Taboo vocabulary

postings on taboo vocabulary on LLog and AZBlog

tabooing: choice of words labeled as taboo
use: open use of these words
regulation: regulation of taboo words in public
avoidance: schemes for avoiding taboo words
grammar: the grammar of taboo words
searching: searches for taboo words


GN, 11/3/03: On second thought, make that ‘fuckingly brilliant’:
use, regulation, avoidance, grammar

ML, 12/28/03: Bad words getting better?:

ML, 1/25/04: Maybe better make that “freaking brilliant”:

BP, 1/25/04: Some people should get a life:
regulation, tabooing

ML, 1/25/04: The FCC and the S word:
regulation, tabooing

BP, 1/25/04: The Ngadjonji and the PTC:
regulation, tabooing

GN, 3/21/04: Imprecational categories:

ML, 4/21/04: The FCC and the S-word (again):

ML, 6/12/04: The S-word and the F-word:

ML, 9/22/04: Three vs. four asterisks at Boondocks:

GP, 10/29/04: The unspeakable:

ML, 1/19/05: Twat v. Browning:

GP, 3/1/05: Now the FCC tells us, three months too late:

GP, 3/11/05: Bovine excrement on NPR:

AZ, 3/19/05: Another bullshit night in suck city:
avoidance [NYT]

ML, 6/23/05: Adios, FCC?:
regulation, avoidance, use

ML, 7/1/05: [Expletive discussed]:
avoidance [NYT]

ML, 7/17/05: You taught me language, and my profit on’t/Is, I know how to curse:
tabooing, avoidance (obscenicons)

AZ, 7/20/05: Curses!:
tabooing, use, grammar

AZ, 8/17/05: Modesty at Henry Holt:

AZ, 8/17/05: No fuckin’ winking at the Times:
avoidance [NYT]

GP, 8/24/05: An unspeakable title:

ML, 8/31/05: Leading questions and frickin’ cooks:
[transcribing informal speech]

AZ, 9/6/05: Call me… unpronounceable:
avoidance (incl. obscenicons)

AZ, 9/13/05: Effing avoidance (cont.):

AZ: 10/6/05: Plain speaking:

BZ, 11/29/05: Football’s F-word:

ML, 3/29/06: Delete expletives:

BZ, 3/30/06: Twonk!:

RS, 4/1/06: The LMU: a new formula for measuring effective writing:
[April Fool’s posting]

BZ, 4/2/06: “Thinking specifically about the F-word…”:
tabooing, use

AZ, 6/5/06: Words that can’t be printed in the NYT:
avoidance, use [NYT]

AZ, 6/7/06: Goram motherfrakker!:

AZ, 6/7/06: Mock modesty at the NYT:
avoidance [NYT]

ML, 6/10/06: The history of typographical bleeping:

ML, 6/15/06: The earliest typographically-bleeped F-word:

ML, 6/22/06: Beetle Bailey goes positively meta:
avoidance (incl. obscenicons), tabooing

ST, 6/23/06: More @!%!**#~@#!! wisdom from Beetle Bailey:
avoidance (obscenicons)

BZ, 6/23/06: Everybody’s going meta:
avoidance (incl. obscenicons)

BZ, 6/25/06: Obscenity as commodity:
avoidance, use

AZ, 7/4/06: Avoiding the other F-word:
avoidance, use

BZ, 7/17/06: Presidential expletive watch:
avoidance, use

AZ, 7/18/06: Drawing the line:

BZ, 7/19/06: Taking shit from the President:
avoidance, use

EB, 7/19/06: Words of curse:

AZ, 7/30/06: On the taboo watch: The rock report:

AZ, 7/31/06: Automatic asterisking:
avoidance, searching

AZ, 8/7/06: C*m sancto spiritu:
avoidance, searching

BZ, 8/8/06: They called Hillary a whaaa?:

AZ, 8/10/06: Moral panic in asterisking:
avoidance, searching

☛ BZ, 8/24/06: Obscenicons in the workplace:
avoidance (obscenicons)

AZ, 10/4/06, Further annals of taboo avoidance:
avoidance [NYT]

AZ, 10/9/06: Avoidance omnibus:

AZ, 10/13/06: What the L?!:

GP, 10/13/06: Pubic information:

ML, 10/20/06: Annals of self-censorship: Avoiding the F-letter:

AZ, 10/22/06: F-words:
tabooing, avoidance

AZ, 11/6/06: Taboo avoidance in Dilbertland:

☛ AZ, 11/8/06: Swear it:
[announcement of Allan & Burridge; Marge Piercy poem]

GP, 11/8/06: Try and stop me, FCC:
regulation, avoidance

GN, 11/9/06: The film that dare not speak its name:
use, avoidance

GP, 11/19/06: Expletive inserted:

ML, 11/20/06: Typographical bleeping antedated to 1591:

RS, 12/5/06: Oh tabernacle! What the wafer!:

RS, 12/6/06: More about cussing in Quebec:
tabooing, avoidance

HH, 12/9/06: Linguistic cartoon update update:

GP, 12/26/06: Linguistic filth at the movies:

GP, 12/26/06: More royal linguistic movie filth:

☛ AZ, 1/7/07: Ultimate avoidance:

ML, 1/18/07: 2500 words for cursing the weather:
use, tabooing

AZ, 1/30/07: Mind your Hindi!:
avoidance [in this case, failure to avoid]

GP, 2/2/07: Taboos of the nation:

ML, 4/29/07: Asterisking and other orthographic rituals:

AZ, 6/4/07: Annals of automated avoidance:
avoidance, searching

ML, 6/5/07: Taking no shit from judges:
regulation, avoidance

AZ, 8/23/07: The NYT transgresses:
use, avoidance [NYT]

AZ, 8/25/07: Another year of taboo avoidance:
avoidance, use

BZ, 10/30/07: Taboo avoidance in translation: kros words:
avoidance, use

BZ, 11/13/07: Music review: ********:
avoidance, use [NYT]

BZ, 12/2/07: Suggestive blending with Satchel and Bucky:
(indirect allusion)

AZ, 12/28/07: Una victoria de mierda:
avoidance, use

AZ, 3/20/08: Spiral thingy lightning bolt!:
avoidance (obscenicons)

AZ, 3/21/08: Reading the ampersand comics!:
avoidance (obscenicons)

AZ, 3/23/08: A little more on obscenicons:
avoidance (obscenicons)

AZ, 7/4/08: Seven words you can’t say in a cartoon:

Seven words you can’t say in a cartoon

avoidance (obscenicons)

BZ, 7/6/08: Wankerism in the Times:

Wankerism in The Times

avoidance, use

BZ, 7/12/08: Times bowdlerizes column on Times bowdlerization:

Times bowdlerizes column on Times bowdlerization

avoidance [NYT]

AZ, 7/14/08: The slide into the morass:

The slide into the morass

use, avoidance

AZ, 9/14/08: Taboo display:

Taboo display


AZ, 9/24/08: Taboo display (cont.):

Taboo display (cont.)


AZ, 9/27/08: The price of profanity:

The price of profanity

[profanity as the cause of throat cancer]

AZ, 10/3/08: Disco F*cks House:

Disco F*cks House

avoidance, use

☛ AZ, 10/9/08: Asterisk vs. hyphen:

Asterisk vs. hyphen

avoidance (incl. nigger)

☛ CP, 11/4/08: The connotations of the F-word:

The connotations of the F-word


CP, 11/5/08: What does the F-word contribute:

What does the F-word contribute?

[emotional content of taboo vocabulary]

GN, 11/6/08: Fleeting “Fucking”: Original Sinn:

Fleeting “Fucking”: Original Sinn

use [and content]

AZ, 11/12/08: No getting laid in the NYT:

No getting laid in the NYT


GP, 12/15/08: Linguistic taboos protecting corrupt officials:

Linguistic taboos protecting corrupt officials

use, avoidance

BZ, 12/15/08: Blagobleepevich:


use, avoidance

ML, 12/18/08: Your tax dollars at work:

Your tax dollars at work

use, avoidance

CP, 1/5/09: You diphthong!:

You diphthong!


AZ, 1/24/09: Taboo toponymy:

Taboo toponymy

avoidance, searching [Scunthorpe effect]

1/29/09: An effing great photo:

An effing great photo


1/30/09: Annals of taboo avoidance:

Annals of taboo avoidance


AZ, 4/26/09: Comic profanity:

Comic profanity


5/22/09: Taboo avoidance (twice removed):

Taboo avoidance (twice removed)

avoidance [NYT]

8/2/09: Bad bingo words:

Bad bingo words


8/3/09: Automatic cleanup:

Automatic cleanup

avoidance, searching

8/14/09: Too many tweets:

Too many tweets


9/5/09: Mind the filter!:

Mind the filter!


AZ, 9/24/09: The F Word, take 3:

The F Word, take 3

[Sheidlower’s 3rd. ed.]

BZ, 9/24/09: The inherent ambiguity of “WTF”:

The inherent ambiguity of “WTF”


BZ, 9/25/09: WTF? No, TFW!:


9/26/09: Wielding taboo:

Wielding taboo


AZ, 10/17/09: Rude word:

Rude word

tabooing, avoidance [twink(ie)], searching [Scunthorpe effect]

10/23/09: Walter Gretzkying Carnegie Hall:

Walter Gretzkying Carnegie Hall


11/1/09: Avoiding the gubernatorial taboo word:

Avoiding the gubernatorial taboo word

avoidance [NYT]

ML, 12/6/09: Annals of Bowdlerization: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

Annals of Bowdlerization: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

avoidance (WTF) [NYT]

12/13/09: Annals of salty terms:

Annals of salty terms

avoidance (of bullshit detector) [NYT]

ML, 12/31/09: Annals of automatic bowdlerization:

Annals of automatic bowdlerization


1/5/10: Taboo avoidance for the blind:

Taboo avoidance for the blind


BZ, 1/8/10: Expurgating the Facebook fugitive:

Expurgating the Facebook fugitive


1/17/10: From the February Harper’s:

From the February Harper’s


1/24/10: One more –tard:

One more -tard

use in fucktard

2/7/10: The meta-euphemism:

The meta-euphemism


5/8/10: 69:


tabooing, regulation, use

5/15/10: X-words:



☛ 5/21/10: Annals of taboo avoidance: the white triangle of modesty:

Annals of taboo avoidance: the white rectangle of modesty


7/16/10: Country obscenicons:

Country obscenicons

avoidance (obscenicons)

ML, 7/17/10: “Pound sign question mark star exclamation point”:

“Pound sign question mark star exclamation point”

avoidance (obscenicons)

BZ, 7/17/10: Obscenicons a century ago:

Obscenicons a century ago

avoidance (obscenicons)

BZ, 7/22/10: The language of “Mad Men” and the perils of self-expurgation:

The language of “Mad Men” and the perils of self-expurgation

avoidance [NYT]

BZ, 7/24/10: More on the early days of obscenicons:

More on the early days of obscenicons

avoidance (obscenicons)

7/31/10: Data points: taboo avoidance, abbreviation:

Data points: taboo avoidance, abbreviation

avoidance [NYT]

GP, 8/5/10: Back off (excuse my French):

Back off (excuse my French)


ML, 8/7/10: Annals of [having sex] [feces]:

Annals of [having sex] [feces]

avoidance [NYT]

AZ, 11/30/10: Retitling Strunk & White:

Retitling Strunk & White

use of dick and asshole

12/8/10: The slur dick:

The slur dick

tabooing of dick and asshole

12/26/10: Cee Lo’s memorable song of 2010:

Cee Lo’s memorable song of 2010

avoidance and open use of fuck

1/20/11: Comparative swearology:

Comparative swearology

AmE vs. BrE in “swearwords”

1/21/11: More on swearology:

More on swearology

on interjections, what counts as profanity, degrees of offensiveness, and dialect differences

2/9/11: Annals of taboo avoidance:

Annals of taboo avoidance

avoiding the name Harry Baals

2/15/11: Rhymes:


avoiding “Fuck You” by Cee Lo Green

2/18/11: Shaving cream:

Shaving Cream

ostentatious avoidance in lyrics

2/18/11: Jeezamarooni:



3/6/11: Obscenity and literary merit:

Obscenity and literary merit

censorship; also slurs

3/7/11: Punk-ass fag in the news:

Punk-ass fag in the news

avoidance, use; also slurs

3/15/11: Musical f-bombs:

Musical f-bombs

avoidance, use (fuck) [NYT]

4/12/11: Our pesky artists:

Our pesky artists

avoidance, use (motherfucker) [NYT]

4/25/11: On the taboo avoidance patrol:

On the taboo avoidance patrol

avoidance, use (motherfucker, suck, kick-ass)

ML, 5/11/11: Another meta-obscenicon strip:

Another meta-obscenicon strip

avoidance (obscenicons)

5/31/11: Deshagged:
use (shag ‘fuck’)

6/5/11: The Social Network:

The Social Network

avoidance, use

7/1/11: A shortened version of Richard:

A shortened version of Richard

avoidance, use (dick)

7/22/11: Exclaimining euphemistically:

Exclaiming euphemistically


7/11/11: X happens:

X happens

avoidance/allusion (Chick Happens, Lit Happens)

8/5/11: More X happens:

More X happens

avoidance/allusion (Sit Happens)

8/9/11: Vajazzled!:


avoidance/use (vagina)

9/14/11: F**k You, Penguin:

F**k You, Penguin

avoidance, use

10/3/11: diddly squat:

diddly squat

(vulgar minimizers)

10/7/11: Fellating a memory:

Fellating a memory


10/11/11: Quoting modestly:

Quoting modestly

avoidance, use [NYT]

10/22/11: Annals of taboo avoidance:

Annals of taboo avoidance

avoidance [NYT]

10/30/11: The season of penis and vagina:

The season of penis and vagina

avoidance, use

10/30/11: Taboo avoidance in Canada?:

Taboo avoidance in Canada?

AZ, 11/2/11: Learning to talk (in)appropriately:

Learning to talk (in)appropriately


11/10/11: From talking about the word to using it:

From talking about the word to using it


1/10/12: “or words to that effect”:

“or words to that effect”

avoidance (of ass ‘anus’) [NYT]

1/23/12: Fucking ambiguity:

Fucking ambiguity


2/13/12: ish and masculinity:

ish and masculinity

avoidance (of shit)

2/29/12: Slang connotations too unfortunate to explain:

Slang connotations too unfortunate to explain

avoidance in Italian: fagiolini

3/21/12: language ‘bad language’:

language ‘bad language’

3/27/12: The tone but not the words:

The tone but not the words

avoidance: ‘19 expletives’ [NYT]

4/1/12: More tone without the words:

More tone without the words

avoidance [NYT]

ML, 4/16/12: Larkin v. the Gray Lady:

Larkin v. the Gray Lady

avoidance (mess up for fuck up) [NYT]

4/16/12: The Gray Lady avoids:

The Gray Lady avoids

avoidance, with inventory of postings on avoidance in the NYT

BZ, 4/16/12: The first “asshole” in the Times?:

The first “asshole” in the Times?

use [NYT]

4/29/12: Annals of French taboo avoidance:

Annals of French taboo avoidance

avoidance [NYT]

5/7/12: Reporting the profane:

Reporting the profane

avoidance [NYT]

5/9/12: More reporting the profane:

More reporting the profane

avoidance [NYT]

5/19/12: Annals of garment phallicity:

Annals of garment phallicity


7/8/12: Ask AZ: The F-word and “F-word”:

Ask AZ: The F-word and “F-word”

avoidance, use [NYT, New Yorker]

7/11/12: Garmmra meets expletives:

Garmmra meets expletives

use (fuck)

7/12/12: Potentially embarrassing acronyms:

Potentially embarrassing acronyms

use, avoidance (MILF)

ST, 7/29/12: Holy s***! J-school punchy prose?:

Holy s***! J-school punchy prose?

avoidance (shit)

7/30/12: More taboo avoidance in the NYT:

More taboo avoidance in the NYT

avoidance [NYT], with additions to the inventory of postings on avoidance in the NYT

8/3/12: On the taboo/slur watch:

On the taboo/slur watch

avoidance [ass in NYT], use [in Guardian]

8/4/12: Cursing:



8/5/12: NYT taboo avoidance fail:

NYT taboo avoidance fail

avoidance [cocksuckers, NYT]

8/9/12: Taboo initialism avoidance:

Taboo initialism avoidance

avoidance [fuck, NYT]

8/13/12: Taboo initials (cont.):

Taboo initials (cont.)

general issues in avoidance

8/14/12: Follow-up: The A-word:

Follow-up: The A-Word

avoidance [asshole; cock in NYT; damn]

8/15/12: New NYT modesty:

New NYT modesty

avoidance [fart, NYT]

8/16/12: Follow-up: Walter the farting dog:

Follow-up: Walter the Farting Dog

use [fart, NYT]

8/19/12: The pussy patrol:

The pussy patrol

use [pussy, NYT, vs. avoidance of cock]

8/20/12: More A-word:

More A-word

avoidance [asshole, NYT]

9/2/12: Off-color:


avoidance [fuck]

9/4/12: Follow-up: reporting Eastwood:

Follow-up: reporting Eastwood

avoidance; the euphemism treadmill

9/5/12: The inside/outside strategy:

The inside-outside strategy

avoidance [piss, NYT]

ML, 9/19/12: Annals of euphemism:

Annals of euphemism

avoidance [of what?, NYT]

9/19/12: Timesly taboo avoidance:

Timesly taboo avoidance

avoidance [of what?, NYT]

9/26/12: Astonishing NYT volte-face:

Astonishing NYT volte-face

use [fuck – but humor]

10/18/12: Taboo avoidance trio:

Taboo avoidance trio

avoidance [?shitty, fuck]

11/7/12: Taboo not appropriate:

Taboo not appropriate

avoidance [shit]

1/5/13: Bobbing and weaving with the Gray Lady:

Bobbing and weaving with the Gray Lady

avoidance [NYT]

2/4/13: The Gray Lady stands her ground:

The Gray Lady stands her ground

avoidance [shit, NYT], ostentatious avoidance in an ad

2/5/13: The Koch bleep:

The Koch bleep

avoidance [complex, NYT]

4/18/13: Arcane taboo avoidance:

Arcane taboo avoidance

avoidance [pussy, NYT, avoided via pudendum]

5/20/13: Briefly noted: the shalom of curse words:

Briefly noted: the shalom of curse words

use [fuck], avoidance [by bleeping]

8/14/13: Today’s baffling taboo avoidance:
(unidentifiable) word omitted [NYT]

8/16/13: Odds and ends 8/16/13:
avoidance [jackass, naked, genitals]

9/7/13: kick-ass news:
avoidance [ass in kick ass] [NYT]

9/7/13: More NYT avoidance:
avoidance [“crude term for masturbation” in NYT]

9/26/13: Vulgar chant in the NYT:
avoidance [YSA chant, with asshole, in NYT]

10/5/13: The zipless fuck:
avoidance [of fuck on NPR]

12/26/13: On the taboo avoidance watch:
use (fuck) in NYT and avoidance (shit) in BBC

2/9/14: Taboo avoidance in the NYT once again:
avoidance [of shit, bitch, fuck, in NYT]

4/1/14: Profanity in the NYT:
avoidance in NYT

11/14/14: It happens:
avoidance (shit) in Perry NY

12/5/14: Press release modesty:
avoidance (shit, pissing, fuck) in press releases

1/15/15: Taboo time in Paris:
avoidance in NYT – presumably foutu

3/18/15: Knob in a red top:
avoidance in tabloids, by asterisking

4/2/15: Sidestepping the taboo item:
avoidance (with allusion to the taboo item): Dilbert with the name Dick; DraftKings ad with a shipload of money

4/10/15: No WTF:
avoidance of WTF in the NYT

5/3/15: shag:
use (shag ‘fuck)

6/18/15: The Haddockian argot, and licorice:
avoidance: Captain Haddock in Tintin creatively using non-taboo vocabulary for cursing and swearing

6/19/15: From manure du jour to the Ascent of Man:
avoidance: manure ‘(bull)shit’ (in a Bizarro)

7/24/15: The offensive t-shirt:
use: fuck on t-shirt (Cyanide & Happiness)

8/26/15: Jeremy drops an F-bomb:
use (in a Zits, with an icon for the F-bomb)

8/28/15: Robots up the wazoo:
bare avoidance in a Dilbert with ass ‘anus’ understood; euphemistic wazoo

☛ 10/22/15: Words of One Syllable Dept.:
avoidance in the NYT; Justin Trudeau’s penis size reference; his “piece of shit” reference

10/24/15: A regrettable food name:
tabooing: borderline taboo, the scatological dump

10/27/15: Pop-Tart blasphemy:
tabooing: blasphemous profanity (damn, in this case)– the mildest of strong language

10/29/15: Lame taboo avoidance:
avoidance of the verb fuck (via date) and of kill

11/3/15: Briefly noted: a bullshit lexicon:
use of shit in bullshit (Mark Peters’s bullshit lexicon)

11/4/15: Bullshido, bullshtein, and cork soakers:
use: bullshit again, cock in cocksucker

11/6/15: Clean underwear:
euphemism skidmark

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:
avoidance in New Yorker cartoons

2/25/16: a katakana para:
use of fucking-A

3/24/16: Orifices for talk:
avoidance of talk out of one’s ass by indirect allusion

5/18/16: The FUCK card:
use, grammar

7/29/16: Naming names: the cocktail hour:
avoidance in the NYT

9/28/16: jackhole:
avoidance of asshole on radio and television, via jackhole

1/27/17: Today’s hot guy:
use of fucking in the oxymoronic BE FUCKING POLITE

1/28/17: Yesterday’s hot guy:
use: intensifier fucking, sexual fucking

1/31/17: fudge:
avoidance: fudge! as euphemism for fuck!

3/9/17: pain in the X:
avoidance of pain in the ass in One Big Happy

3/13/17: Risible (faux-)commercial name:
tabooing of dick ‘penis’

3/31/17: Men swear at menswear:
profane captioning of men’s fashion shots

5/17/17: Larkin and the Gray Lady, again:
avoidance of fuck in Larkin’s “This Be the Verse” [NYT]

6/11/17: Shit yes! Fuck no!:
Syfy channel allowing shit but bleeping fuck

6/16/17: Woolly Mammoth flips us the bird:
use and avoidance of fuck in Stupid Fucking Bird (avoidance in NYT)

7/15/17: Ostentatious euphemisms:
ostentatious use of euphemisms for shit in naughty songs and (especially) commercials

10/21/17: A portmantriple:
playful use of crap, crapola

11/2/17: This machine kills fascists:
feminist use of pussy, dick, sucking cock

11/9/17: The silence of the H’s and the nastiness of the narg:
invented swear word narg

11/15/17: Wet words:
euphemism and indirection in reference to urination

12/27/17: Expletive syntax: I will marry the crap out of you, Sean Spencer:
grammatical constructions crucially involving fuck, shit, hell, etc.

1/7/18: Exclamations:
vocabulary for referring to taboo vocabulary: curse words, cuss words, etc.

2/21/18: Adventures in alcohol:
use: the drink Purple Fuck

5/5/18: Lusty days:
use: fucking in Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”
avoidance: euphemism bonk for fuck

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
use: motherfucker, mother, muthuh

5/22/18:The cumless cake:
tabooing, regulation, avoidance: asterisking of cum

7/8/18: How to use the F Word:
use, grammar

7/30/18: Mud, shit, and chocolate:
avoidance (shit euphemized to mud; or to ca-ca, doo-doo)

8/23/18: “Hell is that guy doing?”: predator-truncated QuEx:
grammar (esp. truncated QuEx)

9/11/18: I gotta go:
avoidance: elimination go

10/13/18: Chic peas and more:
avoidance: prune avoided by euphemism (dried plum, dehydrated plum)

11/1/18: X Places:
obligatory avoidance in The Good Place: shirt for shit, fork for fuck, etc.

11/4/18: Annals of euphemism: degrees of avoided expletivity:
avoidance: [f$%king] as insufficiently euphemistic and a risk to national security
use: flagrant flirting with taboo vocabulary: FUKR briefs, FCUK clothing

11/16/18: Reciprocity in the profane domain:
use, grammar

12/13/18: Taboo book notice:
Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language

12/25/18: Worst year ever:
the oath Jesus fuck!; use in a Scenes From a Multiverse cartoon; use (along with cunt and shit) in song of that name by the rock band (the) Jesus Mary and Chain

1/22/19: On the euphemism watch:
religious curses; euphemisms for them; loss of taboo (nouns God and hell, verb damn)

3/3/19: Another hybrid food, no portmanteau name:
avoidance of bitch

3/7/19: The cable gremlins:
adjectival fucking construed as sentence adverbial

3/20/19: Low back issues:
Polly The X-Rated Insulting Parrot (toy)

3/24/19: Pushing the boulder up the hill:
euphemism (well) endowed, endowment

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
piss slit

4/1/20: Annals of sexual slang: peacocks:
use of Latin for euphemizing

4/28/20: Crochet me a word:
open use of FUCK in crochet art

6/3/20: Scatological advice:
elaborate avoidance of FUCK in the New York Times, use in other news sources; grammar of FUCK and SHIT

6/17/20: Smearing and taunting:
use: pussy as taunt

6/18/20: Exulting in Pride:
use: Gay as Fuck; syntax of postmodifier as fuck

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