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Putting the carnal in Carnival

February 18, 2018

(Much about men’s bodies and mansex, in plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On Shrove Tuesday (the 13th), the season of Carnival — etymologically, the time for putting away the flesh (for the season of Lent) — reaches its height. From NOAD:

noun carnival: a period of public revelry at a regular time each year, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade: the culmination of the week-long carnival | Mardi Gras is the last day of carnival … ORIGIN mid 16th century: from Italian carnevale, carnovale, from medieval Latin carnelevamen, carnelevarium ‘Shrovetide’, from Latin caro, carn– ‘flesh’ + levare ‘put away’.

In the gay precincts of the world, we strive to put the carnal —

adj. carnal: relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities: carnal desire. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Christian Latin carnalis, from caro, carn- ‘flesh’.

into Carnival, to flagrantly celebrate the sins of the flesh. Recent bulletins: two Daily Jocks ads that largely abandon the pretense of selling comfort, support, and style in favor of providing outright soft gay porn; and a look back at a gay hard porn classic, Kristen Bjorn’s Carnaval in Rio, with a fond recollection of Gilvan Couto manfully coping with Caio Amaral’s astonishing 14″ uncut black dick (with some notes on race relations in the postcolonial world).


Days of sensual pleasure

February 14, 2018

(Prominently featuring men’s bodies and mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday, Mardi Gras, a day of license and pleasure (in all things, but especially food). And then today is Valentines Day, a celebration of love: romantic love, but also carnal love. Both high holidays in the gay precincts of the world. A matched pair from Daily Jocks and a steamy 3-way from the Lucas porn studios:

(#1) [header:] Hey there handsome… ❤

(#2) Diego Lauzen (left) and Wagner Vittoria (right), lovers in porn and in real life, plus Beau Reed (very much the man in the middle, a Valentine boy for them to share)

Header and text for the ad:

❤ Be Mine, Bareback Valentine! ❤

Lucas Entertainment features the hottest bareback action, award-winning gay porn movies, and the sexiest guys on the web!


A noncelebratory week

February 11, 2018

Last week — Sunday the 4th through Saturday the 10th — was a great rarity on my calendar: an entire week without a holiday, anniversary, or other celebratory event. This from someone with lots of family and friends with birthdays, someone who notes linguistic holidays like Hangul Day and OK Day, someone who tracks many saints’ days (Valentine, David, Patrick, Andrew, Nicholas, Cecilia, Arnold, Genevieve, Stephen, George), and someone who notes oddities like Doris Day.

Now, this week is definitely celebratory:



When is Doris Day?

February 6, 2018

It starts with a recent (January 4th) One Big Happy and will end with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in 1967. In the cartoon, Ruthie and Joe are unfamiliar with Doris Day the person and take Doris Day to refer to a holiday (like Flag Day):



Yet another Xmas package

January 10, 2018

Back in 2010, it was mostly the elves and their packages. This year’s late Xmas entry has cranky Santa:

From Amanda Walker. My friends appreciate my tastes, and on occasion are willing to cater to them.


Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani

January 7, 2018

Since my middle name is Melchior, I was hoping for gold on Epiphany morning, but what I got was a primo sex dream — my attempts at programming sex dreams never work, they always turn into convoluted dreams about linguistic analyses, so yesterday’s dream was a great gift — featuring Joey Tribbiani as a fabulously slutty (also sweet and goofy) gay pornstar. Not Matt LeBlanc, but his character Joey Tribbiani. So I woke with a hunky funny Joey on my, um, mind.

(#1) Joey practices making love with a pineapple (video here)

That’s Matt LeBlanc playing Joey. My dream had Joey playing a stud named Rocco. In a threesome with me and my boyfriend, whose dream name I don’t remember, but he was played by my guy Jacques. Together, between nearly non-stop bouts of noisy public sex, we saved all the gay pornstars of the world from annihilation by an evil army. With the help of a lot of undercover agents, most of them women. But the three of us studs had the big weapons.

It was all deeply satisfying, with victories in battle and ragingly hot sex. Also a lot of fun, with horseplay and banter, and (thankfully) without the Friends laugh track. Also without the Epiphany gold befitting the white-bearded King of Persia, but then you can’t have everything.


News for penguins, penises, and Totoro

December 31, 2017

… on New Year’s Penultimateve (term from Stephanie Shih), yesterday: 2 penguin bulletins, 3 penis items (including two seasonal gay porn ads viewable in full on AZBlogX), and Totoro Linzer cookies for the holidays.


George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays

December 29, 2017

The 1/1/18 New Yorker cover, by George Booth:


To come: about this cover; Booth covers for the holidays; the metaphorical idiom elephant in the room and its exploitation by artists and cartoonists.


Xmas news for penguins

December 25, 2017

The Advent news flash for penguins — the fossil giant penguin Kumimanu biceae — and then today, a small Vera Bradley playful-penguin case (with pill dispenser) and a Munsingwear Penguin t-shirt (with flowered pocket), Christmas gifts to me (just one Playful Penguin Gray case from Vera Bradley products and just one item from a ton of stuff in the Munsingwear Penguin line).


Easter Island holiday

December 25, 2017

Dan Piraro’s Xmas card today, from the vast emptiness of the southeastern Pacific:


(This could also be seen as Christmas in Chile, since Easter Island belongs to Chile.)