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8/14/18: Butch fagginess:
Berlin Barcode crop tees advertised on high-masculinity models

The tee above advertises “I’m a slut, honey”, while the rest of the model’s presentation shouts “And I’m all man!” (Others are more outrageous)

3/31/19: Moon shorts 1: the Moons:
more frank homowear from Berlin Barcode: Moon Shorts (brighly colored shorts with a rear cutout to display a man’s butt cheeks)

4/21/19: Let’s have a kiki … in me:
another Barcode Berlin crop top featuring a bullseye (“the bullseye ◎ that the arrow of desire seeks to penetrate”) with, across the middle, a red “KIKI” (a kiki is “a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat … The Kiki world is extravagantly gay, also full of drag displays and general genderfuck”); the model’s body position “is designed to thrust his crotch forward as much as possible and to display his muscular thighs (as the bare midriff displays his muscular abdominals)”; his facial expression “combines an element of impertinence or impudence with one of seductiveness or sexiness”

8/14/19: Il Leopardo di Sparta:

Another chapter in butch fagginess. An item of classic leather gear, the harness (offered by a company [– Sparta’s Harness –] named after the warlike and stoic Spartan state), pressed into service in the latex items as playful, fashion-conscious, kicky (recalling the delicious excesses of the Versace firm). Simultaneously conveying a high-macho identity and a flagrantly gay one

10/12/19: Butch fagginess, take 3:

DJX Varsity mesh offers featuring a forbiddingly / seductively hyper-masculine character I’ll call the MeshMaster, from the tough-top persona the character projects. But this time the MeshMaster has accessorized with a bit of high-gay fashion, a neon pink harness under his black mesh crop top … simultaneously high-macho and flagrantly gay

10/14/19: Space candy:

Butch fagginess, take 4. All in all, an image that’s an exercise in butch fagginess, mostly gay-playful in pink and purple, but with big hard muscles and clearly defined dicks (especially on the man on the left, in the pink boxer brief, with the outlines of his dickhead clearly visible through the fabric of the boxers); all this further butched up by the addition of hardware, especially the phallic futuristic hand weapons. So combining phallic display with the offer of oral satisfaction — the underwear equivalent of sucking a lollipop symbolically.

10/16/19: Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock:
survey of some pink jockstraps

4/2/20: Astride the Jockstrap Trail:

Two jocks from … [Supawear’s]  POW line, with fancifully patterned pouches — notably the Fruit Punch jock, with a variety of colorful fruits (you can see a strawberry and part of a pineapple) … Surely fruit punch was chosen intentionally as a pattern and a name, evoking the slur fruit (now defiantly reclaimed by many of us fruits), and combining faggy fruit with aggressive punch — butch fagginess is all over the place. (Imagined dialogue: “Hey, dude, cute jock; can I fondle your fruit?”)

4/4/20: Pretty, and sometimes protuberant, in pink:

the [Elia swimwear] company doesn’t shrink from potentially faggy colors like Candy Pink and Cherry Red, but enthusiastically embraces them and combines them with protruding stuffed pouches. Another variant of  butch fagginess…

5/5/20: Play me, Sam:
Sparta’s Harness ads

Well, the men might be fierce and muscular, but their fetish apparel is decidedly fashion-forward, in luscious intense colors and designs. Would straght guys wear such things? Probably not, but then it wasn’t designed for them. It’s butch fagginess, designed for macho queers who flaunt their sexuality.

It’s a homomasculine genre of clothing to accompany a particular brand of homomasculine presentation of self.  A genre that brings us stocky muscle bears in bright pink mini-briefs

8/4/20: Towards the high end of the hardness scale:
Cumdump jockstraps offered by the Breedwell company in deliberately provocative ads

underwear ads as porn; this underwear ad as hard(core) porn; the sodomacho (sodomite + macho), or high-butch receptive (like the guy in the ad), as a brand of homomasculinity

1/13/21: Fun jocks and their models:

[jockstrap ads in which] explicit signifiers of butch identity co-occur with others associated with the faggy and the femme —  muscle-hunks in pink underwear, for example

1/22/21: Another monument of butch fagginess

[the model Aradesque] projecting a strongly macho, and highly sexualized, identity while wearing a PUMP! pink space candy underwear: faggy light pink in color, with a cute “space candy” patch on the pouch [and performing a cock tease]

4/7/21: Assuming the position:

a primarily high-masculinity (often exaggeratedly so) presentation of self is combined with at least a few elements that are conspicuously, conventionally un-masculine, indeed faggy: slogans on clothing, facial expressions, stance, a conveyed urgent need to get fucked (as with Freddy), un-masculine bits of clothing or colors (like Aradesque’s neon pink jock), make-up (Aradesque’s eye make-up is fabulous), whatever

5/11/21: Revelatory masks:
section on butch fagginess

5/20/21: Fun fetishwear:
serious leather, esp. harnesses, converted to gaudy objects of play and fashion

8/26/21: Pretty in neon pink:
pink jockstraps

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