Men kissing

images of men kissing

from 7/18/10, “Safe for public consumption” (link)

from 7/26/10:, “Like/Unlike” (link)

from 8/2/10, “Who is this message intended for?” (link)

from 8/2/10, “Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages”: kiss in #5, Corporate Transgressions (link)

from 9/26/10, “Commencement photo”: Gran Fury “Read My Lips” poster (link)

from 11/4/10, “o m g” (link)

from 4/28/11, “Lukas and Johan (and Chance)” (link)

from 5/1/11, “Male intimacy” (link)

from 5/3/11, “Kisses” (link)

from 7/6/11. “Gay spaghetti” (link)

from 7/15/11, “Male couples” (link)

from 9/10/11, “Collages: the dog series” (link)

from 9/12/11, “Collages: a few favorites” (link)

from 9/16/11, “Collages with friends” (link)

from 9/16/11, “Six more collages” (link)

from 10/27/11, “Double takes, second set” (link)

from 12/6/11, “Face to face” (link)

from 1/1/12, “Tat for tat” (link)

from 1/12/12:, “Vignettes 5-8” (link)

from 2/18/12, “The bathtub files” (link)

from 3/10/12, “More holiday sales” (link)

from 5/25/12, “The power of lore and dogma” (link)

from 5/29/12, “Racy photos: The explicit files” (link)

from 7/29/12, “Two kisses” (link)

from 12/14/12, “Tell us a story” (link)

from 12/30/12, “Gay Santas” (link)

from 1/7/13, “Falcons at Fallingwater”: Mike Branson (link)

from 2/22/13, “Dario Beck fucked four ways” (link)

from 3/25/13, “Men kissing” (link): two images, plus an inventory of postings with men kissing

from 3/25/13, “David Vance” (link): #1-3, three Vance shots of a kissing encounter between models Paul Francis and Levi Pouter

from 6/30/13, “Once again, same-sex relationships in the New Yorker” (link): #3, Barry Blitt cover, with two men re-enacting the famous Times Square kiss

from 7/11/13, “Steve Grand, DNA, Timoteo” (link): Grand’s “All-America Boy” video, with man-man kiss

from 7/14/13, “Deaths of the pornhunks” (link): #4, hairy hunk Wilfried Knight, about to kiss Michael Lucas (and get fucked by him)

from 9/16/13, “Joe Boys” (link): Joe Phillips illustrations — #3, military male kiss; #5, male kiss from The Joy of Gay Sex

from 2/27/15, “Shipping and the Johnlock files” (link): Johnlock kiss

from 7/5/15, “Herrera / Silvestre” (link): #3, the two actors kissing in Sense8

from 9/23/15, “Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex” (link): #4, Mark Mason and Matt Bauer about to kiss in The Mentor

from 11/17/15, “Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis” (link): Cameron Foster and Brandon Wilde, at poolside, kissing and sharing their hard cocks

from 12/12/15, “Sex between straight men: bro-jobs” (link): #2, two bro-lovers kissing

from 1/12/16, “The wages of heteronormativity” (link): #2, men kissing at their wedding

from 2/21/16, “Getting Go” (link): #2, male kiss from Getting Go

from 4/15/16, “Ganymede on the fly” (link): #1, Ganymede and Zeus kissing

from 5/3/16, “Morning names: thistles!” (link): #7, Dean/Castiel photo-manip of the two characters kissing

from 6/21/16, “Frank Viva” (link): #1, Viva New Yorker cover with men kissing

from 8/7/16, “Ianto Jones” (link): #2, characters Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness locked in a kiss

from 9/22/16, “Bare bear poets in their youth” (link): #1, Ginsberg and Orlovsky kissing

from 1/27/17, “A kiss is just a kiss” (link): four images

from 2/13/17, “VDay kiss-in” (link): seme-sex kisses for Valentine’s Day

from 3/31/17, “The Phantom of the jungle library” (link): #6, Ryan Carnes kissing two men

from 6/7/17, “The word came down on Pentecost” (link): #4

from 12/23/17, “they kitchen-kissed again” (link): several images

from 1/7/18, “News from the Mormon territories” (link): 6 images of older and younger men kissing

from 6/13/18, “24 Hours, 24 Kisses and 24 Magazine Covers” (link): special issue of the NYT Magazine

from 6/29/18, “Paul Octavious” (link): #1

from 1/1/19, “He kissed me” (link): short story about my character Sundance and a t-room kiss

from 1/1/19, “Fiction: He kissed me” (link): link to the previous; soc.motss posting from the weekend the story was finished; See-ming Lee photo of men kissing

from 1/22/19, “Uri and Avi” (link): men kissing in #1 (Israeli and Palestinian) and #3 (US sailor and his husband)

from 2/9/19, “Displaced icons of art” (link): men kissing in Michael Breyette print

from 2/18/19, “Film watch: men kissing men” (link)
men kissing in THE PASS and GOD’S OWN COUNTRY

from 2/20/19, “News for penises: notes on phallophilia” (link)
on cover of Gay Heart Throbs

from 7/22/19, “The boys of Boris Beauville” (link)
#4 rainbow kissing in tank tops

from 9/11/19, “Giovanni in Ferragamo” (link)
#2 Baldwin Giovanni’s Room characters kissing

from 11/27/19, “Dancing against homophobia” (link)
#3 dancer-acrobats Guillaume and Arthur kissing on French tv

from 2/25/20, “Timothy and Agrimony” (link)
#8 kissing the twink

from 7/22/20, “Gay Highander” (link)
#5 gay kiss in Inverness

from 9/20/20, “Skyy Kox” (link)
#3 gay kiss in porn (plus Cowboy)

from 9/21/20, “A visit with Skyy Knox” (link)
regular-blog version of the preceding

from 1/24/21, “It started with a kiss” (link)
6 male-male kisses, of different sorts

from 4/29/21, “Alex Adams” (link)
Alex Adams and Joe Parker kissing

from 6/4/21, “Fox and friends I” (link)
pornstars: Sean Fox and his boyfriend kissing; Angel River and his boyfriend (porn actor Ben Masters) on the verge of kissing

from 2/15/22. “VDay kisses” (link)
an essay on men kissing, with a series of examples

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