An offer of the body

(References to sex between men in plain language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The image from a steamy Daily Jocks ad on 9/28, with (under the fold) my caption.


He dreamed
he got fucked
in his

When Nikolas feels anxious, he
Pulls down his gym shorts and
Offers his ass, seeking the calm a
Solid fuck can give him

The first theme is that anxiety and stress can cause people to seek distraction and relief through sex — by masturbation, of course, but also with a partner.

The second theme is that satisfying sex leaves in its train a feeling of pleasurable relaxation.

And then there’s the allusion in the He got fucked… title. On that, from my  7/21/17 posting “Getting into harness”:

my caption … is a take-off on the long series of “I dreamed I Xed in my Maidenform Bra” ads from the 50s

For example:

(#2) Young women in their bras in all sorts of preposterous circumstances — here as a firefighter

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