Further adventures in Pouchland

(No street talk about men’s bodies or mansex, but the topic is men’s genitals displayed flagrantly though covertly — just barely covered — so this posting will not be to everyone’s taste.)

Following on my posting yesterday “Gay couple in Pouchland”, a report on two more pouch extravagances in the world of homo-inclined premium men’s underwear: one from the Austalian brand 2EROS, in their Aktiv NRG underwear line (trunk, brief, jockstrap) with “ventilated mesh panels”; and the other from the Daily Jocks DJX line, in their Amplify “lifting underwear” (jockstrap, brief, and trunk) — with the bonus of a hunky model with a sweetly furry belly (which will lead us to beer in Cleveland OH). (The Aktiv NRG model is extraordinarily, athletically, muscular, but he’s a smooth man.)

From the posting yesterday:

[The men in the ad that I’ve called] Pink and Blue live in Pouchland, where every man’s junk is on display, just barely covered by a thin layer of cloth. And can be used to sell homowear. (This is not a put-down; I myself love to stroll through Pouchland, savoring the junk on display and enjoying the mild arousal it provokes. It’s an innocent pastime. Meanwhile, Pouchland’s obsession with dick can be unintentionally funny, because it’s often so earnestly over-the-top. I say this as a proud avowed peniphiliac.)

Aktiv NRG. From a Daily Jocks ad from 7/13:

Aktiv NRG is designed to improve your enjoyment and output while working out! Ventilated mesh panels keep you cooler and dryer while breaking a sweat and ultimately reducing sweat rash.

It features the CURV Tech pouch which protects from high impact movements and creates a ‘contact-less’ support. It also has quick-dry and sweat wicking properties which reduces moisture and friction.

Three ad panels:


Top panel: the high-masculinity model — from his buzzcut to his extreme V-shaped torso (broad shoulders tapering to very narrow hips), and powerful thigh muscles.

Middle panel: the goods — his well-filled pouch, for our viewing pleasure.

Bottom panel: his shapely bottom, ventilated by “strategically placed” mesh.

DJX Amplify. From the DJ mailing of yesterday, this main image of a jockstrap, some sort of Pouchland triumph:


From the ad copy:

The DJX Amplify range is designed to give you an extra boost from behind.

From the lift of a classic jockstrap to the more discreet hidden boosting straps in the trunk, Amplify is here to give you that extra edge over standard underwear.

Yes, it’s a push-up pouch. But of course entertaining to observe for someone wth my sensibilities.

And then there’s the model’s sweetly furry belly, which I find very sexy. And, then as a bonus, DJX has provided two more Amplify garments modeled by the man I thing of as Furbelly:



But enough of penis display. Let’s talk beer.

Furbelly Irish Stout.  From the Forest City Brewery in Cleveland OH:


Brewed in the tradition of a true Irish Stout, this jet black beauty bounds with strong roasted malt bitterness and notes of dark chocolate. The low acid, highly aromatic English noble hops impart a medium hop intensity. Oats used in the mash create a nice, smooth creamy body and a thick tan head to round out this creation. A fantastic full bodied drinking experience. Fill up your belly with Furbelly!

(Oh my: “nice, smooth creamy body and a thick tan head”. I’ll just leave that on the table.)

I am mostly a wine person rather than a beer person, but I do like dark beers and bitter beers — I was easily satisfied in British and Irish pubs — and this one sounds like something I would really enjoy.


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