaur descriptions with doodles

from 12/6/16, “Miscedoodles”: 10 XXX-rated collages with prominent doodles in them, on various themes — some with found captions, some with captions composed for the occasion

Almost all of these are relegated to AZBlogX because they have penises in them, but there are a few with merely racy images of men. Here’s #1 (But is it art?, Superman wondered, as the penguins surfed) from the last set, with a grim surprise in the caption:


Kristen Bjorn, doodled

October 25, 2016

On AzBlogX, the first of a series of postings with XXX-rated collages in which my doodles serve as design elements. In this AZBlogX posting, the background images are ad photos for Kristen Bjorn’s gay porn flicks, in which his actors (in twos and threes) display their bodies, especially their hard cocks. (On Bjorn and his work, see my 2/26/13 posting on AZBlogX.) Each has a wry caption, plus other added design elements, and a somewhat snarky bonus caption commenting on these various elements.

Last of the Collageuins

October 23, 2016

A final pair of penguin collage postings on AZBlogX: 8 from larger originals, here; 9 from smaller ones, here. Brief comments on the individual collages there.

Most are gay XXX-rated, but some are merely homoerotic. Several I still find funny (though they were created five or more years ago), and some are touching in other ways. For instance, #1 in the second set, which I can reproduce here because it’s genitals-free (but sexily shirtless):


Pingu watches over the gay boys

October 21, 2016

On AZBlogX, two postings of homoerotic Pingu-based collages (featuring the animated penguin Pingu), 8 in each set: “Pingu: first wave” (here) and “Pingu: second wave” (here) — being birds of the sea, penguins come in waves.

Pingu will then lead us to other pingu- words, only a few penguin-related; and to the pungi, a musical instrument (cobras will be involved).


Collage days

October 10, 2016

The cover page for two showings of my work, in 2003 at red ink studios in Palo Alto and in 2005 at the Stanford Humanities Center:


The big point here is that I consider these works (and two other sets of collages) to be art — eccentric art, perhaps, but nevertheless art. For many people, this is a problematic claim, so I’m somewhat defensive.