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Blue light special

May 20, 2018

(Mansex in street language, not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

As Pride Month approaches, the image from the May 14th Daily Jocks ad, for Breedwell harnesses and underwear (with my caption under the fold):

Flip breeds well


Penguins a hundred years ago, and the niceties of captioning

December 15, 2016

Passed on by Victor Steinbok, a December 13th tweet from Alan Ferrier ‏@alanferrier:

Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved upon?


An underwear Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, wishing us Happy Thanksgiving through a stud with a carefully sculptured body, wearing an Ibiza Brief in white, from Marcuse; and, as it turns out, offering gift boxes and gift vouchers “for a friend, partner, or even yourself!”


On to a model of sad countenance showing off these briefs:


He despaired of
Returning to Ibiza,
Having only these
Briefs to remind him of
Gay days in the sun.

He takes us to the Voucher Boys, Red and Yellow:


The boys are wearing Rugger Jr. shorts from BCNU, in navy blue (with red trim and red-themed socks) and grey (with yellow trim and yellow-themed socks).

They’d been teammates and
Lovers for six years now, but
Hung back from talking about
Kinks: did Red’s red mean
Fist-fucking and Yellow’s yellow mean
Piss, or were they just
Color preferences?

Notes below the fold.


Captioned bookends

February 7, 2015

Introducing a new vein of silliness: another set of captions, this time based on “bookend” photos sent to me by Chris Ambidge; these are slyly or flagrantly gay. Most have X-rated photos, so will have to appear on AZBlogX. But #1 is not, so you can view it here.

#1 (to follow as a separate posting) starts with an already absurd photo of two naked muscle hunks posing on a tabletop, adds a title with a reference to Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and then has the guys dishing on the Pittsburgh art scene.

Less captions

February 28, 2014

Recently from mild-mannered editor John McIntyre (as he describes himself on the net), this captioned page (which he got from Chris Green on Facebook), entitled “Pedants’ Revolt” — a play on “Peasants’ Revolt” —  from an illuminated manuscript, captioned with usage advice:

There is a considerable literature, in the handbooks, on Language Log, and this blog, on the choice between less and fewer. The usual story is that less is to be used for mass nouns (less shrubbery) and fewer for count nouns (fewer shrubs) — for the opposite concept, more is used in both situations — but there is variation, even for educated and careful writers, and some circumstances where less is clearly impinging on fewer; I myself see no point in objecting to the grocery store usage ten items or less. The case above is not so clear.

(I don’t know the source of the manuscript page, or the identity of the captioner.)

Caption exercise

February 20, 2014

Today’s Bizarro, first in a captionless version:


This is funny as it stands, though it requires considerable sociocultural knowledge to understand (I very much  get doubt that my soon-to-be ten-year-old grand-daughter would get it).


Last of the snarky fashion

October 8, 2013

Over on AZBlogX, “Snarky fashion 6”, the last in a series of images from vintage men’s fashion ads, with captions added by me. None of the images are X-rated.

Thanks again to Max Vasilatos, who sent me the postcards with these images on them.

Miscellany for 9/19/13

September 19, 2013

Twelve items that have come by me recently.


More Asterixions (with Warhol)

September 9, 2013

On AZBlogX, a third installment of Asterixions — male photography or other visual art amended by the addition of captions (by me) and Asterix stickers.  Fourteen in this set: 3 using Howard Roffman photographs, one with a Benno Thoma, 2 Michael Rehs, 3 Bel Amis, and — new in the series — 5 with Andy Warhol images of men (in various media).

The tone of the background images varies considerably. The first (Roffman 26) is both sweetly romantic and sexy. The Bel Ami images are in-your-face glossy porn poses. And of course the Warhols are all over the map.

Not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

Odds and ends 8/16/13

August 16, 2013

Some more short takes, on a notable person, avoidance of non-taboo words, wordless instructions, typefaces, and a libfix.