George Booth

cartoons and New Yorker covers by Booth:

11/1/12: George Booth:
“Ip Gissa Gul”, info about Booth, two other cartoons

12/29/17: George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays:
#1-6 covers

1/19/18: More George Booth:
5 favorite cartoons

1/21/18: The Tritoons gather by the river:
at the Milford literary festival

12/17/20: An old hand, and two young hands:
Booth cartoon in the 12/21/20 issue

4/8/22: The Aussie firedog:
Booth cover of 3/12/79, with The Booth Dog, a cartoon white bull terrier

11/4/22: Booth, and two great-grand-Booths:
death notice for Booth; Booth’s 9/11 cartoon; his 3/12/79 cover; Liana Finck and JAK cartoons from the 11/7/22 issue

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