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Perfectionist in pink sequin

March 20, 2018

(Underwear guys, gay male culture, lots of pink, but nothing pointedly carnal. Use your judgment.)

The spur is yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for a Marco Marco pink sequin jock-thong, here in two views, with my caption poem:

(#1) Perfectionist in pink sequin
(#2) Patrick’s pouch

Patrick dreamed he
Pranced at the Pansy Party in
Nothing but his
Pink sequin ballcap, his
Pink leather harness, and his
Pink sequin jock-thong

Still shopping for the
Pink sequin pumps


In service to Erebus

February 27, 2018

(Men’s bodies and mansex, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for the Erebus line of underwear from the 2Eros company, an ad that spins out an fantasy of delicious dark sexiness. Two montages showing the new Nightmare color (dark violet) and the new Underworld color (dark blue) — earlier colors are Darkness (black) and Inferno (red) — with my perfervid caption below the fold:

(#1) Darko in Nightmare

(#2) Darko in Underworld


Camo Traplat poses

February 25, 2018

(Men showing off their bodies. Racy but not X-rated.)

The main image from yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for a sale on Code 22 clothing — with my caption:


Camo Traplat, the
Darling of the locker room,
Flexes for the boys, from
Pecs to glutes,
Sweats up his red-hot
Training tank top.


The Sex Games

February 8, 2018

(Men in minimal underwear, sexual themes, monstrous violence. Use your judgment.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, for Garçon Model underwear (Canadian underwear and swimwear marketed with heavy homovibes), with a caption (of mine) telling a bit of a nasty gladiatorial story:

(#1) The Sex Games

Akhnaat in his work clothes,
Steeling himself for hand-to-hand
Combat to the death against his
Slave-mate Jmaal.

A boy is given into sex slavery
At the age of 8, paired with a mate for life, until
At the age of 18, no longer
Attractive to the masters, he relinquishes
His slave collar and harness, is
Stripped even of his slave pouch, to be
Pitted naked against his mate in
Mortal combat with broadswords.
The crowds are enormous, screaming for
Blood, more blood, as one man after another
Kills the one thing in life he has ever truly loved.


An infestation of rodentiphobia

January 22, 2018

(A guy in his skivvies, nothing of linguistic value.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad for Jack Adams, with a caption of mine:

Convinced that small
Furry creatures were
Lifting his junk and
Gnawing on his balls,
Croydon recoiled in
Fear and disgust.


El Bruto commands

December 31, 2017

(Riff on the Daily Jocks ad of 12/29/17. Men in their underwear. Doing stuff. Free verse. You have been warned.)


El Bruto
Wants you to
Pump! up your
Underwear, you’ll
Do what El Bruto
Wants, else he’ll
Crush your
Puny self
Between his
Muscular thighs ’n
Leave you a
Spent husk


Er ist der Schönste in Berlin

December 11, 2017

(Men in fetishwear, or less, starting with today’s Barcode Berlin model from Daily Jocks, with a caption from me. Steamy and suggestive, but no more.)


Felix, an athletic
Submissive, can be
Viewed, or used, at our
Fuggerstraße showroom
From 2200 through 0200
Daily – rated AA for
Beauty, AAA for
Agreeableness and


Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter

November 14, 2017

(Men in underwear, sexual fetishes, plus a caption of mine. Not to everyone’s taste.)

Via Daily Jocks yesterday, this fetishwear vision:

(#1) Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter

lifelike manikin for
Maskulo fetishwear,
fashioned in warm-
touch silicone —
model sexbuddy,
codpiece lover,
tough dream in
glowing neon green


Angel Eagle’s knights

October 14, 2017

(Underwear guys, inspired by the Daily Jocks ad in #2 below. Sexy text, trips to the gay baths, so probaby not for kids or the sexually modest.)


Doorman of the underworld

October 3, 2017

(The Daily Jocks ad (for PUMP!) from 9/19, with a caption from me, plus some fantasy. About the gay world and mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

(#1) Doorman of the underworld

Gymangelic Portalo guards a
Subterranean landscape of
Man with man, a secret, dark,
Sweaty country overseen by
Angel Eagle

Pay Portalo with a kiss to
Enter, explore,
Embrace, explode, to be
Embraced, entered,