Daddy – Boy, DILF

6/17/12: For Dad:
for Fathers Day: gay daddy – twink flicks

6/13/14: DILF days:
for Fathers Day: on DILF (‘Daddy/Dad I’d like to fuck’, with fuck understood as referring to either insertive or receptive anal intercourse) and on Daddies and their Boys

1/25/15: Exemplary twink:
on Sam Truitt in Daddy Chasers

1/25/15: Exemplary twink:
link to AZBlogX

6/12/15: Wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag:
four featured flicks from C1R for Pride Month, including Daddy Issues with Kyle Kash

6/16/15: Wrapped for June:
for Pride Month: Kyle Kash in Daddy Issues and elsewhere

6/21/15: My hard-on belongs to Daddy:
C1R ad for Fathers Day, featuring daddy – boy films, e.g. the 2011 flick Daddy It Hurts!; inventory of Daddy porn films

6/21/15: Daddy It Hurts!:
on the flick

12/8/15: Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph:
gay cougar, Daddy – Boy

10/21/16: Another Spanish lesson:
Daddy – Boy

5/31/17: The eve of Pride Month:
video: Daddy, We’ve Been Bad

12/21/17: And for your Xmas viewing pleasure:
Santa and his elf as daddy – boy

12/22/17: Another crop of homoXmas ads:
Dallas Steele and his boy Taylor Bishop

12/26/17: Sterek:
Stiles as boy to Derek’s daddy

1/7/18: News from the Mormon territories:
LDS daddy-son porn

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
section on types of daddies

6/17/18: Muscle daddies for Fathers Day:
Liam Knox and Luke Adams in Muscle Daddies

1/27/19: Two specialist porn companies:
daddy-boy fantasies crossed with sex-with-beasts fantasies

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
daddy-boy interpretation of “Very Soft Shoes”

6/16/19: On this day in 2019:
daddy-boy for Fathers Day

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