Fox and friends I

(Much about men’s bodies and sex between men, in plain language, with photos, so not at all for kids or the sexually modest.)

The fox in question is Sean Ford, a model and gay porn actor and observer of the worlds of homosexuality, sex work, love between men, and identities and personas. The friends are Angel Rivera, his partner in a scene (both sweet and hot) in the recent porn flick Lips Together; and Peter Berlin, a famous object of gay sexual fantasy in classic porn and the fox’s partner in a 2020 Interview magazine piece on performing gay sex.

It started with a 5/27 e-mail ad (from Game Link Gay, for a  Memorial Day sale) featuring shots from videos on sale, including a Rivera Fucks Ford shot (from the CockyBoys 2020 DVD Lips Together, Six Feet Apart) that is notable for both the men’s facial expressions and their position in the sexual act (both recurrent topics on this blog).

In this posting: on the shot, the facial expressions, the sex position, the video and the two actors. Then in a second installment, to come: on an interview with Ford, on eroticism, intimacy, and love. And on an interview with Ford and Berlin, on jealousy and monogamy, and on aspects of working in the gay porn business: managing a porn persona, getting work, continuing in the business, earning enough to live on (all aspects of the business I’ve touched on in postings on the blog).

To start things off, the shot cropped to isolate the men’s facial expressions:

(#1) An Ecstatic face on Ford (on the right), intense focus on Ford’s face by Rivera (on the left) — a version of a Good Buddy face

If we didn’t know the context, we’d still probably guess that we’re looking at a sexual act: the men appear to be naked, in a car (a classic locus, in the real world as in gay porn, for sexual activity), Rivera is holding Ford’s body, and Ford’s face shows ecstatic pleasure. But Rivera’s role in all of this is not so clear; he might just be being a supportive friend while Ford rushes on to a happy ending. Maybe Ford is jacking himself off with his free left hand (which we can’t see here), and Ford is just supportively holding him while he gets off; such things happen, in the real world as in gay porn).

But no. Despite the Good Buddy face, Rivera is in the midst of vigorously fucking Ford. The full shot, but with the dicks fuzzed out:

(#2) Fucking in the rear of an SUV (one with a split rear door — a top panel that raises, a bottom panel that opens to the side), which happens to be parked at the edge of a wood, so combining two conventional locales for gay sex, the automotive and the sylvan

The unretouched image can be viewed in a posting today in AZBlogX, “Rivera fucks Ford”, with the commentary:

Angel Rivera fucks Sean Ford in an SUV: a composition carefully designed to show as much as possible of both men’s dicks (all of Ford’s, all except the head of Rivera’s, which Ford is holding in his asshole). The pose then configures the two men’s dicks as a single bodypart, spanning from Rivera’s balls to Ford’s dickhead, and visually conveying the union of the two men’s bodies in the act of their fucking.

From their facial expressions, Ford appears to be given over entirely to the pleasure of their fucking, and Rivera to an intense focus on Ford’s pleasure, but in fact Ford is engaged in a difficult and athletically strenuous performance of back-leaning Reverse Cowboy on Rivera’s dick, though with Rivera’s arms around him to help support him in his acrobatics (Ford is a slender twink, but look at the work his thigh and calf muscles are doing). As I’ve said in another context, pornstars do this sort of thing professionally so that we amateurs don’t have to; they do it to give us the satisfying experience of effortless fantasy sex, in this case with one man suspended in the air while he rides the other’s cock and both lose themselves in the ecstasy of the second man’s cock stroking powerfully into the first man’s body.

Ad copy for the flick:


Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys debut in the poignant short Lips Together, Six Feet Apart written and directed by Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian. Joined by Sean Ford, Lips Together showcases the sweet longing that occurs when one is forced to be apart from someone they love [in this case, for 14 days in isolation (in a cabin by a forest) because of Covid-19]. Blake Mitchell, Nico Leon, Brock Banks, Austin Avery, Sharok, Benjamin Blue, and Skyy Knox fill out the cast on this collection of wistful sexual encounters.

From the trailer for the flick, the Rivera – Ford episode (scene 1 of the video) is very sweet (during the isolation period, Rivera comes by Ford’s cabin regularly, to bring him food and presents, to dance for him, and so on), and in the reunion-sex part of the episode, very hot indeed. The actors are both young (Rivera born in 1997, Ford in 1998) and both slim, smooth, cute twinks, also interestingly complementary: Rivera is Latino, Ford Anglo; Rivera is a bit more muscular than Rivera (who’s definitely slender) but two inches shorter; Rivera’s hair is dark brown and straight, Ford’s blond-highlighted curly; significantly, Rivera is versatile in fucking (an explosively energetic top in his scene with Ford), Ford an enthusiastic bottom, though the two do seem well attuned to each other’s bodies.

They fuck in several positions and in several locales. In contrast to #2, here’s a much more routine sex position, simple prone (bottom lying on his belly), but on the hood of the SUV (again, a performance better left to professionals, at least if it’s done without any cushioning beneath the bottom:


This time, both men’s faces are Ecstatic, but of two different types: Rivera’s is slack-faced, the muscles of his eyes and mouth gone all loose (like Ford’s in #2); but Ford’s in #4 is tense-faced, those muscles tight with concentrated effort, as in athletic exertion or in the experience of pain — in any case, an expression that is famously interpretable in many ways out of context. (For that matter, slack-faced Ecstatic appears in religious as well as sexual ecstasy.)

As a bonus, the anticipatory longing-for-reunion portion of the scene seems to be drawn out long enough to make the raunchy wild reunion-sex portion seem like a climax, a satisfying release.

The actors: Ford. Basic stats, assembled from several sources:

eye color: green; hair color: varies; height: 5′ 8″; cock: 6″ cut

His hair color does indeed vary, and its style does too. Sometimes he sports a dark brown buzzcut, as in this display of his slender body:


And in this wonderful kiss, between Ford (left) and his boyfriend, photographer Ben Chabanon (his professional name; Ford calls him Benjamin):


But sometimes he lets it grow out, and then it appears to be naturally very curly, as well as dark brown; but he often presents it with lots of blond highlights, as in the images from Lips Together above, and that’s a look that suits his very well, since it counteracts the slightness of his body.

Then there’s his cock size. He just says his cock is normal size, but other sources give 6″; this is in fact at the high end of normal (mine is 5″, at the low end); about 2/3 of all adult American men have erect cocks between 5″ and 6″; about 95% have erect cocks between ca. 4″ and 7.5″. Meanwhile, the makers of gay porn consider 7″ and above to be the appropriate size range for pornstars — the genre deals in fantasies, not reality, and big dicks are a powerful fantasy for American men (who fantasize about having them, and if they’re gay, also about servicing them) — so that a porn actor with a cock less than 7″ will usually have his size suppressed (or inflated) in press releases, and will normally be expected to perform as a bottom. (In Ford’s case, bottoming appears to be his natural preference — as it was mine, back in ancient days, but perhaps not as strongly as for Ford.)

(I should note that though 6″ is a perfectly substantial cock size, when laid out directly against Rivera’s 7″ (and greater thickness), as it is in the unretouched version of #2 in AZBlogX, Ford’s cock does seem on the small side.)

The actors: Rivera. Basic stats:

eye color: brown; hair color: brown; height: 5′ 6″; cock: 7″ cut

Yes, he’s short, but beautifully proportioned, as you can see from this display of his body :


(Meanwhile, his short stature makes his standard pornstar cock seem substantial indeed.)

In the personas that they present in interviews, the two young men are reflective and earnest; there and in Lips Together they appear to be genuinely sweet, as well as proficient at their craft (which is how they see their porn work). It is fairly startling to see that at the ages of 23 (Ford) and 24 (Rivera), they have already plied their trade for longer than the average pornstar and seem to be just hitting their stride. (Ford appears to have gone in front of the camera as soon as he reached the legal minimum age of 18.) More on life in the business in the second installment of this posting.

Like Ford, Rivera has a boyfriend. But Rivera’s boyfriend, Ben Masters, is also a porn actor, and they’ve worked together, including in My Boyfriend’s Birthday (2018), where the p.r. makes a lot of their real-life relationship:

(#8) Closing in on a boyfriendly kiss; their eyes are already closed

Other p.r. copy gets mileage from their flip-fucking in the video.


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