Two pornstar smiles

(About affectional and sexual relations between men, with some discussion of sex in street language, so this posting is not suitable for kids or gay men.)

A sale ad from Lucas Entertainment (the gay porn studio) yesterday (2/18) shows an affectionate couple, both smiling, but in different ways:

(#1) (The photo has been cropped, for WordPress modesty; but not only is the man on the left significantly taller than this partner, his dick is significantly longer and (especially) fatter than his partner’s)

On the left, an assured half-smile, directed at the viewers; on the right, an adoring (and adorable) half-smile. The men are presented as a b/t couple (in the terms I use for roles in gay male relationships): the t man is in charge, indicated by (among other things, his firm proprietary hand on the b man’s neck, while the b man is nestled against his partner, resting on his chest.

The b man often takes the bottom (receptive) role in anal sex, the t man the top (insertive) role — hence, the labels b and t — and that’s very much the case in the porn episode this still is taken from, but things are much more complicated than that.

I was so taken by the photo in #1 that I spent quite a lot of time searching to find out who the actors / models / pornstars were and what video the scene was from. The man on the left uses the stage name Sir Peter, the man on the right the stage name Allen King. Both, as it turns out, are from Iberia and are currently living in Madrid (Gay porn is very international these days). The episode is a pretty recent release (1/1/21), crudely titled Brutalizing Some Butt: Sir Peter is known as a brutal, hard driving fucker, so this episode plays directly to his inclinations; and the Lucas firm lists Allen King as versatile, but he’s mostly an enthusiastic bottom. They’re well matched here.

A (cropped) fuck scene from Brutalizing Some Butt:

(#2) ( I have no idea how to interpret Allen’s facial expression here)

Now, about the actors, with writeups from the Lucas firm and (again, cropped) p.r. shots of them.

Sir Peter.


position: top/versatile; dick size: 9” (uncut) ; height: 6’1”

Sir Peter is tall, handsome, and has a huge, [very] fat uncut cock between his legs that he’s ready to fuck many of the Lucas Men with! This past European production is Sir Peter’s first with Lucas Entertainment, and he was popular among his fellow porn stars on the first day. Sir Peter is a Portugal native, and currently calls Madrid home.

Allen King.


position: versatile; dick size: 8” (uncut); height: 5’8”

The youthful, slender sex addict Allen King was born to have sex, and he’s not letting any of us down! Allen, who is currently 28 years old, lives in Madrid and was born in Bilbao [in the Basque region of Spain]. And his pure Spanish heritage comes across in his libido, since he’s always ready to have sex. After all, it’s why he decided to pursue adult modeling and filming: “I wanted to be an actor and model because I like that people think I’m sex and enjoy wanting me fuck. So, when I connected these three thing, that equaled porn!” When Allen (who considers himself 60 percent a bottom and 40 percent a top) is in bed with a guy, he especially enjoys using his mouth on his partner, both sucking dick and eating ass.

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