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Easter Morning redux

April 17, 2022

Some close analysis, and some reflections, on the Jacquie Lawson animated greeting card “Easter Morning”, that I posted about yesterday, in “Sheep grazing among the Paschal roses”. There I looked at purple hellebores (and some other other crucifixion-symbolic flowers) and at Bach’s aria “Sheep May Safely Graze” (a performance of which accompanies the animation).

Now about the details of the animation’s images (especially, but by no means only, the plants).


Two more morning names

February 6, 2015

Thursday’s memorable morning name was Mitzi Kapture (the actress), Friday’s was Piggly Wiggly (the supermarket).


Gio Black Peter

January 16, 2015

From the February 2015 issue of OUT magazine, a piece by James McDonald on queer artist Gio Black Peter (as he’s now known). A moose-knuckle boy, posing seductively, by him:


Tricks of memory

December 9, 2014

I very often awake with a name stuck in my head, usually a person’s name, and usually for no reason I can discern. This morning it was the French actress Arletty, most famous for the film Les Enfants du Paradis (1945, with Jean-Louis Barrault, among others). I recalled her as playing the character Annabella (Smith), whose murder sets off the action of Alfred Hitchcock’s film The 39 Steps. I then spent fruitless hours looking for any connection between Arletty and Hitchcock.

Apparently I’d mixed up the character’s name Annabella and the actress’s name Arletty, on the basis of phonological similarity, and my (somewhat inaccurate) belief that they were both mononymous, plus the fact that the two actresses were both glamorous women whose first language was not English (as far as I can tell, Arletty’s films were all in French, while Lucie Mannheim (who played Annabella) acted in both German and English).

Still, I was utterly convinced that it was Arletty who came to Hannay (played by Robert Donat) with information about a spy network with a connection to something called “the 39 steps”.

Memory is a tricky thing, often undependable.


Jeff Goldblum

December 6, 2014

(Not a death notice, but an appreciation.)

An old Law & Order: Criminal Intent went by me this morning, with the tall (6′ 4″) and versatile actor Jeff Goldblum in the role of Detective Zach Nichols. And that brought me to a wonderful GE commercial starring Goldblum that I had somehow missed. Goldblum, shirtless, and with big hair.


The Beastmaster

November 18, 2014

To help me through a sleepless night recently, I turned to an old favorite, the 1982 action/fantasy movie The Beastmaster. A very silly entertainment, starring Marc Singer and his fabulous physique (he’s in nothing but a loincloth for most of the movie) and big smile, plus a sizable cast of animals. One take, with Singer in fierce mode: