Pride feet!

So announced Gwendolyn Alden Dean on Facebook yesterday, as she modeled her astonishing new Teva Rainbow Pride platform sandals (black straps, rainbow soles):

(#1) The platforms are 2.5ʺ  in the back, and those stripes are separate laminated layers, not just dye jobs; these particular sandals are “all-gender”; meanwhile, I note that Gwendolyn has definitely shapely feet (something I notice because no one would ever say such a thing about my feet; I’ll spare you the details)

There’s a whole line of Rainbow Pride Tevas (website here). From this line, two with lower soles, designed for men; there are corresponding designs for women (and some with white soles instead of black, etc.):



A proverbial note. Facebook exchanges about #1 and the really high platform in it:

AMZ > GAD: You wear these so I (and many others) don’t have to! Your grateful admirers appreciate your sacrifice.

Rod Williams > GAD: Pride comes before the fall!

Ah, Rod quotes the proverb that I (and, apparently, the Merriam-Webster staff) recall as “Pride comes before a fall” (maybe he had fall ‘autumn’ in mind).

In any case, what we find in Proverbs 16:18 (KJV) is the model for the proverb:

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Many people recall the proverb as “Pride goeth before a fall”, telescoping the model, but preserving the somewhat archaic choice of the verb go (rather than come) and the definitely archaic choice of the verb form goeth (rather than goes). No doubt there are still other variants.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    A similar thing has happened with “gild the lily”, which is a condensation of Shakespeare’s “Gild refined gold, or paint the lily”.

    And of course Pride comes before the fall; it’s in late spring/early summer.

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