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slide in(to) (y)our DM’s

May 10, 2018

(Guys in sexy underwear, yes, but no more than that. Plus a recent slang idiom.)

Daily Jocks yesterday:

   (#1) SLIDE IN OUR DM’S!

We are looking for hot new influencers to promote DailyJocks products, follow us & like our most recent post for the chance to become a DailyJocks influencer.

We will be sending out products for you to take pictures in & share with the world!

Lots of smiling — I’m big on smiles — in these amateur underwear photos, as compared to the sturdy studly pro shots.

The slang initialism DM (for direct message) I already knew, but the larger idiom slide in(to) (y)our DMs was new to me (but I’m so far from plugged into new things that I should be treated as permanently unplugged).


Runner ducks, runner beans, rubber ducks

September 9, 2017

Back on the 6th, in “Birthday notes”:

From Benita Bendon Campbell (and Ed Campbell) a Jacquie Lawson animated card of Indian runner ducks in the rain, ending with a duck and a rainbow. In medias res: [image #1]
To come, in a separate posting, on Indian runner ducks and Indian (or scarlet) runner beans, which are not at all the same thing.

And then to add to those, India(n) rubber ducks, which aren’t ducks, though they are duck-simulacra (runner ducks are ducks, and runner beans are beans — that is, bean plants).


Rainbow Batman

June 27, 2017

At one end, Batman #8, Detective Comics #241, March 1957:



Pride transit and flashy Pride boots

June 23, 2017

… and the boots are unisex. Public transit and footgear for the season. The Dublin Bus and the Chicago Transit Authority, plus some really cheeky boots.


You can get anything in rainbow

June 22, 2017

… including the logos for all the Major League Baseball teams, available through the MLB clothing site in caps and shirts. Apparently the line of clothing came out in 2015, but I missed it — and then Aric Olnes posted the SF Giants Pride logo on Facebook today:


and I checked the (registered) logo out.


Rainbow TARDISwear

June 22, 2017

From the BBC America on-line store, a hoodie ($49.98) and a baseball shirt ($24/98):



A police box that will take you not only through space and time (though perhaps unreliably), but also through gender and sexuality.

Pride Time #2: the rainbow flag doodle

June 2, 2017

The Google Doodle for today, viewable here, with this screenshot of the endpoint of an animation in which a gay flag is assembled from strips of material:



Dressing for June

May 24, 2017

(Not much about language. Warning: eventually there will be hunky young men wearing virtually nothing.)

As part of the run-in to Pride Month, the Out Magazine June-July issue has a page on clothes for the occasion:


I’m not aesthetically moved by most of these, though I do like the Levi’s socks; and at $15 a pair they’re the closest thing there is to an affordable item in the set. Second on the economic front ($28 a pair) is the Mack Weldon underwear — but you’re probably wondering what black trunks are doing in a display of Pridewear. Seems they’re a stand-in for a line of underwear in hot rainbow colors, one color per skivvy. (There’s a Page on this blog on rainbow underwear, if you’d like to explore a more conventional approach.)


Running towards Pride Month

May 17, 2016

From several Facebook friends, a link to a site for the Converse sneaker campaign for Pride Month:


Sneakers and clothing on rainbow themes (17 items in all).


Two extravagant mani-corns

May 13, 2016

(Unicorns are of course phallic symbols. But there’s more here.)

The first Facebook query came from Melinda Shore, who hoped I’d be able to identify the heavily muscled model in this campy purply-pink composition on Imgur:


I had no idea, and tracking down any composition on a meme site is almost invariably hopeless, so the best I can do is pass this on to you.

Then came Season Von Hexe, offering up another mystery mani-corn-aganza, this time on a rainbow them:


Also taken from life, but this time unposed, at some sort of public event. In this case a Google Images search served me well.