Male prostitution

11/8/10: The Gaze Downward:
on gay pornstar Marco Rossi: “There’s a list of his movies on his HourBoy site, where he offers himself as an escort (“mostly dominant, safe and sane”); escort is ad-talk for ‘hustler'”.

11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:
re Aden Jaric and Steven Daigle: “If either of these men is into escorting, they’re quiet about it. But acting in porn doesn’t pay very well, so pretty much everyone needs a sideline to pay the bills: escorting, dancing, massage, modeling, or a side career that doesn’t depend on your sexuality or homo-attractiveness, including mainstream acting, photography, and film-making.”

11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:
with a little “bibliography of writing about life in the gay porn film business (most of them books about the lives of the actors in these films). Not included here are books about porn writing, modeling, hustling, stripping, or homoerotic art.”

5/10/11: Annals of parallelism:
Monty Glover: “His photographs tend to document ‘rough trade’, the working class male prostitutes of the period, making distinctive note of the divisions of social class as depicted by dress.”

11/8/12: Toga toga toga!:
“on (male) hustlers, who also work under the names callboy, escort, and rentboy / rent-boy / rent boy. (Some trade on their careers as models, pornstars, or (sexual) masseurs, and advertise themselves under those job titles. Male sex worker now seems to be the technical term used most often by researchers on this world.)”; male brothels in ancient Greece and Rome; bibliography of works on male prostitution (mostly from inside the business); a documentary on guys in the life; on gay porn films featuring hustlers

7/14/13: Three sex workers:
Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos, Wilfried Knight: “All three of these men were sex workers in two ways: prostitution (performing sex acts in exchange for money from your partner) and porn acting (performing sex acts in front of an audience for money)”

8/1/13: Two books on gay porn:
Aidan Shaw autobiography, “in which he openly discusses his life in the sex industry as a [gay] porn star and as a prostitute”

9/3/14: Jonathan Black:
gay pornstar Max Grand also working as a male hustler

1/14/15: Male sex work:
male prostitution (MSW: male sex work) in a set of academic essays

6/3/15: Morning name: Elagabalus:
prostitute o.s. ‘offer o.s. forsexual use’, used of the Emperor Elagabalus

6/26/15: Happy Ending:
caption to a men’s underwear ad suggesting the character in it is a male prostitute

10/4/15: Joseph Gordon-Leavitt:
JGL playing a male prostitute in Mysterious Skin

10/6/16: Sex in the ahadows:
caption featuring male hustler in fantasy; extended fantasy on the character

5/9/16: Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers:
2009 Leddick et al. book Escort

5/12/18: Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar:
Spanish chichifo = puto, sexservidor

3/29/20: St. Martin des Poires:
street hustlers

8/1/20: Switzerland at your service:
sexual massage for gay men; prostitution in Switzerland

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