NomConjObj examples

Nominative Conjoined Object examples

this is not at all a systematic sampling of examples, but just an assortment of examples that caught my attention, especially because of their sources

key to coding:

n: nominative in nth conjunct
nS/P: nth person sg/pl

P: prepositional object
D: direct (or unmarked indirect) object (plain)
DI: direct object that is notional subject of infinitival
PI: prepositional object that is notional subject of infinitival
DB: direct object that is notional subject of bare VP or predicative
F: subject in for-to complement (special case of PI)
A: subject in Acc-ing nominal

#1. 2-1S-P-1. She’s talked with Ivan and I preliminarily about…
(Peter Sells in faculty meeting, 6/8/04; Peter is a very heavy user of coordinate object I)

#2. 1-1S-F-2. From:
Subject: for I, and Andrew
Date: January 18, 2005
Renee sent me the following e-mail that she had received from a professor in the American Studies department:
Subject Re: Meeting with FAS Deans
Unfortunately it may be hard for I, and Andrew, to make this – we are both scheduled to be at K****** P***’s prospectus defense at exactly that time. Andrew may have thoughts about the possibility of rescheduling, but I know it was very difficult to get this time in the first place. Unless Andrew has a plan for rescheduling, I think we will have to relay on others attending to convey interests and concerns as they have been established over the past month or two.

#3. 1-3S-P-3. We’ll see what happens between he and Alan Alda.
(Ellen DeGeneres, about Jimmy Smits, on the tv show Ellen, 1/24/05)

#4. 2-1S-P-4. I gotta say, they don’t strike me as being much gayer than, say, the Mongoose and I. Not, of course, that there’s anything wrong with that.
(Mara Chibnik on soc.motss, 1/26/05)

#5. 2-1S-P-5. “It was very important to producer Mary Jane Skalski and I that we not traumatize two children while making a film about childhood trauma.”
(Filmmaker Greg Araki, interviewed in Bay Area Reporter, 5/26/05, p. 35)

#6. 2-1S-D-6. Ellen and Ned joined Aric and I for dinner last night for a nice meal.
(Michael Thomas on soc.motss, 6/3/05)

#7. 2-1S-P-7. I have a project on with Devyani and I…
(John Rickford, in conversation, 6/28/05)

#8. 2-1S-D-8. … because if it had not been for the strength that he [God] gave my wife and I and my family, I can promise you that we couldn’t have survived…
(Richard Scrushy, leaving the courthouse after acquittal, as heard on NPR’s Morning Edition, 6/29/05)

#9. 2-1S-D-9. … On which line she departed, leaving Nick [Rumpole’s son] and I to our claret and conversation.
(from John Mortimer’s The First Rumpole Omnibus (Penguin, 1983), “Rumpole and the Younger Generation” (orig. from Rumpole of the Bailey), p. 33, in Horace Rumpole’s voice)

[no #10]

#11. 2-1S-P-10, 2-1S-P-11. Fresh Air, 7/11/05, interview with Francis Du Frayne, Jr., gastroenterologist and captain in U.S. Navy Reserve; interview just over 34 minutes long, including Terry Gross’s contributions. I caught only 7 coordinations in object position from Du Frayne, only two of which involved personal pronouns; both have nominative I:
— My wife has always been very supportive of both my son and I.
— [about his son] … and started talking to my wife and I about…

#12. 2-1S-P-12. It’s only between her and I.
(20-something male, to friends at Blue Chalk (restaurant in Palo Alto), 7/15/05)

#13. 2-1S-P-13. He came to my husband and I at M. D. Anderson [Cancer Center in Houston] and we treated him with radiation.
(Dr. Ritsuko Komaki, interviewed by Claudia Dreyfus, “From Hiroshima’s Shadow, Turning Radiation Into Renewal”, NYT Science Times, 8/2/05, p. D2)

#14. 1-3S-P-14. from an old Night Court episode (8/13/05), a ventriloquist talking about dummies:
— … depends on… and the rapport between he and his ventriloquist.

#15. 3-1S-A-15. a coordinate subject in an Acc-ing object, with mixed case, from Laura Staum in conversation, 8/19/05:
— Florian had some idea about him and Neal and I trying to submit something…

#16. 2-1S-D-16. If you took Walt and I up on our offer,…
(character on The Dead Zone, 8/21/05)

#17. 2-1S-P-17. from a Prairie Home Companion comedy skit on the broadcast of 8/27/05 (a rebroadcast from 9/04):
— These are the good days for Jim and me — or Jim and I, as I used to say when I went to college.

#18. 2-1S-P-18. For you and I, that’s not a very exciting diet…
(British biologist on PBS program Origins, seen 8/30/05)

#19. 1-3S,2-1S-DI-19. … my daughter just decided this year she wants she and I to volunteer to go and answer phones…
(Morning Edition Sunday, 9/11/05, Sunday Puzzle segment, listener Chad Graham (of St. Louis) talking)

#20. 1-3S-P-20. From:
Subject: a 3SG nominative coordinate object, …
Date: September 6, 2005
I finally observed a 3SG nominative coordinate object without specifically looking for one. This is Frances McDormand in a documentary, regarding the character she plays in the movie Fargo:
— “So much of the character of Marge Gunderson relies on the partnership between she and Norm.”

#21. 3-1S-P-21. … led by Beth and Susan and I.
(Chi Elliott, asst. dir. of Stanford Humanities Center, explaining how tours would be done, 9/27/05)

#22. 3-1S-A-22. from Tommy Grano, 10/13/05:
From the Stanford Daily, October 13, in an article about masking your American accent in Europe to avoid scorn:
We got more dirty looks than I care to remember, but the accent freed us from our embarassment; as Australians, we didn’t give a damn what passersby thought of us, and the end result was an endless chorus of Chris, Kelsey and I yelling “Oi!”

#23. 2-1S-P-23. … violent, improvised solos for Barry [Schiffman] and I.
(Geoff Nuttall, of the St. Lawrence String Quartet, in impromptu remarks before a Stanford concert, 10/16/05)

#24. 2-1S-P-24. This is going to require the cooperation of Sali and I.
(Derik Denis, NWAV presentation, 10/22/05)

#25. 2-1S-P-25. … a cute little note from Matthew and I.
(Chi Elliott, to Tommy Grano at SHC, 11/8/05)

#26. 2-1S-P-26. Maybe if it wasn’t for my brother and I, she [their mother] would have died a few years earlier.
(from a man being interviewed in a piece on fetal cells on NPR’s Morning Edition, 2/8/06)

#27. 2-1S-DB-27. quote from Neil Santorello: “The government doesn’t want you to see servicemen in a casket, but this is my son. He is not a serviceman. You have to let his mother and I say goodbye to him.”
(NYT, 4/7/06, p. A1, “Families of Army’s War Dead Are Hurt Again at Notification”, by Lizette Alvarez)

#28. 1-3S-DB-28. Skilling Calls He and Lay a ‘Good Team’
(AP story headline, 4/12/06, reported on by Ben Zimmer at

#29. 2-1S-DB-29. … so generous to have Lars and I stay there.
(Ned Deily in conversation, 4/29/06)

#30. 2-1S-DB-30. You’re getting everything that you’ve heard Norm and I talk about…
(Greg Sherwood, in KQED begathon, 5/22/06)

#31. 2-1S-DB-31. Most evenings found the cashier and I alone.
(J. E. Bending II, Last time I drew a crowd: The autobiography of Jim Bentley (2005), p. 78)

#32. 1-3S,2-1S-P-32. These sessions became habit forming for both he and I.
(Bending, p. 48)

#33. 2-1S-P-33. Similarities Between Zeus and I
(title of entry in the diary of Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris, as reported in Harper’s September 2006, p. 19)

#34. 2-3S-P-34. I want to be respectful of both you and she.
(John T. Hale, in conversation 9/29/06)

#35. 3-1S-F-35. The plan is still for Mara, Marty, and I to arrive at Ramona circa 1115a.
(Ned Deily, in e-mail to me 10/19/06)

#36. 1-3S-P-36. When main character and longtime bottom Virgil Peterson flips during a bout of infidelity, his new sexual desires cause tension between he and his boyfriend, an exclusive top.
(review of Michael-Christopher’s novel From Top to Bottom, Fall 2006 Lambda Book Report, p. 42)

#37. 1-3S-A-37. They did show he and his partner going to dinner.
(Ned Deily in conversation, 2/25/07)

#38. 1-3S-P-38. Murphy and Dunleavy were the starting forwards a year ago, but found themselves on Warriors coach Don Nelson’s bench and drew criticism from both he and Mullin this week for underproducing in Nelson’s up-tempo system. That has Murphy looking forward to a fresh start in Indiana, where he starred for three years at Notre Dame.
(SF Chronicle 1/17/07, reported by Victor Steinbok 5/4/07)

#39. 2-1S-D-39. … then it may become necessary for the religious organization to disfellowship Jacob and I or take steps toward their version of excommunication — in which case, our family and our friends who are Jehovah’s Witnesses wouldn’t be able to speak to us anymore.
(“Band of brothers” by Kyle Buchanan, Advocate 9/26/06, p. 46, Joshua Miller talking about reactions to him and his identical twin brother Jacob coming out)

#40. 2-1S-P-40. … Mrs. Otto said bitterly. “The family blowup between my brother and I over the dog resulted in my mother not speaking to me for two months and my brother for four.”
(“Who Invited The Dog?”, by Joyce Wadler and Abby Aguirre, NYT 12/13/07, p. E1 (Thursday Styles))

#41. 2-1S-DI-41. Would you like Opal and I to go and get the car and come back for you?
(Elizabeth D. Zwicky to Paul S. Armstrong, in conversation about their daughter 10/18/07)

#42. 2-1S-F-42. I expect I’ll use it for my friends and I to do a pot-luck dinner before we head out for New Year’s Eve with Pink Martini again …
(Kathryn Burlingham, e-mail 12/26/07)

#43. 1&2-3S&1S-F-43. That’s for he and I to decide.
(spoken by His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew of Great Britain, etc.; reported by Wilson Gray on ADS-L 1/29/08)

#44. 2-1S-P-44. … why didn’t you discuss it with your mother and I before you did it?
(Nash Bridges, in a Nash Bridges episode seen in June 2008)

#45. 2-1S-D-45. At the launch last year of our “Redefining Prosperity” project …, a UK treasury official stood up and accused my colleagues and I of wanting to “go back and live in caves”.
(Tim Jackson, “What politicians dare not say”, NewScientist 10/18/08, p. 42)

#46. 2-1S-DB-46. “My poor friend,” she [Sonia Sotomayor] recalled years later in a speech honoring Mr. Cabranes, “he spent all that time listening to José and I dissect the Puerto Rican colonial spirit.”
(David D. Kirkpatrick, “Judge’s Mentor: Part Guide, Part Foil”, NYT 6/22/09, p. 1)

#47. 2-1S-A-47. There was never any talk in my house about my brother and I going to college. It was a given.
(overheard at Gordon Biersch (restaurant in Palo Alto) 11/13/09)

#48. 2-1S-A-48. I can imagine the Professor and I laughing at them together, in some life we never had.
(Terry Castle, The Professor, p. 278)

#49. 2-1S-F-49.
Michele Obama: “I think it was important for Jill and I to come now because we’re at the point where the relief efforts are underway but the attention of the world starts to wane a bit. And as we enter the rainy season and the hurricane season, you know, the issues are just going to become more compounded. And I think it was important for us to come and shed a light.”
(from Ben Zimmer 4/14/10 under header “FLOTUS NomConjObj”)

#50. 2-1S-P-50. “From day one she’s tried to drive a wedge between Senator Feinstein and I, and Senator Feinstein’s my campaign,” [Barbara] Boxer said of [Carly] Fiona’s grab for centrist voters.
([Peninsula] Daily Post 10/30/10, p. 43)

#51. 3-1S-DB-51. This pivotal stage of court appearances changed much in our lives and ultimately, I believe, drove my brothers and sister and I apart.
(letter to NYT Magazine 11/28/10, p. 12, from Dianne Murphey of Keystone Heights FL)

#52. 2-1S-P-52. I hope the donation from Ann Burlingham and I today helps shut this kind of thing down.
(Jason Parker-Burlingham, to Facebook 3/19/11, re the KKK and the SPLC)

#53. 2-1S-P-53. It was very obvious to Alex, and I, that …
(Philip Fradkin, interviewed on KQED 8/2/11)

#54. 2-1S-A-54. Seer: Don’t be naive. I told you of my vision. Of you and I doing great things together.
(episode of Charmed: )
[digression: large number of hits for {“of you and I doing”}, like #54, e.g.]
Kevin: Helen? What do you think the odds are of you and I doing it?
A picture of you and I doing a high five!
But a huge number of hits for {“of you and me doing”}. Similarly for {“about you and I doing” vs. {“about you and me doing”} – ratio of raw ghits on 8/16/11 of 7:1 in favor of the acc with about]

#55. 2-1S-PI-55. “I think it raises, at a very bottom line, real serious questions about government interfering with the ability of you and I to talk to each other,” Policinski [Gene Policinski, executive director of the First Amendment Center] says. “How far does that go? How far will the courts permit it?”
[digression 8/16/11: a few more examples of {“the ability of you and I to”}, like #55:
You see America it is the ability of you and I to spend that drives this nation.
and the reason why they won’t bring it up and what is it they won’t bring up, it’s the fact that welfare birthrates, the illegitimate birthrate has outstripped the ability of you and I to pay for it.
They’re just very frightened people who are deluded that somehow the ability of you and I to defend ourselves or shoot fun toys threatens them.
The ability of you and I to communicate about gold, for example, may not require that we have the same concepts, but rather only that we have similar mental contents, …

Click to access j.1468-0017.1989.tb00241.x.pdf

While the 3D capability for viewing 3D material like movies, videos and games is definitely nice, what really rocks on the HTC EVO 3Dis the ability of you and I to record our own movies in 3D!
Only a couple examples of {“of you and me to”}:
Now money is worth solely what people think it might be worth – modern currencies are printed in vast quantities essentially to cover future debts and its the ability of you and me to pay that is being gambled on – …
It is sad that Newsom, city staff and Dennis Herrera’s City Attorney’s are doing everything they can to prevent the ability of you and me to easily monitor the discussions and decisions which happen every day in City Hall. ]

#56. 2-1S-A-56. … ten minutes of Rowan and I talking about …
(KALW announcer during begathon 9/15/11)

#57. 2-1S-F-57. “Men are affected — they have high rates of P.T.S.D. and depression — but the majority don’t get help,” said Dr. Saba W. Masho, the lead author of the Virginia study and an associate professor of epidemiology and community health at Virginia Commonwealth University. “It’s easy for you and I to talk about it, but when you put yourself in that victim’s shoes, they’re asking, ‘Do I want people to know? How do I seek help? Do I want my doctor to know? Where do I go?’ ”

#58. 2-1S-P-58. … because listeners like you and I agree that …
(KALW beg-a-thon 5/16/12)
[digression: “people like you and I”: huge number of hits 5/16/12, e.g.:]
Salem, its people like you and I who are going to cause this election to go badly.

Newt Gingrich Wins. What It Means.

You were wrong!
There was grace!
You saw the enemy,
I saw your face.
People like you and I
spinning through space.
[Ed Kowalczyk, “Grace”]
“People like you and I, though mortal of course, like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live.” [attr. to Albert Einstein]
These research prizes are funded by donations from the public, and helping to grow the prize pools to attract new competitors is one of the ways in which ordinary people like you and I can make a difference:
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like you and I

#59. 1-3S-DI-59. from Thomas Grano 7/26/12:
This 3sg NomConjObj that I came across yesterday made me think of you:
“At the end of three weeks, I finally called the chair of the search committee and invited he and his wife to go out to dinner with us.”
— found in “They’re here!”, 7/24/12 Chronicle of Higher Education blog post by Lesboprof, available at
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On the NomConjObj watch

#60. 1-3S-D-60. in ML, 1/3/12: Coordinate object “he” in the news:

Coordinate object “he” in the news

— I like he and Callista. [from Mitt Romney]

#61. 2-1S-P-61. “In April 6, 2010, our chief of police and pastor of our church came looking for my wife and I to tell us a positive match had been made,” Mr. [Rigoberto] Reveron said. “Six years later [after his son disappeared].”
(“Unearthing Remains in Potter’s Field To Give Names Back to the Nameless”, NYT 8/9/12, p. A17)

#62. 1-3S-P-62. It was made very clear that they [Romney and Ryan] do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body. That’s between she and her doctor. [or: … own body – that’s between …]
(Joe Biden, on the stump in Wisconsin, 10/12/12)

#63 . 2-1S-A-63. I remember my wife and I just walking around the streets.
(NPR Weekend Edition Sunday, 3/31/13, recollection of Times Square in the 90s)

#64. 2-1S-A-64. The British media are reporting you and I as ‘fighting back’ against the ambiguity of the Blix reports.
(apparently, British foreign secretary Jack Straw in congratulatory note to Secretary of State Colin Powell, 2/14/03, caught in a NYT photo by Ruby Washington, recalled in a NYT story 12/22/14, p. A18)

#65. 1-3S-P-65. In this case, the president’s inability to reach some sort of deal rests heavily on several basic failures of understanding by he and his team.
(NYT editorial in print 1/11/19 “Trump Shutdown: A Tragedy of Errors”; changed to Acc in the on-line version)
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#66. 2-1S-A-66. I envisaged my wife and I taking our child to the beach near our house
(New Yorker 1/21/19 piece “The art of decision-making” by Joshua Rothman, p. 31)

#67. 1-3P-P-67. … the price disparity between they and their competitors
(MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake, 5/10/19, in Clyde OH, reporting on the effect of tariff increases)
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