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Morning: La Salade Imaginaire

February 24, 2017

A deeply silly morning name today, a play on the title Le Malade Imaginaire. Which then led me to some ethereal culinary musings.


Morning: spanakopita

February 23, 2017

Spanakopita was the morning name some weeks ago, and then this morning the bon appétit site offered instructions on how to “make spanakopita pie”, with a yummy photo:


The full instructions, which are pretty complex, amount to:

make the spinach filling (using frozen spinach), prepare the phyllo pastry (using frozen phyllo), assemble, bake

The result, seen above, is spanakopita:

(in Greek cooking) a phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. ORIGIN modern Greek, literally ‘spinach pie.’ (NOAD2)


The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises

February 15, 2017

From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky on Facebook yesterday, a chocolate cupcake for Valentine’s Day (which is also, significantly, Elizabeth’s birthday), with white frosting and a blue frosting design on top of that:


Ah, you say a penguin, on ice, with a message of love (those hearts). Note that, thanks to me, penguins are a big thing in my family.

Elizabeth boldly denied the Penguin Interpretation — well, with a  Magrittean disavowal (Ceci n’est pas une pipe):

This is not a penguin.

But then she added an alternative, the Rocket Interpretation:

A rocket. With heart-shaped windows.

But wait! There’s more!


Three exhibitions

February 12, 2017

… at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford: back on January 26th, a viewing of Dutch masters of the 17th century; then this Thursday, two small exhibitions, Warhol works in connection with a Stanford course and a student-curated display of East Asian artworks featuring the lingzhi mushroom.


More holiday food

February 8, 2017

From Barbara Partee on Facebook, a posting about a recent celebration of Maslenitsa she and Volodja had with friends (blini made by Volodja). Start with the food:


(shown here with sour cream and two kinds of caviar).


finger foods

February 7, 2017

This morning’s Pinterest mail offered an album of finger food images: gorgeous stuff. Then I discovered  that I’d mentioned finger foods in passing several times (in connection with appetizers and snacks), and once a bit more seriously, but hadn’t discussed them in any detail. Time to remedy that.


Pop food edifice

February 5, 2017

Today’s Rhymes With Orange, with a 7-layer composition of popular American appetizers, snacks, and sides (side dishes):


From 9/5/16 on this blog, “A Minneapolis fling”, with a Zippy on some of America’s favorite appetizers (and snacks): sliders, Walleye bites, huevos rancheros, grilled BBQ chicken wings (aka Buffalo wings, hot wings, or just wings), Polish sausage (note emphasis on Minnesota specialties).



January 31, 2017

(It starts with tasty stuff, but eventually there will be some distasteful stuff. Be prepared.)

Yesterday it was Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies, which drew a giggle from me (because I have a dirty mind), So let’s start with fudge and brownies, the foodstuffs.


Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress

January 22, 2017

(It starts with dough and cross-dressing and eventually touches on several sexy topics. So: definitely racy, but probably not enough to frighten the horses in the street.)

Today’s Rhymes With Orange portrays the kinky side of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Poppin’ Fresh (the advertising icon and mascot of the Pillsbury Company):


The Doughboy cross-dressing in an adorable pink skirt — a fluted cupcake liner, from the set on the kitchen counter.

Now: some remarks on cupcakes; a note on sexual undercurrents in the Poppin’ Fresh ads; and extensive discussion of sentient, speaking figures (often anthropomorphic, as here) in advertising, cartoons, or fictions of other kinds, figures that are in fact foodstuffs.


mi krop

January 6, 2017

It’s not all pad thai. There’s a lot more there. In particular, mi krop, which came up as a plot element on an episode of (U.S.) Queer as Folk I viewed yesterday: