(There will be implied or allusive steamy mansex, in addition to heavy man-on-man romance, affection, kissing, cuddling, and all that good stuff. A little bit of linguistics at the end. But perhaps not to everyone’s taste.)

Some Sterek slash art, involving the characters Stiles and Derek from the tv show Teen Wolf — introduced here in a posting on to kitchen-kiss and leading (in a posting to come) to more discussion of bromances, the bromance between the actors Dylan O’Brien (who plays Stiles) and Tyler Hoechlin (who plays Derek) being a case in point.

(#1) Sterek Pride

The slash charachers Stiles and Derek are sharply distinguished: Stiles is younger, shorter, slimmer, clean-shaven, smoother of body, and lighter of hair, while Derek is older (in some of the slash art he’s a teacher and Stiles is his student), taller, more muscular, scruffy-faced, hairy, dark-haired — and a werewolf. No surprise: Stiles takes the b role, emotionally and sexually, to Derek’s t. A hot Sterek kiss:

(#2) Derek draws Stiles towards him, Stiles urges himself on Derek

In this drawing, the men are differentiated, but not as sharply as in many representations of the couple: here, Derek is clean-shaven, with smooth forearms, and his hair is dark brown rather than black. And their emotional and physical connection is mutual. But the men are still presented as b/t.

(Much Sterek material is captioned stills from the show, creating a story line quite different from the one in the show. Here I’m looking at material with original art as well as original text.)

In the “Sterek Teacher comic commission by Romax pg00” posted by user Slashpalooza on the DeviantArt site (this is the best I can do to identify the source), Derek is sexually aggressive and dominant, Stiles sometimes reluctant, usually submissive, but often sexually seductive; they’re playing some version of Daddy-Boy (in gay terms) or (in straight terms) playing out a romantic fantasy in which the Bad Boy sweeps the Bad Girl off her feet. (I remind you that the creators of slash art are mostly straight women and gay men. [correction 12/27 (see the comments): women and gay men])

Three Sterek Teacher strips (with bits of non-native English in them):

(#3) … and then Derek pulls down Stiles’s pants

(#4) A lesson in obedience

(#5) I’m such a bad, bad boy, you need to punish me (with your wolfish cock)

In all the slash art, they kiss extravagantly, passionately, constantly, ubiquitously. In much of it they’re shown just short of fucking (often in position, but with underwear on). Clearly, Derek fucks Stiles a lot, and they both love it.

The fan art doesn’t show dicks or holes, but it gets real close, as here:


There’s a Sterek subgenre in which Stiles has to cope with the wolf Derek (in bed mostly — but Derek also brings him large mangled dead animals as gifts of love). And there’s a Sterek subgenre in which the men become a married couple, with cute kids. A prelude to this:

(#7) Repurposed O’Brien and Hoechlin

First, sexual fuck and then two occurrences of non-literal expletives (first shit, then fuck) in a construction I’ll call Vexoo (for Verb Expletive out-of Object), a wildly emphatic variant of the neutral construction Verb Object: marry the shit out of you ‘totally marry you’, raise the fuck out of our kids ‘raise our kids amazingly’ (no feces or sexual intercourse involved).

More on Vexoo in a posting, to come, on expletives in English syntax.

4 Responses to “Sterek”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Do you have recent data to support the conclusion “that the creators of slash art are mostly straight women and gay men”? Because the biggest survey of slash fiction writers didn’t find that at all:

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    But that was a study of *fans*, not the people who create the slash art and fiction. I suppose there are straight guys who create male-on-male slash material, but I haven’t come across them.

    • Ellen Says:

      “…it does give evidence of at least 5,709 M/M readers and 2,765 M/M creators who go against the received wisdom that ‘nearly all’ M/M fans are both heterosexual and female.” I believe the results showed that –though there’s quite a range of genders and orientations in the results — *bi* women are much more active as both creators and readers than straight women are.

      As for straight guys writing slash, may I introduce you to one of my favorite authors, copperbadge
      ( /
      Sam Starbuck (

      • arnold zwicky Says:

        I certainly should have said “women and gay men” at the outset, not “straight women…”; in fact, most of the women M/M slash creators I’ve interacted with have identified as bi.

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