Soft / hard

postings on flaccid penises, erect penises, and half-hard penises

soft vs. hard:

3/14/13: Soft/hard:
essay: about the Flaccid – Erect Gallery

two illustrations on AZBlogX:
3/14/13: flaccid – erect:


9/6/11: Penis to penis:
two men interacting via their penises

9/6/11: Cockversation:
two examples of two half-hard cocks in conversation, so to speak

9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:
Photo of Mason on AZBlogX: Mason’s cock is half-hard, inviting you to make it fully hard. All in all, a performance signaling receptivity.

10/21/15: In the locker room, half-hard:
C1R porn flick Gridiron Gang Bang; ad with a locker room scene, showing two men with half-hard cocks

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