Jacques Transue


Stanford website (in .pdf):

On this blog:

  • 7/30/10: Night’s voices (link). Wondermark cartoon. Hallucinations.
  • 10/14/12: Brief bio for Jacques (link). For the Haverford College class of 1963.
  • 6/4/14: Hallucinations and delusions (link). Doonesbury cartoon; links to earlier JHT material.

2/1/12: Waffles and gnocchi:
J and his mother’s special recipes

6/3/16: It was 13 years ago today:
on J’s death day 2016

5/20/17: JHT photos: on the peony patrol:

5/30/17: Puzzles, castles, and cake:
JHT photo of 3-D jigsaw puzzle

6/5/17: For the day:
reminiscences on JHT’s death day

6/12/17: Anniversaries: 50, 55, and more:
J and his son Kit

10/9/18: Fruit bars:
Monique’s apricot bars / squares / cookies

4/28/19: A standout in his shorts:
J’s body type; photos in #6 and #7

11/24/19: Him, 55 years ago:
J’s photo from the 1964 Haverford College yearbook

1/21/20: A squirrel in the hand:
J and his tame squirrel

1/22/20: Three little digits:
J’s memory for texts of all kinds

1/31/20: Revisiting 41: roses for remembrance
J and his roses; two roses in his remembrance

5/18/20: The things they touched:
J’s body scent on his clothes

5/22/20: The Age of Anxiety:
grief for J; his musical tastes; his partnership with me

9/23/20: Feeling more one-headed:
J’s presentation of self, his cruise face, his inadequate gaydar

12/8/20: Genus Americanus
Loren Ghiglione book with interview with me about J’s life and mine

12/11/20: Images of Jacques

12/12/20: More images of Jacques

12/30/20: Manual labor:
J, me, and masturbation

12/30/20: Masturbatory side notes:
more on J, me, and masturbation

1/4/21: Decline:
2nd part in the story of J’s and my sexual and affectional life together

1/5/21: Superbowl Sunday:
the 3rd and final part of the story

1/17/21: In the bleak midwinter:
the long end game of J’s life; Bell’s palsy, with photos of J

5/12/21: News from the rose garden:
new rose (Cardinal Song) for J at the Columbus Park of Roses

8/25/21: Sexual notes from 6/5:
JHT and AMZ’s sexual life, esp. anal intercourse, esp. Cowboy

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