b/t roles

some postings on b/t roles in gay porn

12/17/10: Cocks and cum:
two scenes from the gay porn flick Logan’s Journey; analysis in b/t terms

12/18/10: The Bombardier 1:
the first of four postings on the gay porn flick The Bombardier

12/18/10: The Bombardier 2:
need of men to get relief/release from sex (real sex, not masturbation); hydraulic imagery

12/18/10: The Bombardier 3:
“real gay” vs. “circumstantial gay” in Brokeback Mountain, The Idol (gay porn), and The Bombardier (gay porn)

12/18/10: The Bombardier 4: b/t:
scripts for the unfolding of action in gay porn

12/19/10: b/t coding:
on the importation of gender stereotypes into the b/t split in Gayland.

12/20/10: Roles in Manifest:
on b/t coding in the gay porn flick Manifest

1/4/11: Cruisin’: Men on the Make: b/t:
on b/t coding in another gay porn flick

1/14/11: Gay for pay:
on perennial t Chris Rockway, with a bit on the configuration of male-male sex as a buddy relationship (not just as a complex re-inscription of male-female relationships)

9/25/15: Boy in the Sand:
b/t in Boys in the Sand – On roles in gay porn: [Peter] Fisk is darker than [Casey] Donovan and taller than Donovan and he’s bearded, while Donovan is clean-shaven. So Fisk clearly beats Donovan on masculinity points, and you’d expect Donovan to play the b role to Fisk’s t — but in fact Donovan controls the action in their scene, penetrates Fisk, comes first, and only then gets Fisk off, orally, so he’s straightforwardly the t.

12/13/15: Boyfriends:
pornstar boyfriends Sean Duran (t) and Nick Cross (b), their difference coded in a variety of ways (and sexually Duran is mostly top to Cross as bottom)

2/16/16: Loving couples:
In shots from gay porn, couples are represented not in terms of f/m roles, but in terms of the corresponding roles I’ve called b/t

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
an uberbottom who nevertheless takes on a t role in interactions

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:
characters Kick and Jed in BuckleRoos

12/16/16: Gay Santas 2016:
b/t roles in #4 and #5

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:
b/t roles in DV films

2/10/17: Annals of adorable:
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka; b/t roles in real life

2/18/17: Beefier and beefiest:
b/t roles in scene from TitanMen video Stud Finder

2/18/17: Stud Finder:
version of this on my regular blog

12/26/17: Sterek:
Stiles as b to Derek’s t

12/27/18: Are You My Bottom?:
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black and b/t

8/14/18: Butch fagginess:
#4 b/t roles in bearded couple

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