Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
by Zach Weiner

ML, 8/30/09: How science reporting works:

GN, 11/18/09: Don’t try this at home!:

ML, 4/21/10: Varieties of scientific experience:

ML, 3/20/10: Two cultures:

ML, 8/2/10: The Logogeneplex:

ML, 8/26/10: “Latin-obsessed 17th century introverts”?:

GP, 12/6/10: Obscene spoonerism and stupid verbing discussion on Radio 4:
(in h. s. gudnason comment)

ML, 1/11/11: Annals of whom(ever):

4/5/11: What means means:

What means means

4/24/11: Gay cartoons:

Gay cartoons

two SMBC cartoons

5/22/11: Argument structure of allow:

Argument structure of allow

ML, 5/24/11: Can they even prove that?:
(in Chris Holdaway comment)

ML, 7/3/11: Whatly regards her speechitating?:

ML, 8/17/11: Philosophical animals:

GN, 8/21/11: Insolence and anteriority:
(in howland-bolton comment)

ML, 8/27/11: He’s on first:

ML, 11/26/11: SUS as farewell formulas:

1/26/12: A bunch of condescending pedants:

A bunch of condescending pedants

1/28/12: Wordless cartoons, words-only cartoons:

Wordless cartoons, words-only cartoons


ML, 3/21/12: The life cycle of physicists:

ML, 5/8/12: Glottal stalking: Cockneys everywhere:

7/15/12: Everyday logic:

Everyday logic

8/14/12: (R)evolution:


ML, 10/2/12: Harvest time:

ML, 10/25/12: The Detroit Rule:

ML, 10/31/12: Nurbling:

ML, 1/7/13: Language change across the lifespan:

ML, 2/11/13: Valentine’s Day homophony:

☛ 4/11/13: A trade:

A trade

6/11/13: Linguistic clues to time travel:

Linguistic clues to time travel

12/13/13: Friday cartoons:

12/23/13: Language evolution:

5/2/14: lobbying / bribing:

8/21/14: intern:

12/7/14: The curse of knowledge:

ML, 1/3/15: Outdorking word-dorks:

ML, 5/14/15: Presidential roleplayers:

ML, 6/9/15: Know your linguistic philosophies:

ML, 7/29/15: Recursive philosophy of science:

ML, 10/11/15: Linguistic joke of the week:

10/26/15: “says”:

ML, 10/27/15: Arguments:

ML, 11/4/15: Job-pocalypse:

ML, 11/8/15: Funny:

1/22/16: The power of language:

ML, 4/3/16: Cultural evolution stories:

ML, 3/6/16: A perfectly spherical politician:

3/18/16: Periodic table “Who’s on first?”:

4/26/16: SMBC 2011:
2 collections of SMBC cartoons

ML, 5/13/16: Standards of evidence: Standards of evidence

ML, 5/29/16: Do humans actually understand speech?: Do humans?

ML, 6/12/16: Recursive epitomology: Recursive epitomology

ML, 8/25/16: Six year old science: Six year old science

ML, 10/23/16: Erotic phonemes: Erotic phonemes

ML, 12/5/16: Little green prescriptivists:

ML, 4/15/17: Harrisian transformation of the week:

ML, 5/21/17: Schrödinger’s pundit:

ML, 6/12/17: Solo:

9/26/17: The 5-paragraph essay:

7/23/18: Death by verbing:

8/25/18: Fantasy originalism:

9/6/18: Three bulletins:

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