Bizarro cartoons

Bizarro, by Dan Piraro


ML, 4/26/06: Who is the decider?:

AZ, 1/30/07: Pronouns: the early days:

AZ, 3/8/07: The language of first contact:

AZ, 3/24/07: Dangling in court:

AZ, 5/27/07: The station house writing seminar:

AZ, 12/24/07: Another reversal:

AZ, 5/29/08: Bizarro roundup:

Bizarro roundup

AZ, 10/19/08: Cartoon teenage communication:

Cartoon teenage communication

12/18/08: Season’s greetings for 2008:

Season’s greetings for 2008

12/18/08: Bizarro goes formal:

Bizarro goes formal

AZ, 3/28/09: Private meanings:

Private meanings

7/20/20: Carrot stick:

Carrot, stick

8/14/09: The eye chart:

The eye chart

12/9/09: Spork:


1/3/10: Sunday puns:

Sunday puns

AZ, 1/6/10: New frontiers in animal communication:

New frontiers in animal communication

1/23/10: informate:


3/2/10: Geer?:


3/13/10: MS and Apple in Eden:

MS and Apple in Eden

3/22/10: Dilating eye teeth:

Dilating eye teeth

3/27/10: The Saturday cartoon crop:

The Saturday cartoon crop


4/29/10: Dudetalk in the Arctic:

Dudetalk in the Arctic

5/6/10: Color coding:

Color coding

5/21/10: We need to V:

we need to V

6/12/10: Spoken emoticons:

Spoken emoticons

6/13/10: The Commencement pun crop:

The Commencement pun crop

6/18/10: Telescoped POPs:

Telescoped POPs?

6/21/10: Bizarro puns:

Bizarro puns

6/25/10: Cartoons for the weekend:

Cartoons for the weekend

AZ, 7/30/10: And in Spanish, we dance …:

And in Spanish, we dance …

7/10/10: Domestic class rebellion: a good haircut ruint:

Domestic class rebellion: a good haircut ruint

8/11/10: The pun watch:

The pun watch

8/15/10: Today’s pun patrol:

Today’s pun crop

8/23/10: Dating by cliché:

Dating by cliché

8/30/10: On the pun patrol:

On the pun patrol

10/11/10: More pink Freud:

More Pink Freud

10/13/10: Two obscenicon cartoons:

Two obscenicon cartoons

12/5/10: Dialect in the comics:

Dialect in the comics

12/23/10: The Gettysburg tweet:

The Gettysburg tweet

12/26/10: Punnies #11:

Punnies #11

1/30/11: Fast food portmanteaus:

Fast food portmanteaus

2/4/11: A portmanteau crop:

A portmanteau crop

2/4/11: Annals of smileys:

Annals of smileys

2/11/11: The far reaches of analogy:

The far reaches of analogy

3/11/11: Homophones:


3/23/11: Cartoon etymology:

Cartoon etymology

3/25/11: Today’s Bizarro pun:

Today’s Bizarro pun

3/26/11: Darn!:


3/27/11: The doctor will see you:

The doctor will see you

4/4/11: An old joke:

An old joke

4/11/11: Sunday punnies:

Sunday Punnies

4/26/11: Weighty words:

Weighty words

6/12/11: Sunday punnies:

Sunday punnies

6/26/11: Three positive monkeys:

Three positive monkeys

7/19/11: Prefix foolishness:

Prefix foolishness

7/21/11: Awesomeness:


7/25/11: Name chains:

Name chains

7/25/11: Sunday punnies #16:

Sunday Punnies #16

8/8/11: When hell freezes over:

When hell freezes over

8/17/11: Highway whateverism:

Highway whateverism

8/20/11: Munch up to date:

Munch up to date

9/13/11: Comic pronouns:

Comic pronouns

10/3/11: diddly squat:

diddly squat

10/4/11: Auxiliary Reduction in the comics:

Auxiliary Reduction in the comics

10/16/11: Bizarro puns:

Bizarro puns

10/23/11: I X NY:

I x NY

10/23/11: Adverb play:

Adverb play

11/6/11: The power of intonation:

The power of intonation

11/7/11: Disco:


11/9/11: Big words:

Big words

11/26/11: Bizarro POP:

Bizarro POP

1/4/12: Rin Tin …:

Rin Tin …

1/15/12: Surreal estate:

Surreal estate

2/19/12: Punnies #21:

Punnies #21

2/27/12: motion, movement, move:

motion, movement, move

3/5/12: The pin-pen merger:

The pin-pen merger

3/8/12: Trannysaurus:


3/13/12: Alphabeticals:


3/19/12: Monster mash:

Monster Mash

3/29/12: Imperative, declarative:

Imperative, declarative

4/10/12: fugues:


4/29/12: Puntoon for the weekend:

Puntoon for the weekend

5/20/12: Inversion:


6/3/12: Balloons:


6/3/12: On the masculinity beat:

On the masculinity beat

6/14/12: Death at play:

Death at play


6/17/12: Cartoon conventions:

Cartoon conventions

6/18/12: More cartoon conventions:

More cartoon conventions

6/21/12: Coal mimers:

Coal mimers

6/25/12: More meta-Bizarro:

More meta-Bizarro

7/6/12: Flashing:


7/7/12: We need to talk, more takes:

We need to talk, more takes


7/10/12: Cartoon fingers:

Cartoon fingers


7/13/12: In the comics:

In the comics


7/15/12: Framing:


7/18/12: You’re not the boss of me:

You’re not the Boss of me!

7/19/12: Magritte:


7/20/12: Bizarro POP:

Bizarro POP

7/24/12: Outlaws with puns:

Outlaws with puns

7/29/12: Sunday puns:

Sunday puns


8/7/12: More play with initialisms:

More play with initialisms

8/12/12: Food vehicles:

Food vehicles

8/29/12: The bat hole:

The bat hole

9/4/12: Begging to differ:

Begging to differ

9/7/12: Still more fun with initialisms:

Still more fun with initialisms

9/11/12: Tones:


9/11/12: Goose dialects:

Goose dialects

9/15/12: More Canadian raising:

More Canadian raising

9/16/12: Avian Olympics:

Avian Olympics

9/22/12: toad:


10/7/12: Today’s dreadful pun:

Today’s dreadful pun

11/7/12: Bubbles:


12/25/12: Oh, no, not a pony!:

Oh no, not a pony!

1/3/13: Paternity:


3/3/13: Sunday funnies:

Sunday funnies


3/19/13: Can we talk?:

Can we talk?

3/31/13: Another pun from yesterday:

Another pun from yesterday

4/3/13: Eggs over easily:

eggs over easily

4/13/13: Manliness and money:

Manliness and money

4/17/13: Penguins and tuxedos:

Penguins and tuxedos


4/18/13: Infant spidey:

Infant Spidey

4/18/13: The sturgeon general:

The Sturgeon General

4/20/13: Indirect pun:

Indirect pun

4/24/13: Palindrome time:

Palindrome time

5/5/13: Clubbing:


5/19/13: Bizarro portmanteau:

Bizarro portmanteau

6/21/13: Language evolution, cartoon summary:

Language evolution, cartoon summary

7/4/13: On the unicorn watch:

On the unicorn watch

7/14/13: Revolution at school:

Revolution at school

7/21/13: As the car drives:

As the car drives

8/4/13: Threee more cartoons for Sunday:

Three more cartoons for Sunday


8/7/13: Two punny moments:

Two punny moments


8/28/13: The hangman’s tale:

The hangman’s tale

10/4/13: Religious coffee pun:

Religious coffee pun

10/10/13: screwage:


10/12/13: Bizarro Saturday:

Bizarro Saturday

10/13/13: Sunday funnies:

Sunday funnies


10/14/13: Pooh:


10/21/13: Two cartoons:

Two cartoons


11/12/13: Comics on comics:

Comics on comics

allusions to Mr. Natural and Nancy

12/8/13: Strained Xmas portmanteau:

Strained Xmas portmanteau

12/14/13: Claus time:

Claus time

12/19/13: Cartoon omnibus:

Cartoon omnibus


1/8/14: Two cartoons:

Two cartoons


1/9/14: Early writing in the comics:

Early writing in the comics

1/21/14: Four cartoons:

Four cartoons


1/27/14: Orthographic pun:

Orthographic pun

1/30/14: Captions:


1/31/14: Superhero dining:

Superhero dining

2/8/14: Apostrophe time:

Comma time

2/15/14: Yet another pun:

Yet another pun

2/17/14: Embedded PP:

Embedded PP

2/20/14: Caption exercise:

Caption exercise

3/4/14: Framing the message:

Framing the message

3/11/14: funny:


3/19/14: Another crop of cartoons:

Another crop of cartoons


3/23/14: Sunday melange:

Sunday melange


3/26/14: Two Bizarros and two New Yorkers:

Two Bizarros and two New Yorkers

2 cartoons

3/31/14: Monday quartet:

Monday quartet


4/18/14: Three for today:

Three for today


4/20/14: Three for the day:

Three for the day (Easter)


4/27/14: Communicators:



5/2/14: Three more for Friday:

Three more for Friday


5/3/14: Balloon dogs and Mr. Met:

Balloon dogs and Mr. Met


5/7/14: After Cinco de Mayo:

After Cinco de Mayo


5/10/14: Party of five:

Party of five


5/14/14: Four at midweek:

Four at midweek


5/18/14: Plus four:

… plus four


5/24/14: Three more diverse:

Three more diverse


6/1/14: May-June turnover:

May-June turnover


6/4/14: In style:

In style

6/9/14: Getting the message across:

Getting the message across

6/10/14: whoa!:



6/15/14: Fathers Day five:

Fathers Day Five

#5, #6

6/17/14: Rage against the emoticon:

Rage against the emoticon

6/20/14: Title or slogan?:

Title or slogan?

6/27/14: Ridiculous analysis:

Ridiculous analysis

7/9/14: Godzilla’s Manhattan:

Godzilla’s Manhattan

7/9/14: Layered portmanteaus:

Layered portmanteaus

7/14/14: A Saturday quartet:

A Sunday quartet


7/19/14: Saturday monster puns:

Saturday monster puns


8/4/14: -ese:


8/13/14: A Bizarro reposting:

A Bizarro replay

re-posting of cartoon previously posted 1/30/07

8/28/04: While Robin’s off duty:

While Robin’s off duty …

8/29/14: Bizarro followup:

Bizarro followup

followup to the previous

8/30/14: More Bizarro followup:

More Bizarro followup

another followup

9/6/14: Supersenior:


9/9/14: Homographs:


9/10/14: More Bizarro parrots:

More Bizarro parrots

9/17/14: Smoke signals:

Smoke signals

9/22/14: Ned talk:

Ned talk

9/28/14: Speaking late:

Speaking late

10/9/14: Two for Thursday:

Two for Thursday


10/10/14: Once more on background information in the comics:

Once more on background knowledge in the comics


10/15/14: No stinkin’ budgies:

No stinkin’ budgies

10/16/14: Hidden symbols:

Hidden symbols

10/18/14: X-bar:

X bar

10/24/14: Today’s outrageous pun:

Today’s outrageous pun

11/8/14: Saturday trio:

Saturday trio


11/23/14: Admissions:


12/10/14: Bizarro word play:

Bizarro word play

12/26/14: The lure of the Internet:

The lure of the Internet

1/4/15: Conjugal visit:

Conjugal visit

1/16/15: Indian:


1/24/15: Bizarro’s 30th:

Bizarro’s 30th

2 cartoons

2/1/15: Bizarro evolution:

Bizarro evolution

2/2/15: V vs. N:

V vs. N

2/9/15: Flightless no more:

Flightless no more

2/19/15: Auto parts:

Auto parts

2/20/15: Bird seed:

Bird seed

2/22/15: lost:


2/26/15: The thieving sap spitter:

The thieving sap spitter

3/1/15: Abduction:


3/8/15: Three cartoons:

Three cartoons


4/8/15: Vegan diners and gay opponents:

Vegan diners and gay opponents

4/9/15: Hurt corporate feelings:

Hurt corporate feelings

4/12/15: Sunday pun:

Sunday Pun

4/23/15: Dinosaur connoisseur:

Dinosaur connoisseur

4/27/15: A blogging puzzle:

A blogging puzzle

5/5/15: Service animals:

Service animals

5/10/15: Symbolic Bizarro:

Symbolic Bizarro

5/17/15: On the way to the Emerald City:

On the way to the Emerald City

5/23/15: Cavemen at the dawn of writing:

Cavemen at the dawn of writing

5/24/15: The giant glass slipper:

The giant glass slipper

5/30/15: Shifty Grades of Fey:

Shifty Grades of Fey

6/11/15: Prairie cat:

Prairie cat

6/19/15: From manure du jour to the Ascent of Man:

From manure du jour to the Ascent of Man

2 cartoons

6/25/15: Two for Thursday:

Two for Thursday


7/21/15: complimentary


7/23/15: The unflappable waitress:

The unflappable waitress

7/26/15: Kongtoon:


7/30/15: Name play in the comics:

Name play in the comics


8/1/15: Bizarro devolution:

Bizarro devolution

8/4/15: Childhood memories:

Childhood memories

8/5/15: Language cartoon Wednesday:

Language cartoon Wednesday


8/23/15: Falling trees:

Falling trees

8/26/15: Warnings on the label:

Warnings on the label

9/13/15: Ten language-y comics:

Ten language-y comics

#1, #3, #9

10/2/15: Signage:


10/8/15: Genericization:


10/12/15: Our playful artists:

Our playful artists

10/15/15: At the Bison Bar:

At the Bison Bar

10/17/15: Comic superheroes of the Wild West:

Comic superheroes of the Wild West

11/8/15: Bizarro etymology:

Bizarro etymology

11/11/15: In the miniature world:

In the miniature world

11/13/15: Address terms in service encounters:

Address terms in service encounters

11/18/15: How can we help, caller?:

How can we help, caller?

11/29/15: Too early for celebration?”

Too early for celebration?

11/30/15: Rhyme or reason:

Rhyme or reason

12/12/15: Victoria’s Secret Agent:

Victoria’s Secret Agent

12/30/15: Five cartoons for the penultimate day:

Five cartoons for the penultimate day


1/7/16: Bizarro groaner:

Bizarro groaner

1/9/16: Signage models:

Signage models

1/22/16: Two Bizarros:

Two Bizarros

1/22/16: Bizarro cartoons redux:

Bizarro cartoons redux

5 old cartoons redrawn more recently

2/13/16: Calling shogun:

Calling shogun

2/19/16: The grief of ulnarism:

The grief of ulnarism

3/1/16: CounterEvolution:


5 cartoons on Donald Trump

3/12/16: Spoiled children:

Spoiled children

3/16/16: You’re money’s no good here:

Your money’s no good here

3/17/16: For St.Patrick’s:

For St. Patrick’s

5/1/16: Between the desert and the couch:

Between the desert and the couch

5/19/16: Definitions:


5/28/16: Two word-play cartoons:

Two word-play cartoons


5/28/16: The snail days of summer:

The snail days of summer


5/31/16: Circularity at the dawn of language:

Circularity at the dawn of language

6/28/16: Gang of five:

Gang of five


7/7/16: Annoying instruments:

Annoying instruments

7/9/16: Two cat cartoons:

Two cat cartoons


7/10/16: goober:


7/22/16: queer:


7/23/16: Let’s go paleo:

Let’s go paleo

8/24/16: Cartoon characters’ self-awareness:

Cartoon characters’ self-awareness

9/1/16: Alphabet soup:

Alphabet soup

10/6/16: Bozo’s ark:

Bozo’s ark

10/17/16: Dog massage:

Dog massage

10/28/16: Halloween exposure:

Halloween exposure

10/30/16: Toon animal time:

Toon animal time


11/6/16: If you see something,…:

If you see something,…

11/7/16: Animal instincts:

Animal instincts

12/4/16: International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

12/8/16: The Curious George caper:

The Curious George caper

12/20/16: It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas

1/4/17: Cake and Edith:

Cake and Edith

1/12/17: Poplar Mechanics:

Poplar Mechanics

1/25/17: A sex/gender symbol of the mind:

A sex/gender symbol of the mind

1/30/17: Gender and sexuality in the comics:

Gender and sexuality in the comics


2/1/17: Borne again:

Borne again


2/16/17: Emoji are the hieroglyphs of the future:

Emoji are the hieroglyphs of the future

2/19/17: Playlinguist:


2/22/17: Understanding the comics:

Understanding the comics

3/10/17: Friday cartoon 3: More news for penises:

Friday cartoon 3: more news for penises


3/14/17: Bizarro pi(e):

Bizarro pi(e)

3/18/17: elephantitis:


3/19/17: It was correction killed the desire:

It was correction killed the desire

3/28/17: Bizarro compounds:

Bizarro compounds

3/31/17: The Ahab-Moby affair:

The Ahab-Moby affair

4/3/17: On the road, a/some head:

On the road, a/some head

4/3/17: The Pyramids as abstractions:

The Pyramids as abstractions

4/10/17: A primate with a pipe:

A primate with a pipe

4/13/17: Three more Reapings:

Three more Reapings

4/15/17: A scent of man:

A scent of man

4/28/17: Friday word play in the comics:

Friday word play in the comics


5/1/17: Like a mayfly:

Like a mayfly

5/5/17: Potato Head strip poker:

Potato Head Strip Poker

3 cartoons

5/11/17: Nudist penguins on parade:

Nudist penguins on parade

5/18/17: Presentation and perception:

Presentation and perception

5/23/17: “Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”:

“Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”


5/25/17: 1 Bizarro, 2 Bizarro:

1 Bizarro, 2 Bizarro

2 cartoons

5/27/17: Memorial Saturday 4:

Memorial Saturday 4


6/4/17: Detached bodyparts in the comics:

Detached bodyparts in the comics


6/11/17: Making fun of Batman:

Making fun of Batman


6/19/17: Sales talk:

Sales talk

6/29/17: Futility as a figure of speech:

Futility as a figure of speech

7/4/17: POP go the pheromones:

POP go the pheromones


7/7/17: What will become of me?:

What will become of me?

7/15/17: Surreal juxtaposition:

Surreal juxtaposition

8/4/17: WaynoPOPs:


#2, 3, 6

8/5/17: Don’t put your cat in a hat:

Don’t put your cat in a hat

8/14/17: Combos:


8/18/19: Make America grate again:

Make America grate again

8/23/17: -izing the dog:

-izing the dog

9/28/17: The fatal bookpile:

The fatal bookpile

10/4/17: Z is for zip:

Z is for zip

10/13/17: Clowns and their balloon animals:

Clowns and their balloon animals

10/23/17: The pumpkin spice cartoon meme:

The pumpkin spice cartoon meme


11/5/17: In a bun, in a bun!:

In a bun, in a bun!

11/7/17: The wonderful world of Batsportation:

The wonderful world of Batsportation

11/17/17: Taking it easy:

Taking it easy

11/17/17: Singing in parts:

Singing in parts


11/30/17: Two memic moments:

Two memic moments


12/17/17: Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip:

Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip


12/25/17: Easter Island holiday:

Easter Island holiday

12/29/17: George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays:

George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays

#8, 9

1/4/18: Two puns for Thursday:

Two puns for Thursday


1/27/18: Four exercises in cartoon understanding:

Four exercises in cartoon understanding


2/17/18: Tell them you haven’t seen him:

Tell them you haven’t seen him

#1 and #4

2/26/18: Dancing with the cars:

Dancing with the cars

3/3/18: Familiar cartoon themes: Waldo and sugar bombs:

Familiar cartoon themes: Waldo and sugar bombs


3/4/18: Two memic cartoons:

Two memic cartoons


3/5/18: Another WaynoPOP:

Yet another WaynoPOP

3/13/18: Mistakes in avian medicine:

Mistakes in avian medicine

3/14/18: Adventures in antonymy:

Adventures in antonymy

3/15/18: giving a speech on drugs:

giving a speech on drugs

3/16/18: The cartoon doctor:

The cartoon doctor


3/24/18: Three Saturday lingtoons:

Three Saturday lingtoons


3/31/18: Little Orphan Anime:

Little Orphan Anime

4/8/18: Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively:

Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively

4/14/18: New frontiers in POPs:

New frontiers in POPs

4/24/18: No shoes, take 2:

No shoes, take 2

5/5/18: The roar of the reporter, the sound of the comics:

The roar of the reporter, the sound of the comics

5/5/18: Mayotoon:


5/11/18: Differentiae:


5/14/18: Psychiatrist Meme Day:

Psychiatrist Meme Day

5/16/18: Surreal beer:

Surreal beer

5/20/18: Charmed, I’m sure:

Charmed, I’m sure

5/22/18: (I just) can’t stop (it):

(I just) can’t stop (it)


5/29/18: Chez Le Fourmilier:

Chez Le Fourmilier

6/1/18: A chiastic bird:

A chiastic bird


6/3/18: The canine therapist:

The canine therapist

6/11/18: In case of cartoons, see therapist:

In case of cartoons, see therapist


6/24/18: The musician, the mayor, his instrument, and their vermin:

The musician, the mayor, his instrument, and their vermin

7/1/18: Photobombing Magritte:

Photobombing Magritte

7/8/18: Adam atom:

Adam atom

7/26/18: Hi-g pun for Xmas in July:

Hi-g pun for Xmas in July

8/4/18: Cultural knowledge:

Cultural knowledge


8/6/18: Two occasions, four cartoons:

Two occasions, four cartoons


8/8/18: The elephant in therapy:

The elephant in therapy


8/21/18: More bedevilment:

More bedevilment

8/28/18: Melodramamine:


9/22/18: therapist dog, dog therapist:

therapist dog, dog therapist


9/25/18: The dog therapist is IN:

The dog therapist is IN

10/6/18: He shot the serif:

He shot the serif

10/8/18: Fly formulaicity:

Fly formulaicity

10/15/18: Piñata under the gun:

Piñata under the gun

10/24/18: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

Three exercises in cartoon understanding


11/1/18: Sweet stuff:

Sweet stuff


11/10/18: Cartoon understanding in parallel worlds:

Cartoon understanding in parallel worlds


11/17/18: Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day:

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day

11/19/18: Revisiting 21: registering Mr. Banner:

Revisiting 21: registering Mr. Banner

12/3/18: Wok to the golden Lab for analysis, har-de-har-har:

Wok it to the golden Lab for analysis, har-de-har-har


12/10/18: Understanding Bizarro:

Understanding Bizarro

12/20/18: Ask not for whom the Reaper scythes:

Ask not for whom the reaper scythes


12/27/18: bait and tackle:

bait and tackle

1/27/19: hunter gatherers:

hunter gatherers

1/28/19: The party linguist:

The party linguist

2/5/19: Aquatic carpentry:

Aquatic carpentry

2/9/19: Displaced icons of art:

Displaced icons of art

2/17/19: Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve:

Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve

2/19/19: Wading with Vladimir and Estragon:

Wading with Vladimir and Estragon


3/19/19: Le retour des hiéroglyphes:

Le retour des hiéroglyphes

3 Bizarro strips

3/21/19: The moving sale:

The moving sale

3/30/19: How to use your balloons:

How to use your balloons

4/17/19: The last Peepshow:

The last Peepshow


5/16/19: Is Timmy in trouble?:

Is Timmy in trouble?


5/29/19: On the dog food watch:

On the dog food watch

6/10/19: The Mememobile:

The Mememobile

6/13/19: A superheroic identity crisis:

A superheroic identity crisis

6/27/19: The Desert Island Reaper:

The Desert Island Reaper

#2, #3, #6

6/29/19: A bit more reaping:

A bit more reaping

7/4/19: Am I a bird?:

Am I a bird?

#2, #3

7/12/19: The clown barber of Custard Street:

The clown barber of Custard Street


7/16/19: Singout at the CA chorale:

Singout at the CA chorale

8/11/19: Cats in hats:

Cats in hats

8/13/19: Contamination by association:

Contamination by association

8/26/19: shaker of salt:

shaker of salt

9/3/19: Cavemen of higher education:

Cavemen of higher education

9/5/19: Revisiting 33: the ambiguity of the truffle:

Revisiting 33: the ambiguity of the truffle

9/6/19: The news from Nadoland:

The news from Nadoland


10/9/19: Two old cartoon friends:

Two old cartoon friends

several strips from earlier postings

10/11/19: The existential question:

The existential question

#3 and #4

10/18/19: Heavenly POP:

Heavenly POP

10/25/19: B.Z.P.D.:


10/29/19: Signtax and the Sloppy Joe apostrophe:

Signtax and the Sloppy Joe apostrophe

11/1/19: Bears in the woods:

Bears in the woods

#1 and #6

11/3/19: Another BYOB:

Another BYOB

11/6/19: The Russian sardines are coming!:

The Russian sardines are coming!

11/14/19: Chart pie:

Chart pie

11/17/19: A hell of a queen:

A hell of a queen

#1 from 2018

11/17/19: Shoe-high pie:

Shoe-high pie

12/1/19: Three comic rabbits for December:

Three comic rabbits for December

12/13/19: Two actor POP days:

Two actor POP days

12/26/19: The first two days of Christmas:

The first two days of Christmas

2 cartoons

1/13/20: Just one peanut:

Just one peanut


1/14/20: Revisiting 41: Mr. Peanut seeks professional help:

1/22/20: Three little digits:

Three little digits

2 cartoons (#1 and #2)

1/24/20: This isn’t hospitality, this is animosity:

This isn’t hospitality, this is animosity

1/31/20: Identify that potato:

Identify that potato

2/1/20: Revisiting 42: stalked by a giant anthropomorphic squirrel:

Revisiting 42: stalked by a giant anthropomorphic squirrel


2/22/20: While you’re up:

While you’re up

2/24/20: Ho, ho, the three of clubs:

Ho, ho, the three of clubs


3/16/20: Higashi Day 6: Pi Day cartoon understanding:

Higashi Day cartoon 6: Pi Day cartoon understanding


3/27/20: Chez Le Formulier II:

Chez Le Fourmilier II

#1 (and re-play in #2)

4/5/20: Desert Island Psychiatrist:

The Desert Island Psychiatrist

#1 (and re-play in #3)

4/18/20: Tod und Verklärung:

Tod und Verklärung

4/20/20: The therapist is in French:

The therapist is in French

5/8/20: Thrifty, Brave, Clean, & Flammable:

Thrifty, Brave, Clean, & Flammable

5/13/20: The goblet with the hobbit has the wine that is fine:

The goblet with the hobbit has the wine that is fine

5/15/20: Edgar Allan Wrench:

Edgar Allan Wrench

5/17/20: Title bout:

Title bout

5/21/20: Knight bibs:

Knight bibs

5/22/20: The shoe in the toilet:

The shoe in the toilet

2 cartoons

6/2/20: The flying fickle finger of foam:

The flying fickle finger of foam

6/5/20: Death trap:

Death trap

6/16/20: Pavlov’s novelist:

Pavlov’s novelist

7/2/20: Learn to drawl:

Learn to Drawl

7/6/20: Suicidal cats:

Suicidal cats

old Bizarro in French and in English

7/15/20: At the Paleo Cafe:

At the Paleo Cafe

one new, and many old, strips

7/23/20: Fear of furniture:

Fear of furniture

7/24/20: The Pierogi Western:

The Pierogi Western

8/1/20: Nuancy Nancy:

Nuancy Nancy

8/2/20: Hairy ice:

Hairy ice

8/3/20: The art of everyday objects:

The art of everyday objects


8/4/20: Surrogates:


8/5/20: Caterpillars spinning platters:

Caterpillars spinning platters

8/9/20: Flies met cute:

Flies met cute

8/12/20: Two whimsical Bizarros:

Two whimsical Bizarros

8/12/20: Christopher Robin Hood:

Christopher Robin Hood

9/1/20: The soup fly:

The soup fly

9/9/20: Crossed folk stories:

Crossed folk stories

9/9/20: Red Löbster Cult:

Red Löbster Cult

9/27/20: Film blanc:

Film blanc

10/20/20: Desert island discs:

Desert island discs

12/28/20: this:


1/6/21: Western medicine:

Western medicine

1/10/21: Rorschach v. Magritte:

Rorschach v. Magritte

1/15/21: Flat on his back at the solstce:

Flat on his back at the solstice

1/19/21: Cure Bear:

Cure Bear

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