The reverse of me

(The customary warning: male sexual parts, man-on-man sex, and street language about all of it, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Zach Astor, a porn name that caught my eye this morning (while I was engaged with various recent CockyBoys porn offerings, for reasons both personal and professional) — because it’s ZA, while I’m AZ. The reverse of me. (Alas, the bearer of the name isn’t from South Africa, and I’m not from either Azerbaijan or Arizona, but then nobody’s perfect.)

It turns out that ZA is (of course, being a gay porn actor) young, young enough to be my grandson, or maybe even my great-grandson; with curly hair that is sometimes mostly blond, sometimes brown with blond highlights (vs. my very fine very straight brunet-gone-gray); with a slim build (vs. my fat one); with a smooth body (vs. my hairy one); with a really big dick (a thick 8ʺ — vs. my svelte 5ʺ); and he’s a devoted top (while I’m an enthusiastic bottom). Well, we’re both gay men, both born in Pennsylvania (ZA in Philadelphia, AZ in Allentown), and both circumcised — but that’s not a lot of common ground. I should ask him if he’s thought about trying … linguistics:

(#1) Not, as you will soon see, ZA, but a different porn actor, the one I put in this collage (set on Potrero Hill in SF) long ago

Well, it’s gay porn, and there’s hard stuff that can’t be shown on WordPress. So, on AZBlogX today, in (#1) there you can see ZA displaying himself; on his slim body, that cock looks truly enormous. Here’s a cropped version, in which you can examine his facial expression, a study in focused neutrality (perhaps conveying openness):

(#2) Here his hair is mostly brown, with some highlights

Then, in (#2) there, we see ZA and Tannor Reed, engaged in a facial couping lap fuck (yes, yes, the fclf really needs a snappier name; see below!), surveyed in my 7/3/22 posting “Smiles of the summer days”.  Here’s a WordPressable version, with the offending organs fuzzed out (making the whole thing look pretty silly):

(#3)[TR:] I’m floooating! … Look at the faces again: ZA smiling encouragingly at Reed, who appears alarmed here — but that’s just a few seconds in between happy smiles and burbles about how wonderful it all is

Reed truly is ZA’s sexual opposite: he’s not just an enthusiastic bottom, but quite submissive as well; he truly loves the sensation of a cock inside him, but mostly, as he explains at one point, he likes to get men off by letting them do whatever they want with him. (I am plenty receptive, but far from submissive.) From my 9/27/21 “Carnival for catamites”:

Reed is young (born 5/22/98; he got into the porn business in 2019); very much twink-sized (quite slender, short — 5ʹ6ʺ — and lightweight, at 130 lbs.); with a standard porn-sized dick (ca. 7 inches, which looks really big on his frame), cut, sometimes attended to manually by his sexual partners. His sexual taste goes beyond mere bottoming to a kind of identity as a receptive (he just loves to get fucked), and a submissive as well (he offers his body for sex with other men and then pretty much does whatever they want of him).

In photos, however, he generally doesn’t read as gay — just as cute, adorably cute. But in a QueerMeNow interview on Vimeo (of 7/9/19), he comes across as way gay, in facial expression, gesture, and speech style; and he explains enthusiastically that he loves being watched, loves collecting huge numbers of fans, and really loves getting guys off. Living pretty much totally immersed in the gay porn business seems to him, right now, like a wonderful dream. Well, he’s young and energetic. But I worry about his future, wonder whether he ought to be thinking about what comes next — there’s surely no way for him to get back on track to going to med school, but something.

I note that TR is not only way gay and adorable but also projects both alert intelligence and genuine niceness. In fact, the couple as they present themselves in this scene are models of mutual concern, even a kind of deep politeness, as they engage in ragingly hot sex, especially the fucking.

ZA kisses TR whenever their bodies are aligned for it; sucks TR’s cock while they move towards fucking (ZA compliments TR’s cock, TR sweetly tells ZA that he has a nice mouth); and announces that he’s going to prep TR for getting fucked by his gargantuan cock by opening him up with his tongue, in the course of which he fills TR’s asshole with his spit for lube (yes, you and I know that lots of commercial product was employed here, but the fantasy is delightful). Then they collaborate on, in succession: pile-driver (TR makes it look easy, like a lot of fun for the man getting drilled); doggy (with the camera giving equal time to the faces and the hard fucking); and that smoothly executed lap fuck — a difficult maneuver for the performers,  but with a lot of dick payoff for the viewers.

Class porn, done by actors who are good at their craft — and get careful direction, wonderful camera work, and first-class editing.

(#4) How do I look when I’m floooating and getting fucked?

Two bonuses.

Bonus one: more ZA. Astor fucking Reed for CockyBoys led me right to Astor fucking Angel Rivera for CockyBoys. A fuck of a different tone: more intense, rougher, less playful. ‘Cause AR, though versatile (been fucked by some of the best in the business), is a fine top himself, and the scene exploits the competitive undertones.

I posted about Rivera in my 6/4/21 posting “Fox and friends I”, on Sean Ford and AR in CockyBoys’ Lips Together, Six Feet Apart. With Ford as enthusiastic, but very much not submissive, bottom, also conventionally masculine in presentation. The plot has AR wooing SF, not just to get into his asshole, but also to get into his life. It’s all very sweet, and the sex is blazing hot.

You will note that CockyBoys scenes are often actual stories — not all of them as complex and well-told as AR & SF, but stories nonetheless, in which the emotional dynamics of the relationships are as important as the sex acts performed.

In any case, with ZA & AR, we get a little drama of conquest, with the tougher, muscular, black-haired, Latino AR deeply satisfied by servicing the more resolute, slender, blond-haired, Anglo ZA. Hard to select just one shot from the scene, but here’s one that shows ZA coolly taking his pleasure while AR is shaken with desire, during a side-by-side fuck:

(#5) Plus ZA in mostly blond plumage (cf. #2)

Bonus two: what to call the facial coupling lap fuck. On the two-component act, see my 7/3/22 posting “Smiles of the summer days”. The full visual trope is common in gay porn, because that’s where we get lap fucks (while facial coupling is all over the place in art, photography, and film). But no one could love that label, even if it does unpack to an abbreviated description of the act; as I said above, “yes, yes, the fclf really needs a snappier name”.

Ah, a moment of inspiration exploded when I typed the initialistic abbreviation fclf: ooh, ooh, that looks like f clef / f-clef, that is F clef / F-clef. Or this:

(#6) An F clef, or bass clef, in musical notation (the line for the F below middle C comes between the two dots

So I suggest f-clef as a noun referring to the act (with the syntax of the sexual noun fuck), and also as a verb (with the syntax of the sexual verb fuck), as in

What you need, buddy, is a good f-clef.

Tim and Tom were f-cleffing on a bench in the waiting room; they were so into one another they didn’t even notice the gawkers passing by.

I dreamed I was f-cleffed by Angel Rivera, and woke up with cum in my pants and a smile on my face.


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