Gay Highander

Passed on by Gadi Niram, this somewhat late clothing offering for Pride Month, from the Verillas Company on June 17th:

(#1) [ad copy:] “Rainbow Pride Hybrid Kilts are here for Pride Month! It took a little longer than we wanted in these crazy times, but they’re here and ready today.”

And now to come:

1. We’ve seen this kilt before on this blog, two years ago, but mostly just the kilt. This year, we get the whole man: Gay Highander. Whoa.

2. Gadi then wondered if I had any Scots ancestry. No Scots ancestry that I know of, but I totally appreciate the kilt. But I then reflected some on my ancestry, which led me to the Rhine River.

3. Back to rainbow kilts, with two further examples (from a surprising number: who knew?).

4. Which led of course to Gay Scotland, in particular of the kilted variety. Two images: from Gay Inverness, two men in kilts kissing (I do like to see men kissing); and from the Kilted Gay Lads Facebook site (I am not making this up), a kilted fellow doing an entertaining beefcake version of a standard cheesecake pose.

5. And, yes, Gay Highlander, but what of Adrian Paul, who played the Highlander on the very enjoyable tv series? Hunky, handsome, great fun to watch, and also given to shirtlessness and teasing displays of his bare chest. Straight, but then nobody’s perfect.


The earlier posting. From my 5/14/18 posting “On the rainbowwear beat”:


As we advance upon Pride Month…

Here on AZBlog, we do rainbowfare (food) and rainbowware (various manufactured objects) and lots of rainbow art — and also lots of rainbowwear (clothing — tons of underwear, but other stuff as well). Now, in the last category, from the Verillas Lifestyle company (modern kilts, kilt accessories, and Harry Potter / Nintendo accessories), the Versatta Pride Hybrid Kilt [hat/tip to Amanda Walker]

My ancestry. As I said to Gadi,

My family comes, on both sides, from not terribly far from the Rhine: in Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany on my mother’s [Pennsylvania Dutch] side, in canton Glarus in Switzerland on my father’s. [The town of Glarus is about 75 miles from Konstanz, which is (just barely) in Germany). Admittedly, the town is in an Alpine valley, so the trip is mildly challenging, but the Swiss road system is excellent, and I believe there are fine Swiss trains on the route.]

Neither side was at all given to outmarriage until very recently (as with me).

Ah, the outmarriage thing. My wife, Ann Daingerfield’s, ancestry was English (earlier, Norman French), Scots, and Irish; my husband-equivalent, Jacques Transue’s, ancestry was from the South of France on one side, Pennsylvania Dutch on the other (so we shared that). I married out, and I married up; both my partners came from families with considerably more social standing than mine (the Daingerfields in central Kentucky; Jacques’s mother’s family, the Serpettes, in France) or considerably more professional standing (the Transues as academics in college towns, notably Kenyon College in Gambier OH).

More rainbow kilts. Two more:

From the Great Kilts site:


And from the UK Kilt site:


Gay Scotland. Two items, again from a number of possibilities.

— from the Nomadic Boys site: Inverness Gay travel guide (gay bars, clubs, hotels & awesome things to do) by Stefan Aresti 6/1/20), one of several shots of kilted gay men kissing:


— from the Kilted Gay Lads Facebook page, “Today’s hot stuff!” from 9/15/12:

(#6) Beefcake in a classic cheesecake pose, with a kilt

(If I could order it up, I would prefer some significant body hair — your mileage might well vary — but you have to take them as they come.)

Adrian Paul in Highlander. But what of hot hunky Highlanders who, for whatever reason, happen to be straight? Of them, in my estimation, the god is Adrian Paul, of the very well-made tv series Highlander.

Background from my 12/20/11 posting “Another hunk and his sack”, on Adrian Paul:

Adrian Paul Hewett (born 29 May 1959), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod. (link)

In Highlander, Paul spent a good bit of time shirtless or nearly so. But in the tv series Tracker, he started out as an apparition in nothing but his underwear, showing off his body and his equipment. Hunk City.

First, Paul as Duncan MacLeod, in full kilt, looking very fierce indeed:


Paul is an enjoyable physical actor, who manages to project a certain wry humor into the presentation of his MacLeod character (even more so in Tracker). And, yes, he’s handsome and hunky, displays his body, and sweats a lot. What’s not to like?

Beyond the straightforward barechested displays, Paul is given to — well, directed to give — male cleavage displays, teasingly offering bits of his bare chest. As here, again from Highlander:


Wielding a weapon, he is, of course, dead serious.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Yes, there’s a typo in the title, a missing L in Highlander. My disabled right hand very often fails to strike keys hard enough for them to register; that makes composing postings a very tedious enterprise.

    There is a mechanism in WordPress for editing titles once things have been posted, but I know from bitter experience that using it causes links to the posting to be completely screwed up, so that the only sure way to fix things is to save the whole file (in html) off-line, delete the original posting completely, and then create a brand new posting (with the title corrected) from the saved file. I’ve been too sick these days to imagine going through this procedure, so what I offer instead is an apology for my error; the correct title is: Gay Highlander.

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