Bob Mankoff

postings about Bob Mankoff as cartoonist and editor

4/15/12: Cartoon matters:
Mankoff Reaper cartoon

1/14/14: New Yorker cartoons:
Mankoff picks favorite New Yorker cartoons

5/29/14: Threesies:
on the Mankoff book How About Never – Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons (2014), with a Mankoff cartoon

6/5/14: Briefly noted: decline:
on the Mankoff book

12/20/14: Cartooning: the early days:
Mankoff on the Nipplegate incident

1/7/15: Mort Gerberg:
cartoons from the Mankoff book

2/1/15: Bizarro evolution:
cartoons from the Mankoff book

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:
interview with and documentary about Bob Mankoff

Mark Seidenberg, 10/5/17: Cartoonist walks into a language lab:
about Bob Mankoff and studies of cartoons

11/15/17: The Mankoff rat cartoon:

2/18/19: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

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