slurs, verbal harassment, etc.


1. nigger, N-word, nig, spade, etc.

CP, 10/11/03: The conventions for expressive content words:

ML, 9/22/04: Three vs. four asterisks at Boondocks:

RS, 3/17/06: The N-word in the news again:

AZ, 5/11/06: The hispanicization of American baseball, the status of Puerto Rico, and the achievements of Roberto Clemente:

JM, 5/31/06: “What up, nick–?”:

HH, 12/9/06: Linguistic cartoon update update:

GP, 12/11/06: Nigger, nigger, on the wall:

GP, 2/2/07: Taboos of the nation:

HH, 3/30/07: Oliver/Wilmore investigates: N-word!:

BZ, 3/30/07: More N-word meta-humor:

3/6/11: Obscenity and literary merit:

1/25/12: “a word now shunned”:

3/26/12: Flat denial:

4/16/12: Using a racial slur:
avoidance of nigger

6/12/12: Plain talk in the NYT:
using nigger; avoiding it

8/3/12: On the taboo/slur watch:
avoiding nigger and nigga

11/2/15: David Hammons:

11/3/15: Minstrelsy:

8/16/18: Book flash: New Work on Speech Acts:
on racist slurs in general

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:
assorted anti-black slurs, but especially pickaninny (and references to watermelons)

9/21/19: Chocolate-covered amidst the statuary:
Rastus as a pejorative name for a black man


2. Other ethnic and racial slurs

GN, 10/7/03: Fenimore Cooper, call your office:

CP, 10/11/03: The conventions for expressive content words:

BPo, 12/23/04: Kemosabe:

RS, 7/17/05: Adverbial license:

BZ, 8/16/06: Makaku, Macaco, Macaque, Macaca…

ML, 8/19/06: More on macaca-gate:

BZ, 9/22/06: Macaca-watch continues:

DB, 1/21/07: Lumps in the melting pot:
ching chong

GP, 2/5/09: Pakigate, Sootygate, Gollygate: Pakigate, Sootygate, Gollygate
paki, Sooty, golliwog

GP, 2/6/09: Half golliwogs and other UK linguistic news: Half golliwogs

GP, 2/9/09: Racial epithets, pragmatics, and semantics: Racial epithets

2/20/12: The Chink files:

3/9/12: At 8:
slant, slope

4/23/12: me no likie:
pidgin Chinese in things like No tickee no washee

8/30/12: Brief mention: Chink, the slur 8/30/12:

10/1/12: On the ethnic slur watch:

4/28/13: chicano:
etymology and history

10/30/15: French laundry, Hostess products, and incoherent ramblings:
French laundry (versus Chinese laundry)

11/23/15: Using an ethnic slur:
NYT: a slur for the Chinese, not identified

3/19/16: Cheech:
Chicano/chicano as derogatory of Mexican-Americans, since largely

8/16/17: Gay slurs in New Zealand:
NZ offensive slang hori ‘Maori’

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
Jap’s eye for external urethral opening: both Jap and allusion to slant / slit eye


3. fag(got), F-word, etc.

AZ, 7/4/06: Avoiding the other F-word:

AZ, 1/23/07: On the offensive language beat: use vs. mention, avoidance:

GP, 3/6/07: Calling people faggot:

ML, 8/18/09: Think B4 you speak: Think B4 you speak

9/23/09: Lifting shirts:

ML, 11/5/09: The F word: The F word

GP, 2/12/11: That little faggot, he’s a millionaire: That little faggot
banned in Canada

11/24/14: fairy X
including homosexual sense of fairy

11/4/15: Bullshido, bullshtein, and cork soakers:
cocksucker as anti-gay slur

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal:
cocksucker ‘fellator’, ‘gay man, queer’ neutrally, as anti-gay slur, as generalized insult

3/12/16: Fruit loops:
fruit as well as fag and fairy

5/17/16: Pebbles:

10/21/16: Another Spanish lesson:
butterfly (boy)

11/25/16: Swish Zwicky:
swish, nelly

1/8/17: The highly evolved fashion sense of faggots:
Italian frocio ‘faggot, queer’

1/31/17: fudge:
fudge-packer ‘homosexual man, faggot’ (from butt-fucking as the characteristic practice of faggots

2/8/17: The rarest of slurs:
red rider: dubious as anti-gay slur

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
slurs for gay men: flit, fruit

4/15/17: The maiden, the monster, and the hero:
homo, sissy

4/16/17: Out gay male bands:
in-your-face uses of fruit, pansy, fag

4/17/17: Chub and chums in the morning:
bum chum, butt buddy, asshole buddy

8/16/17: Gay slurs in New Zealand:

9/26/17: In the faggot zone:
faggot, fuckboy

11/18/17: Fruity Fruit Froot:

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:
shirt-lifter, pillow-biter

5/17/18: Deshagged and pedicured:
fag(got), fairy, fruit, flit, pansy, poof, queen, homo

5/30/18: Punks:

9/14/18: Fruit cream tarts, one with pansy:
fruit, tart, pansy

11/1/18: Sweet stuff:

11/4/18: Panda Puffs and Fruity Pandas:
fruity, poof

12/12/18: Meaty faggots:

4/8/19: Annals of cultural cluelessness:

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:
fruit (in section on avocados)

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:
various slurs, but especially bumboy

8/1/20: Nuancy Nancy:
nancy (boy)

8/20/20: Hard crusin’ Daddy:

8/28/20: Hola Queridx:
Sp. marica, maricón; faggot

4. Other sexual(ity) slurs

RS, 7/17/05: Adverbial license:

5/29/11: sluts:

5/19/12: New words from John Waters:

10/7/13: bitch:

4/3/15: sluts:

9/4/18: Brush away the blue-tailed skink:

6/17/20: Smearing and taunting:

5. Other slurs

Jesse Sheidlower, 4/6/06, in Slate:

BZ, 4/13/06: A brief history of “spaz”:

BZ, 7/12/08: Times bowdlerizes column on Times bowdlerization: Times bowdlerizes column

ML, 9/11/09: Parliamentary decorum: Parliamentary decorum

[an assortment of slurs and abusive terms]

AZ, 11/15/09: The rise of douche: The rise of douche

AZ, 12/20/09: Trash-talking:

AZ, 12/24/11: -tards:

AZ, 12/27/11: Annals of slurs:
mental retardation

AZ, 3/4/12: On the avoidance watch:
illegitimate, retarded

8/31/12: Spasticus Autisticus:

12/3/12: derpy:
derpy; general remarks on disparagements

10/7/13: dickhead, butthead, whatever:
dickhead, butthead, asshole, etc.

3/18/15: Knob in a red top:
British knob (‘penis’) as insult (similar to dick, prick)

6/25/16: Annals of invective: tweets from Scotland:
an assortment of British invective against Donald J. Trump

7/16/16: oiks, yobs, and prats:
British slurs

7/17/16: More British slurs:

12/4/16: International Day of Persons with Disabilities:
cripple, crip, ?handicapped, ?disabled

1/13/17: Sticks and stones:
on slurs, and swearing in general

2/26/17: More piggery:
derogatory uses of pig, based on ‘greedy, dirty, or unpleasant’ in the stereotype of pigs

4/11/17: hockey puck:
Don Rickles: dummy, inventive insult hockey puck

4/15/17: The maiden, the monster, and the hero:
asshole, stupid

5/3/17: A musical decline:
redneck, hillbilly, yokel, etc.

6/6/17: Griffy Dimwit:
dimwit, dunce, …

8/21/17: Nazis and neo-Nazis:
derogatory Nazi

9/29/17: douché!:
douche, douchebag, douché

12/17/17: Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip:

4/14/18: Tail caps:
asshead, asshat

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
motherfucker, mother

9/21/19: For gay peguins, science, and Canada!:
retard, libtard

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:
tosser, wanker ‘masturbator; fool’

8/9/20: August flora and fauna:

9/4/20: candy-ass faggots:
faggot and cocksucker as generalized insults


6. Other offensive language

ML, 7/10/08: Political castration: Political castration

nuts in “cut his nuts off”

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