Animal postings

Animal postings (including birds, insects, etc.) on AZBlog; most penguin postings are in their own inventory:
and most mammoth postings in their own:


11/30/09: the Komodo Dragon: 

8/5/12: Snakes, worms, fish, clams, slugs:
phallic creatures

8/24/12: Nicknames and mascots:

8/25/12: Two portmanteaus:
seven-armed octopus

9/5/12: desmans:

3/20/13: Sea cucumbers:

4/2/13: Glass eels
glass eels, elvers, yellow eels

4/17/13: Penguins and tuxedos:

4/19/13: On the portmanteau watch: Boston, coyotes:

5/17/13: Vocabulary surprises:

6/25/13: terminal sire:
Suffolk sheep

7/8/13: fur:
French vison, hermine, putois

7/19/13: pizzle:

7/29/13: pure bread:

7/30/13: (little) fat sheep::

8/12/13: London Zoo animals:
chameleon, lemur, penguins

8/16/13: Ugly animal preservation:
proboscis monkey, gob-faced squid, blue-grey taildropper slug

8/23/13: Frizzles:
Frizzle chickens

8/24/13: puffins:

10/1/13: rumpless and tufted:
rumpless tufted Araucana

10/2/13: swallow-bellied and furry:
swallow-bellied mangalitsa

10/23/13: Anecdote: The eagle in the bushes:

11/5/13: animal-zilla:

11/6/13: Another animal portmanteau:

11/15/13: lionhead
lionhead rabbit

11/24/13: runners:
Runner ducks

12/9/13: This week’s penguin links:

4/6/14: Bird life:
Palo Alto bird life

4/7/14: Annals of hybridity:

4/21/14: harvestmen:

7/8/14: Pentapedal
kangaroos and their tails

7/14/14: The animal report:
elephants, a tawny owl, the giant squid, cougars

9/4/14: Three from New Scientist:
#3: giraffe weevil

9/5/14: In memoriam Martha Pigeon:
the passenger pigeon

9/13/14: Linguistic diversity among the nopalries:
the cochineal insect

9/14/14: Coneflowers and goldfinches:

9/25/14: Hedgehogs

10/1/14: Pests on the march:
Asian long-horned beetles

10/9/14: Plato — or Woody Woodpecker?:

10/19/14: Animals on duty:
emotional-support animals, service dogs

10/30/14: Communication among white-footed sportive lemurs

11/24/14: Ciao, Carpaccio!: animals in the paintings of Vittore Carpaccio

12/19/14: Fabulous creatures on television: Bertie the Bunyip, Flub-a-dub

1/14/15: batricide: bats

1/15/15: The noirwhal: narwhal

1/24/15: Shark!: sand shark

2/2/15: Back-to-back American holidays: groundhog

3/16/15: Morning name: bilharzia: Schistosoma parasite

3/26/15: Names for plumed creatures, mythical and real: hoatzin

3/27/15: Name those spiders: peacock spiders

3/29/15: Boobies: blue-footed boobies

3/31/15: Two, noctural and dactylic: pangolin, kinkajou

4/1/15: Pangolins part 2:

4/14/15: A nighmare creature: crown-of-thorns starfish

4/15/15: The panda shirt:

4/16/15: Morning: C. elegans:

5/4/15: The names of birds:
especially drongos

5/5/15: Roly(-)Polies:

5/5/15: Service animals:

5/5/15: In brief: the name of a new dinosaur:
Chilesaurus diegosuarezi

5/16/15: A ring-tailed lemur type:

6/4/15: The hunted 95 per cent?:
saigas (antelopes)

6/27/15: Gay Pride:
pride of lions

6/29/15: shippo:
hippopotamus (and sheep)

7/7/15: Morning name: booklouse:

7/8/15: Homing lizards:

7/13/15: findependence:

7/13/15: Soothing boxes: or the pleasures of corrugation:
cats in boxes

7/17/15: trophyllaxis:
yellowjacket wasps

7/25/15: Morning names: naked mole rat, Penn Palestra:
naked mole rat

7/27/15:Misleadingly named animals:
8 animals with names that are putatively misleading

7/27/15: Primate testicle size:
the northern giant mouse lemur

8/8/15: Morning name: Culebra:
anoles and birds on Culebra

8/13/15: Briefly: ‘ware frog!:
venomous frogs in Brazil

8/15/15: Crab feast:
snow crabs, king crabs, and related creatures; crab lice

8/23/15: Kraken! And GEICO!:
the fabulous creature the Kraken

8/24/15: All things shark:
review of shark postings

8/28/15: Return to the crab feast:
more crabs: blue crabs, blue swimmer crabs

9/2/15: Scientists at play:
animal genitalia on #junkoff

9/3/15: Flintstone days:
fabulous animals: Barbapapas, the Shmoo

9/12/15: Chaste trees and jumping spiders:
jumping spiders (Salticidae)

9/27/15: Vicious wombats:

10/2/15: lubbers:
lubber grasshoppers

10/17/15: That’s a moray:

10/18/15: Morning: monotreme, marsupial:
monotremes, marsupials; platypus, echidna, various marsupials

10/24/15: Morning silverfish:
howler monkeys, dermestid beetles, silverfish

11/4/15: Moving pest news:
nut weevil

11/8/15: ExtenZe:
velvet antlers of deer

11/11/15: The water frog, the ground squirrel, and the little thrush:
American bullfrog, Eastern chipmunk, little thrush

11/22/15: big game:
game animals

11/28/15: Pearls POP:

12/8/15: Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph:

12/27/15: Morning name: Kakadu:

1/5/16: The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016:
horse, candiru

2/7/16: The news for, um, monkeys;

3/17/16: Morning name: javelina:
the peccary

3/24/16: The invasive starling:

3/30/16: Morning name: domoic acid (and Dungeness crab):
the Dungeness crab

4/3/16: Common names that are also descriptions:
red-headed woodpecker, red-winged blackbird

4/18/16: Meet the Wieners, stampeding in buns:

4/22/16: Joe Orlando: a cartoonist and his sea-monkeys:
brine shrimp

5/3/16: Morning names: thistles!:
European goldfinch

5/28/16: The snail days of summer:
snails in cartoons

6/1/16: An infestation of flies:
drain flies, fruit flies

7/9/16: A profusion of fireflies:

7/25/16: Our playful entomologists:
playful taxonomic names for creatures, especially insects

8/15/16: Gross and flying squirrels, Barsotti and flying penguins:
assorted animals in cartoons: penguins, squirrels, frogs, vultures

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:
pink fairy armadillo

9/6/16: Birthday times:
British butterflies

9/9/16: Feet in footage, pawns at the pawnshop:
rooks (crows)

9/12/16: Toucan, get what you want

10/17/16: Dog massage:
Shih Tzu breed of dogs

10/20/16: Tradenaming:
Zwicky le Chat, the store cat and mascot at the Parisian shop FLEUX’

11/19/16: Montalvo morning:
Pacific harbor seal

11/20/16: Blue-Emu:

12/4/16: Con Ed and the Ramona St. Squirrel Squad:

12/8/16: The Curious George caper:
monkeys and apes

12/20/16: It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas:

1/2/17: Whimsical Park:

2/9/17: ReFo and K-Man:
red fox, caiman; carnivores and Carnivora

2/14/17: VDay pangolins:

2/16/17: Flagrant figures:
#2 koi pond

3/6/17: Komodo dragon day:

3/13/17: Risible (faux-)commercial name:
sperm whale

3/22/17: The news for beavers:
beavers, crayfish

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