One Big Happy

One Big Happy, by Rick Detorie


6/5/12: Eggcorn to portmanteau:

Eggcorn to portmanteau

12/6/12: Two Big Happies:

Two Big Happies

two strips

12/17/12: Bad word alert:

Bad word alert!

1/11/13: occasional:


3/17/13: One Big Happy roundup:

One Big Happy roundup

4 strips

5/16/13: Another OBH roundup:

Another OBH roundup

7 strips

5/29/13: average:


8/3/13: Saturday funnies:

Saturday funnies

9/10/13: Like, uptalk, and Miami:

Like, uptalk, and Miami

3 strips

9/12/13: Ruthie v. English:

Ruthie v. English

5 strips

3/28/14: OBH roundup:

OBH roundup

4 strips

5/4/14: Formulaic: Zippy, OBH:

Formulaic: Zippy, OBH

5/14/14: Four at midweek:

Four at midweek

2 strips

5/18/14: Five for Friday:

Five for Friday


5/18/14: … plus four:

… plus four


5/28/14: Back from Memorial Day:

Back from Memorial Day


6/1/14: May-June turnover:

May-June turnover


6/2/14: Coping with the new:

Coping with the new

6/5/14: Four for the Fourth:

Four for the fourth


6/9/14: Getting the message across:

Getting the message across

6/24/14: Ruthie roundup:

Ruthie roundup

7/1/14: Ruthie verbs away:

Ruthie verbs away

7/5/14: Ruthie’s readings:

Ruthie’s readings

2 strips

7/14/14: A Sunday quartet:

A Sunday quartet


7/25/14: Cartoon ambiguities:

Cartoon ambiguities

7/25/14: On the word analysis patrol:

On the word analysis patrol

8/18/14: Ruthie misinterprets:

Ruthie (mis)interprets

2 strips

8/27/14: Ruthie and Joe meet French:

Ruthie and Joe meet French

8/29/14: Ruthie and Joe again:

Ruthie and Joe again

9/6/14: Three Saturday cartoons:

Three Saturday cartoons


10/15/14: Choosing your words:

Choosing your words

10/22/14: What was that word?:

What was that word?

10/24/14: Familiarity:


10/29/14: Ruthie’s classic:

Ruthie’s classic

11/13/14: Bigger:


12/3/14: Permanent:


12/8/14: Phonological analogy:

Phonological analogy

12/9/14: Names for kids:

Names for kids

12/10/14: Cartoon continuations:

Cartoon continuations


12/11/14: The giver of names:

The giver of names

12/27/14: Set of three:

Set of three


1/7/15: Outrageous, contagious, whatever:

Outrageous, contagious, whatever

1/12/15: pallbearer:


1/15/15: Rappers:


1/19/15: Gendered playthings:

Gendered playthings

1/21/15: Ruthie and the gargoyle:

Ruthie and the gargoyle

1/29/15: Comfits:


1/31/15: Type names and individual names:

Type names and individual names

2/5/15: Carbs, not crabs:

Carbs, not crabs

2/10/15: More word confusion:

More word confusion

2/15/15: Ruthie strikes again:

Ruthie strikes again

2/23/15: gormles:


3/2/15: Learning to tell jokes:

Learning to tell jokes

3/6/15: Ambiguity, ambiguity:

Ambiguity, ambiguity


3/8/15: Three cartoons:

Three cartoons


3/9/15: Reading new names:

Reading new names

3/22/15: Lab mix:

Lab mix

4/3/15: toodle:


4/6/15: snit:


4/10/15: day / they:

day / they

4/19/15: Word entertainment:

Word entertainment

4/29/15: It never ends:

It never ends

5/8/15: How?:


5/16/15: An attachment problem:

An attachment problem

5/27/15: Sources and saucers:

Sources and saucers

5/29/15: Kids these days:

Kids these days

5/30/15: Ruthie and large-scale formulas:

Ruthie and large-scale formulas

6/5/15: Ruthie vs. abbreviated French:

Ruthie vs. abbreviated French

6/13/15: Diacritic midges:

Diacritic midges

6/17/15: Two linguistic comics:

Two linguistic comics


6/25/15: Two for Thursday:

Two for Thursday


7/7/15: It’s the glue, Ruthie:

It’s the glue, Ruthie

7/20/15: Setting up a pun:

Setting up a pun

7/24/15: allayed:


7/26/15: Associative thinking:

Associative thinking

9/24/15: Ruthie vs. N + N compounds:

Ruthie vs. N + N compounds

1/7/16: Ruthie and the radio doctor:

Ruthie and the radio doctor

2/19/16: One Big Happy language:

One Big Happy language

3 strips

3/3/16: Ruthie and word division:

Ruthie and word division

3/5/16: Ruthie and the tricks to aid memory:

Ruthie and the tricks to aid memory

3/8/16: Where?:


3/12/16: Sweet nothings: candy, cereal, advertising:

Sweet nothings: candy, cereal, advertising

3/30/16: Three for the 30th:

Three for the 30th

4/1/16: Rita M. Weep:

Rita M. Weep



4/5/16: Ain’t It the Truth:

Ain’t it the truth?

4/6/16: Cucumber soap:

Cucumber soap

4/13/16: Reciting formulas:

Reciting formulas

4/27/16: sg /u/, pl /i/:

sg /u/, pl /i/

5/4/16: Wine tartar and Asian tartar:

Wine tartar and Asian tartar

5/19/16: How long?:

How long?

6/16/16: Two Thursday cartoons:

Two Thursday cartoons


6/20/16: Monday: attention, language stereotypes:

Monday: attention, language stereotypes


6/24/16: Word times: two Ruthies, three Psychs:

Word times: two Ruthies, three Psychs

two OBH strips

6/28/16: Gang of five:

Gang of five


7/6/16: ID:


7/14/16: goose bumps:

goose bumps

7/26/16: A Ruthian eggcorn:

A Ruthian eggcorn

8/1/16: Cereal mascots:

Cereal mascots

8/3/16: Taking things literally:

Taking things literally

8/7/16: Fixed expressions:

Fixed expressions


8/11/16: Uplift:


8/23/16: Q-Neg scope in the comics:

Q-Neg scope in the comics

8/25/16: More Ruthian re-shaping:

More Ruthian re-shaping

9/4/16: Two OBHs:

Two OBHs

9/9/16: Feet in footage, pawns at the pawnshop:

Feet in footage, pawns at the pawnshop


9/12/16: Breaking bad:

Breaking bad

9/24/16: Figurative language to the rescue:

Figurative language to the rescue

10/7/16: the Vegas idea:

the Vegas idea

10/30/16: Toon animal time:

Toon animal time


10/31/16: Two cartoons for month’s end:

Two cartoons for month’s end


11/3/16: wishing well:

wishing well

11/7/16: Correct it, Joe:

Correct it, Joe

11/19/16: Two negatives make a positive:

Two negatives make a positive

11/21/16: You can’t judge a story by its title:

You can’t judge a story by its title

11/25/16: medium-hater:


12/12/16: Language Sunday in the comics:

Language Sunday in the comics


12/19/16: And venison is from Venus:

And venison is from Venus

12/29/16: square feet:

square feet

1/6/17: Epiphanic puns:

Epiphanic puns


1/9/17: Staying on topic; correcting

Staying on topic; correcting


1/15/17: Mathematical Principles of Natural Fig Snacks:

Mathematical Principles of Natural Fig Snacks

1/21/17: A label of love:

A label of love

1/27/17: Two in One Big Happy:

Two in One Big Happy

2 cartoons

1/30/17: Gender and sexuality in the comics:

Gender and sexuality in the comics


2/5/17: Cedar Rapids:

Cedar Rapids

2/8/17: Ruthie on language patrol:

Ruthie on language patrol

2 strips

2/9/17: toonmanteaus:



2/18/17: They don’t get it:

They don’t get it

2/22/17: Objects in compounds:

Objects in compounds

3/2/17: Adjunct or argument?:

Adjunct or argument?

3/9/17: pain in the X:

pain in the X

3/13/17: Technical terms:

Technical terms

3/26/17: The wishing ill:

The wishing ill

3/28/17: Ruthie copes:

Ruthie copes

two cartoons

3/31/17: Men swear at menswear:

Men swear about menswear

4/14/17: Privative vocabulary in Ruthish:

Privative vocabulary in Ruthish

4/22/17: Ruthie and Joe work with what they know:

Ruthie and Joe work with what they know

two cartoons

5/15/17: Names in the comics:

Names in the comics

5/18/17: Presentation and perception:

Presentation and perception

5/19/17: Ruthie faces the unfamiliar, again:

Ruthie faces the unfamiliar, again

5/21/17: Audiences:



5/23/17: “Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”:

“Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”


5/28/17: Quesadilla benjamina (or something):

Quesadilla benjamina (or something)

6/7/17: The word came down on Pentecost:

The word came down on Pentecost


6/9/17: Speaking the language:

Speaking the language


6/17/17: For Eve V. Clark:

For Eve V. Clark


6/23/17: The homely pigeon:

The homely pigeon

7/4/17: From a child’s viewpoint:

From a child’s viewpoint

#2, 3

7/9/17: Ruthie copes: Moses and the doggie bag:

Ruthie copes: Moses and the doggie bag

2 cartoons

7/24/17: look pretty Adj:

look pretty Adj

8/8/17: The taunt:

The taunt

8/12/17: Metalinguistic tasks:

Metalinguistic tasks

8/18/17: Playing an old lady:

Playing an old lady

8/30/17: Reduced questions:

Reduced questions

9/16/17: not agree with:

not agree with

9/24/17: retainers:


10/6/17: Noodling with formulaic language:

Noodling with formulaic language

10/10/17: Performance ambiguity:

Performance ambiguity

10/19/17: Ruthie on meanings:

Ruthie on meanings

10/28/17: Another gendered moment in the comics:

Another gendered moment in the comics

11/4/17: Can you say “cat”? Can you spell”cat”?:

Can you say “cat”? Can you spell “cat”?

2 cartoons

11/9/17: The silence of the H’s and the nastiness of the narg:

The silence of the H’s and the nastiness of the narg

2 cartoons

11/13/17: From social media to the comics:

From social media to the comics

11/15/17: 3 for 15:

3 for 15


12/5/17: Ruthie verbs:

Ruthie verbs

12/12/17: Ruthie falls into the deontic-epistemic pit:

Ruthie falls into the deontic-epistemic pit

12/19/17: From the archives of avoidance:

From the archives of avoidance

1/4/18: tooken by the senses taker:

tooken by the senses taker

1/7/18: Exclamations:


1/10/18: Puns and metatheses:

Puns and metatheses


1/28/18: Four more recent cartoons:

Four more recent cartoons


2/3/18: The add-an-R game:

The add-an-R game

2/6/18: When is Doris Day?:

When is Doris Day?

2/8/18: The Star-Spangled Baseball:

The Star-Spangled Baseball

2/19/18: Ruthie reasons analogically:

Ruthie reasons analogically

3/9/18: Annals of casual speech:

Annals of casual speech

3/10/18: scratch and sniff card:

scratch and sniff card

3/25/18: this guy:

this guy

4/3/18: Ruthie confronts idiomaticity:

Ruthie confronts idiomaticity

4/8/18: Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively:

Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively


4/18/18: Cartoons on SF earthquake day:

Cartoons on SF earthquake day


4/28/18: Frieda Box:

Frieda Box

5/7/18: slugs:


5/8/18: mailman lady:

mailman lady

2 cartoons

5/13/18: Call me by my full name:

Call me by my full name

5/22/18: Crowing:


5/29/18: Merer, merer:

Merer, merer

6/1/18: Bathroom words:

Bathroom words

6/5/18: mean age:

mean age

6/7/18: contractions:


6/11/18: Mister Muntz:

Mister Muntz

6/16/18: Proper nouns:

Proper nouns

7/1/18: Aroused soap-opera scientists and the Stanford screw-moss:

Aroused soap-opera scientists and the Stanford screw-moss

7/3/18: The Taco Bell doll:

The Taco Bell doll

7/10/18: seller / cellar:

seller / cellar

7/23/18: Rubber and glue:

Rubber and glue


8/3/18: Ruthie and the language of doughnuts:

Ruthie and the language of doughnuts

8/6/18: Two occasions, four cartoons:

Two occasions, four cartoons


8/28/18: Ruthie faces literal ambiguity:

Ruthie faces literal ambiguity

9/2/18: Ruthie reanalyzes, and so do lots of others:

Ruthie reanalyzes, and so do lots of others

9/11/18: The cartoon milkman:

The cartoon milkman

9/26/18: Angerland:


10/2/18: Jumping higher than a house:

Jumping higher than a house

10/13/18: Two word confusion cartoons:

Two word confusion cartoons


10/18/18: What’s he like?:

What’s he like?

10/23/18: Use skate in a sentence:

Use skate in a sentence

10/31/18: Famous wolf on the Yellow Brick Road:

Famous wolf on the Yellow Brick Road

11/7/18: Arousing the beast:

Arousing the beast

11/21/18: OBH analyses:

OBH analyses

2 strips

11/25/18: What do you have?:

What do you have?

11/29/18: OBH information:

OBH information

2 strips

12/5/18: uncle-o-nym:


12/19/18: A snappish portion of the class:

A snappish portion of the class

12/29/18: Ruthie x 3:

Ruthie x 3

3 strips

1/5/19: pinochle:


1/26/19: Ruthie’s New Year’s Eve:

Ruthie’s New Year’s Eve

2/2/19: Better than ABC order:

Better than ABC order

2/3/19: Ruthian lexical items in real life:

Ruthian lexical items in real life

2/27/19: Body-location, event-location:

Body-location, event-location

3/4/19: Hard Tundra:

Hard Tundra

3/11/19: Roland B. McRiver:

Roland B. McRiver

3/20/19: Low back issues:

Low back issues

3/27/19: Two cents, common sense, incense, and peppermints:

Two cents, common sense, incense, and peppermints

4/5/19: Science, charity, and adverbial ambiguity:

Science, charity, and adverbial ambiguity

4/30/19: Where are you going with that?:

Where are you going with that?

5/22/19: What a piece of work is Miss Lucille:

What a piece of work is Miss Lucille

7/8/19: Nudie tales:

Nudie tales

7/10/19: Joke malaprops:

Joke malaprops

7/19/19: Choosing the words:

Choosing the words

2 new cartoons, one old one

7/24/19: Conventional and creative metaphors:

Conventional and creative metaphors

7/31/19: Locatives, inalienability, and determiner choices:

Locatives, inalienability, and determiner choices

2 cartoons

7/30/19 (posted 8/1): The opossum joke:

The opossum joke

8/8/19: Annals of social learning:

Annals of social learning

2 cartoons

8/28/19: Annals of category labels: food frm a hole in the ground:

Annals of category labels: food from a hole in the ground

8/28/19: with all the fixin’s:

with all the fixin’s

9/4/19: Ten to one:

Ten to one

10/7/19: Suit and tie:

Suit and tie

10/23/19: Iscariot:


11/3/19: Ruthie plays with Joe:

Ruthie plays with Joe

7 cartoons

11/21/19: A regular festival of ambiguity:

A regular festival of ambiguity

3/15/20: Higashi Day cartoon 5: hoods and newts:

Higashi Day cartoon 5: hoods and newts

2 cartoons

3/18/20:Childish reanalyses:

Childish reanalyses

2 cartoons

4/3/20: Keep lettin’ him snooze:

Keep lettin’ him snooze

4/8/20: Messin’ with words:

Messin’ with words

6/11/20: If a man does it,…:

If a man does it, …

6/15/20: Ruthie tips cows:

Ruthie tips cows

6/24/20: Annals of ambiguity: making it rough for Schrödinger:

Annals of ambiguity: I feel like making it rough for Schrödinger


7/5/20: Budgies on the roadside:

Budgies on the roadside


7/12/20: Hot wings on a paper plate:

Hot wings on a paper plate

7/25/20: The Chinese squeaky-pen dog:

The Chinese squeaky-pen dog

7/26/20: Before or after:

Before or after?

7/27/20: Call it by its name:

Call it by its name

9/12/20: The croup:

The croup

9/13/20: All they will call you will be “escapees”:

All they will call you will be “escapees”

10/17/20: One Big Happy mnemonics:

One Big Happy mnemonics

12/29/20: How do you find our menu?:

How do you find our menu?

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