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Holiday specials

September 4, 2016

A holiday comes around — this is Labor Day weekend in the U.S. — and everybody has sales, on every damn thing. Gay porn is no exception, but certain holidays lend themselves especially to the interests of the porn industry: all patriotic holidays, since you can flog videos of military men; Fathers Day, when you can offer Daddy-Boy videos; and of course Labor Day, when blue-collar guys can go on sale.

One company is offering a large inventory of videos at (groan) “cock-bottom prices” and another is selling videos with blue-collar men who will “fill you up” for Labor Day. Similar things turn up every year. This year I’ll report, not on the porn sales, but on a Labor Day story from the gay press and some other racy specials for the holiday.


Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales

July 4, 2016

Three phallic things for (U.S.) Independence Day, the Fourth of July, today: fireworks, one of the classic audio-visual symbols of sexual climax; hot dogs (so common that there’s a whole Page on this blog on wurstlich phallicity); and guns, those icons of American independence and power. In order, from Jack Handey humor in the most recent New Yorker (July 4th, cover by Barry Blitt showing John Cleese doing a Brexit Silly Walk off the edge of a cliff); an assessment of hot dog brands by bon appétit magazine writers; and a Fourth of July gun sale from Cabela’s, featuring a  semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in the Orlando Pulse massacre.

Unlike a panda, which famously eats, shoots, and leaves, a Real American eats, shoots, and gets off.


Not the prettiest stallion in the stable

July 3, 2016

(Not about language, but about holidays, advertising, and gay pornstars.)

In my e-mail for the Fourth of July weekend, porn studio Channel 1 Releasing’s patriotic ad (“Red White & Tattooed”) for this year:

Aside from the ridiculousness of the ad — something you expect in porn ads for holiday sales, and often a trigger for giggles — the model looks druggy and disheveled, and I’m put off by the pistol tattooed on his right hip. These things are a matter of taste; still, I judge this lad to be not the prettiest stallion in the stable.

Morning name: at Carnival, with a trumpet, in a tricorn

June 19, 2016

From some time ago: the morning name “Carnival of Venice”, referring to the virtuoso trumpet setting of the German folk song “Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken” by Allen Vizzutti. No doubt WQXR-FM in NYC played it during the night while I was sleeping. A name that will take us many places.


The literalist on Fathers Day

June 9, 2016

Fathers Day comes on the 19th. For the occasion, a Tom Toro cartoon that didn’t get into my earlier posting about him:

Well, there can be literally only one greatest dad in the world, but then not all language is literal — as in this case, where the sentiment on the mug is a piece of hyperbole, exaggeration for effect.


Immoral Day 2016 and gay military porn

May 31, 2016

(Talk of men’s bodies and male-male sex, but nothing actually incendiary, and the explicit images are in my posting “Memorial Day military porn” on AZBlogX, not here.)

I start with yesterday’s Frazz, for the holiday:

(Hat tip to Robert Coren.) In my AZBlogX posting you can see the Channel 1 Releasing / Dirk Yates tribute to Immoral Day, in pornstar flesh (represented there by DJ, or D.J., Carlton in the 2008 flick Duty Weekend) offered for sale to celebrate American military men, democracy, and capitalism. As for capitalism, every American holiday, no matter how solemn its purpose, has been bent to serve commerce, and Memorial Day is no exception; plus, if there’s stuff to be sold, the gay porn studios are hard on the case.


Running towards Pride Month

May 17, 2016

From several Facebook friends, a link to a site for the Converse sneaker campaign for Pride Month:


Sneakers and clothing on rainbow themes (17 items in all).



May 7, 2016

The wonderful creation of Pierce in Zits:

binge-bingeing is the PRP form of a verb to binge-binge, which is an instance of one or the other of two different compound V constructions of the form to N + V, whose semantic and pragmatic differences are small enough to ignore here.


Two from AZBlogX

May 5, 2016

Today on AZBlogX, two postings:

a follow-up to “Jim French / Rip Colt” of 2/24/13: “Another shot at French/Colt”, with photos from the 1992 “The Macho Image” by Rip Colt (the porn side of French/Colt): randy men in costumes

“Cinco de Mayo with Lucas men”: a Cinco de Mayo sale ad from the Lucas gay porn studio, with an Anglo boy engaging two Latino studs for the holiday

Ethnic food week

April 20, 2016

Two items: yesterday’s morning name (piperade), a Basque dish in the colors of the flag of the Basque country; and a recipe from the April 2016 issue of bon appétit magazine, Matzo-Kimchi Pancakes, or, as I like to think of it, in my crudely punning way, the Seoul of Passover (the first day of Passover is a couple of days away).