Getting into harness

(Men’s underwear, bodies, and fetishes, so not to everyone’s tastes.)

The Daily Jocks ad from the 19th displayed this vision from Cellblock 13 / CellBlock 13 / Cell Block 13 (plus my caption):

(#1) Commando jockstrap and neoprene harness, in camo/red

Over years, bit by bit, Butch
Stripped his clothing down to the
Bare minimum.

DJ’s sexy suggestive copy:

These days, it’s not only gay men who take obsessive good care of their bodies. Straight men and women are also looking for clothes that show off their hard work in the gym and on the playing field – and maybe even signal their deep-seated desires.

Well, people harness up for a variety of reasons, including displaying their bodies (for commando and bulldog harnesses, highlighting the pecs) and enjoying the feeling of being constrained.

By the same company, but offered by International Jock rather than DJ, this remarkable garment:


Lucian dreamt he was a
Sex kitten in his
Silky Covert Harness.

The ad copy:

The Covert Harness tank by Cellblock 13 is made of sporty mesh fabric and features a slick and stretchy black Liquid Skin material detail on the shoulder straps and back. Perfect for those times you wish you were in a harness but can’t be.

Note: my caption for #2 is a take-off on the long series of “I dreamed I Xed in my Maidemform Bra” ads from the 50s and 60s, like this one:


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  1. thnidu Says:

    🙂 I recognized that Maidenform bra format as soon as I saw it. God, what memories we retain!

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