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January 11, 2017

Characters, most of them cute, from Japanese anime, manga, animated cartoons, computer games, books, and consumer goods of all sorts, in news that’s come my way recently: an Economist story about Mario; California license plates featuring Totoro; plus a note on perhaps the most famous of these characters in the U.S., Hello Kitty; a news story on a new character, Aggretsuko; a note on one of my favorites, Afro Ken; a look back at Tarepanda on this blog; and a glance at the character Pingu, who’s not Japanese.


Something I missed on NCOD

November 12, 2016

National Coming Out Day was largely a day of personal remembrance for me this year — see my posting here — so I missed a bit of significant lgbt news, with a local twist even. It came to me circuitously, via the (closed) Facebook group Our Bastard Language, in a posting by Lauren Hall, originally on October 11th (NCOD itself), where Lauren reported the Think Different poster she’d seen on Market St. in San Francisco that day. One shot among many available (this one just a bit off Market, but in a famous spot):


A variant of Apple’s Think Different ad campaign of some years back, with a silhouette of Squire GrabPussy (as the President-Elect was then) instead of a semicircular bite out of the apple, and with the bands of the Pride Flag instead of Apple’s rainbow colors:



Rainbow ads

September 5, 2016

The latest (August/September) issue of The Advocate has two themes, one long planned — it’s the LGBT travel issue — and one responding to urgent current events, the June 12 shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL. I’m still trying to reach a state of equanimity that will allow me to post about Orlando, but LGBT travel is easy, and there are three ads in the issue that take advantage of the colors of the Pride flag to invite LGBT travelers to Williamsburg and Miami and to encourage them to drive wherever they’re going in a Nissan.


Rainbow toys

August 13, 2016

Following up on two rainbow toys in my posting of the 9th “The old curiosity shelf”, seven more such toys (from a much larger number available on the market).


A remarkable website

July 17, 2016

A site I stumbled on — FU(UU)CKING YOUNG! (sometimes one U, sometimes three), F.Y! for short — which combines a passion for edgy men’s fashion (with great attention to the shows and the models), young men, and queertopia (my word, not theirs). The logo:


Gaudy rainbow colors (though not in canonical order), the shock of fucking (the expletive intended here as a degree modifier), and absolutely no hint as to what the site, and now its companion print magazine, are actually about. But eye-catching, really eye-catching.

And the whipped cream on top: a frothy statement of purpose.showing signs of both postmodern rhetoric and translation from Spanish.

Still, the site is entertaining, and it has some fascinating feature pieces — recently one about Bob Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild, on the occasion of a two-volume summary of Mizer’s physique photography, which was fairly crude at first but eventually developed into a genre of extravagant homoerotic art, both earnest and extravagantly playful in a way that reminds me most of Pierre et Gilles.


Briefly: Rainbow Doritos

April 12, 2016

Something I missed back in September, when it was fresh (and colorful, not to mention crunchy) news:

The head in AdWeek on 9/17/15: “Doritos Has Launched Limited-Time Rainbow Chips in Support of the LGBT Community: All proceeds go to the It Gets Better Project” by Kristina Monllos.

So: an affirmation of the LGBT community, and in support of an excellent cause. Of course, there there calls from the agents of homo-hatred (flying under the cover of sincere Christian belief)  to boycott the company. (Note: nothing says that expressions of pious religious belief cannot also be expressions of hatred, rejection, and condemnation. In fact, such linkages seem to be commonplace).


Rainbow Peeps

March 20, 2016

It’s the Vernal Equinox today (and as sometimes happens on this day, snow is predicted in parts of the Eastern U.S.), and also Palm Sunday, one week before Easter, so Easter foods, especially candy, so we’re subjected to a barrage of candy ads. Among the strongly Easter-associated candies, at least in the U.S., where they’re made, are marshmallow Peeps (discussion on this blog in the posting “Peeps” of 3/18/13) — appallingly sweet but cute candies, classically in the shape of chicks.

And now, a mixture of food genres. Ellen Evans reports on Peeps specifically in rainbow, the colors of the Pride flag; rainbow food is something of a specialty on its own — there is a Page on this blog listing postings on such food — but I don’t think I’ve seen the flag colors deployed for Easter candy before:



The news for urinals

January 2, 2016

Follow-ups to yesterday’s posting on urinals, starting with a photo of a rainbow men’s restroom that illustrated the piece on “Homophobia in the Bathroom” I quoted from in that posting:


Such a place would make a number of straight men profoundy anxious; the rainbow says that this is a gay space, or at least a gay-friendly space, and these guys would be hesitant indeed to expose their bodies to a queer gaze. They are likely to believe that gay men are inherently predatory, hence dangerous to them. They might even believe that gay men are contaminated — sick and dirty — and capable of spreading the disease of homosexuality to them. So they sometimes propose that gay men should be forced to use their own, segregated, restrooms (even if they don’t go further and maintain that gay men should be put in internment camps, or go all the way with the injunction in Leviticus that they should be put to death). In any case, they don’t want gay men in the restrooms they use (or in the locker rooms and gang showers they use).


Extreme underwear, some in rainbow

December 28, 2015

(Mostly about underwear, but a bit about language.)

Stumbled onto the StevenEven premium underwear site, with tons of astonishing stuff on sale, in particular things in the company’s Pikante collection. Two items from that collection: a double rainbow band thong brief, and a piece of extraordinary pouchwear, the Castro bikini brief.


Rainbow bedding

November 20, 2015

From the Kitsch Bitsch’s Facebook page (ultimate source not identified) and passed on by Chris Ambidge: some rainbow sheets and pillow cases, plus a hairy-chested guy, his swirly lollipop, and his bed book:


There are 8 colors; starting with red:

(1) red (tending towards orange), orange, pink, blue, violet, azure, green, yellow

The now-standard gay pride flag has only 6 colors (no azure or whatever, and — surprise! — no pink), in the order of the color spectrum:

(2) red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet/purple

(The flag is displayed with red at the top, or if in a horizonal display, with red at the left.)

The order of colors in (1) is odd, the colors are not very saturated, and in addition to pink it has that azure band.

(The standard “color spectrum” has 7 colors, with an “indigo” band between blue and the last color, which is labeled “violet”.)

You can get rainbow bedding from an amazing assortment of suppliers. Here’s a set from Etsy (“Vintage Rainbow Sheet Set”), with three copies of the band for each color, in (saturated) gay pride colors in spectral order:


And a duvet cover and pillow cases from a company called sin — muted versions (the red looks close to pink, and the green is very pale indeed) of the 6 colors in the gay flag, in spectral order: