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8/2/10: Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages:

8/2/10: Billy Herrington unsheathed:

8/2/10: Carlos and Tyson in flagrante:

8/5/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: the collage essay:

8/6/10: The Tom of Finland action figure comes home:

8/7/10: Linguistics, anyone?

8/8/10: Red Ken:

8/9/10: Action figures getting some action:

8/9/10: Error collage:

8/9/10: The bear-eating figure:

8/10/10: Why Am I Gay?:

8/10/10: The A&J Show:

8/10/10: Tadzio:

8/11/10: Collages on linguistic subjects:

8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: five underwear models:

8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: the captioned series

8/15/10: From 10percent 8/15/10:

8/16/10: Hi-def:

8/16/10: The triad: jockstrap, locker room, shower room:

8/17/10: Rope:

8/18/10: Hairy in Gayland:

8/18/10: Hommage à Rusty:

8/19/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: the Jeremy Walker files:

8/21/10: I Married My Dog:

8/21/10: The industrial collages:

8/22/10: Collages Over the Max:

8/23/10: Two big ones:

8/23/10: Four more from 2005-06:

8/26/10: The Newsreel of Pleasure:

8/26/10: Our Gardens, Our Selves:

8/26/10: An ordinary man in an ordinary car:

8/26/10: Lounges and motels:

8/26/10: Nostalgia for the baths:

8/30/10: The baths in a new world:

8/30/10: From the garden:

9/5/10: Phallicity: the introduction:

9/12/10: Phallicity: Würste:

9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (1):

9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (2):

9/15/10: Phallicity: not at all innocent:

9/15/10: Phallicity: the symbolic and the real, joined:

9/21/10: Phallicity: hi-def meets hot dog:

10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday (Part I):

10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday (Part II):

10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday: notes:

10/7/10: An anthropologist at the baths:

10/7/10: Anthropologist at the baths: comments:

10/7/10: Seaside resort:

10/16/10: Getting Rogered:

10/17/10: To the max:

10/25/10: Phallicity: high-macho displays:

11/7/10: High-macho (cont.): brutal masculinity:

11/7/10: Concealing and revealing:

11/8/10: The Gaze Downward:

11/8/10: Peekaboo Dickhead:

11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:

11/12/10: Phallicity: Rocket to Uranus:

11/15/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: Dean Flynn:

11/16/10: Phallicity: the salt/pepper shaker:

11/16/10: Concealing and revealing: Fred Goudon:

11/16/10: Phallicity: the penisaurus:

11/23/10: Concealing and revealing: more Fred Goudon:

11/30/10: Phallicity: Falcon SuperCocks:

12/14/10: Phallicity: the 16th century:

12/17/10: Cocks and cum:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 1:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 2:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 3:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 4: b/t:

12/19/10: b/t coding:

12/20/10: Roles in Manifest:

1/2/11: Group sex in gay porn:

1/2/11: Phallicity: Reese Rideout:

1/4/11: Mess:

1/4/11: Cruisin’: Men on the Make: b/t:

1/4/11: Morning wood:

1/9/11: Showoff:

1/10/11: man up:

1/13/11: Jack Wrangler:

1/14/11: Gay for pay:

1/19/11: In praise of little guys:

1/21/11: Valentine gift:

2/2/11: Small guys (cont.):

2/5/11: T-room action:

2/5/11: Roseate Tom:

2/15/11: More lacing up:

2/21/11: Slubwear:

3/9/11: Titanic exposure:

3/15/11: Sundance stays in to hunt:

3/15/11: Tumbling:

3/15/11: The interview:

3/18/11: Dean Phoenix:

3/23/11: Uomini:

4/4/11: Names:

4/5/11: San Soní:

4/7/11: i am an angel when i fly:

4/9/11: Phallicity: the nose:

4/11/11: In my e-mail today:

4/12/11: Phallicity: George Condo’s Uncle Joe:

4/12/11: Phallicity: anatomically correct paper dolls:

4/19/11: Tom of Finland collages:

4/22/11: Another orgy:

4/24/11: Royal wedding porn sale:

4/26/11: XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits:

4/28/11: Lukas and Johan (and Chance):

4/28/11: Your favorite euphemism?

5/1/11: The moose-knuckle jock watch:

5/1/11: Male intimacy:

5/1/11: Bookish naked men:

5/1/11: Power bottoms: the illustrations:

5/1/11: Odds and ends:

5/1/11: Slutty wet twink:

5/2/11: Jason & Jeremy, Jeremy & Jason:

5/2/11: Stanley Stellar’s couch:

5/3/11: Moose-knuckle days at Undergear:

5/4/11: Jack Balas:

5/6/11: Seven from Jockstrap Central:

5/11/11: Mel Roberts boys:

5/11/11: FWA:

5/12/11: Dick decorating:

5/12/11: On the moose-knuckle watch:

5/13/11: Gladiators and centurians:

5/13/11: Cumrades:

5/13/11: The Flandrin pose:

5/13/11: Sam Carson:

5/14/11: Richard de Chazal:

5/17/11: The lure of lace:

5/17/11: Cumshots:

5/20/11: Pornographers in a holiday mood:

5/20/11: Crotch, or basket, shots:

6/1/11: Pouchwear:

6/12/11: Fat and upcurved:

6/14/11: Today’s remarkable underwear:

6/16/11: More holiday offers:

6/18/11: The Ass Cake:

6/28/11: Tomas and the boys:

6/30/11: The mirror photo:

7/2/11: Hot wieners for the 4th:

7/3/11: BFF Tibor Wolfe:

7/4/11: The six signs of Falcon summer:

7/12/11: Two phallic follow-ups:

7/15/11: Annals of phallicity:

7/15/11: Male couples:

7/23/11: Eyes and mouths:

7/30/11: Killer:

8/5/11: Eyes for the guys:

8/7/11: Full frontal:

8/9/11: Full-Frontal Retreat:

8/12/11: Extreme® Python wear:

8/17/11: More Dick for your Dollar:

8/19/11: The kiltie files:

8/20/11: Side by side:

8/21/11: Fuckin’ in the Boys’ Room:

9/2/11: Labor/amor omnia vincit:

9/2/11: More dickholewear:

9/5/11: Dick Out the Window:

9/6/11: Cockversation:

9/8/11: Athleticism:

9/8/11: Calendar time:

9/10/11: A Queen’s Fury:

9/10/11: Collages: the dog series:

9/11/11: Collages: two snapshots (Eric and Bud):

9/12/11: Snapshot collages: a dirty dozen:

9/12/11: Eight more snapshot collages:

9/12/11: Collages: a few favorites:

9/14/11: Phallicity: Josephtailor works:

9/16/11: Two snapshot collages (C-Note and Girls):

9/16/11: Collages with friends:

9/16/11: Fortune cookie collages:

9/16/11: Collages: more favorites:

9/16/11: Six more collages:

9/22/11: Der Blaue Al:

9/27/11: Naked men running free:

9/27/11: The Falcon decades:

10/3/11: Two bits of phallic play:

10/8/11: Holidays in porn:

10/21/11: Calendars and compendia:

10/27/11: Double takes, first set:

10/27/11: Double takes, second set:

11/4/11: More athleticism:

11/4/11: Distraction in detail:

11/9/11: Mouthing it:

11/19/11: Men in groups:

11/19/11: On display:

11/19/11: Male nude by Rex Slinkard:

11/25/11: Black Friday sales:

11/27/11: Pierre et Gilles and dicks at play:

12/6/11: Photo shoot 1:

12/6/11: Photo shoot 2:

12/23/11: Gangsuck:

12/25/11: Titanic pornwear:

1/1/12: Tat for tat:

1/10/12: Light bulb photo:

1/11/12: Role reversal:

1/12/12: Vignettes 1-4:

1/12/12: Vignettes 5-8:

1/12/12: Vignettes 25-28:

1/13/12: Six more vignettes:

1/13/12: Vignettes 13-16 and 21-24:

1/13/12: Vignettes: the final dozen:

1/14/12: Mien men:

1/31/12: Just barely not X:

2/9/12: Happy Valentine’s Gay:

2/10/12: Happy New Year of the Dragon Dick!:

2/17/12: Howard Roffman boys:

2/18/12: Penis lamps:

2/18/12: The bathtub files:

3/2/12: Adam and God in the chapel:

3/10/12: More holiday sales:

3/19/12: Black Irish:

3/30/12: An assortment of images:

3/30/12: On the butt watch, by the water:

3/30/12: Five entertainments:

4/13/12: Time to expose it all:

4/22/12: Chemistry, phallicity, and (anti-)Rockwellism:

4/22/12: Bookends:

5/11/12: Nipple work:

5/20/12: Memorial Day greetings 2012:

5/21/12: Holy batcrotch, Robin!:

5/29/12: Racy photos: The butt files:

5/29/12: Racy photos: The explicit files:

6/7/12: Body shop:

6/28/12: Disney Tijuana Bibles:

7/4/12: Meat for the 4th:

7/15/12: New photo crop: A couple, entangled:

7/29/12: Two kisses:

7/29/12: Reading in bed:

7/29/12: On the moose knuckle watch:

7/29/12: Statuary:

8/12/12: Puff the Magic Dragon:

8/17/12: Flashing:

8/17/12: Water butt boys:

8/17/12: More butts:

8/17/12: At the bathhouse:

8/17/12: Denim peekaboo:

8/24/12: The cocksucker’s gaze:

9/9/12: Nighthawks X:

9/15/12: Naked protest:

9/15/12: An assortment:

10/11/12: The spooge chronicles:

10/11/12: Two on a rail, three on a snuggle bed:

10/22/12: More kilties:

10/22/12: Back to front:

11/5/12: Fuckin’ facework:

11/5/12: Porn for Election Day:

11/8/12: Slutty loungewear:

11/12/12: Sheer and trochaic:

12/6/12: Trent Reed:

12/7/12: Sex advice:

12/7/12: Falcon models:

12/8/12: Standing for it:

12/10/12: Billy Brandt:

12/15/12: Fuck for sale at Xmas:

12/16/12: Another Xmas sale:

12/24/12: Hammond organs:

1/7/13: Falcons at Fallingwater:

1/8/13: Six examples:

1/9/13: Number 7:

1/9/13: Cockature:

1/10/13: The Ken Ryker files:

1/19/13: Sekigushi X:

1/20/13: Dick aversion:

1/22/13: Benno Thoma:

1/23/13: Benno Thoma 2:

1/23/13: Piss porn 1: five recent images:

1/23/13: Piss porn 2: background:

1/24/13: Piss porn 3: enthusiasm and routines:

1/25/13: Bruce Weber:

1/30/13: Snarky fashion:

1/31/13: More Falcons at Fallingwater:

2/8/13: More snarky fashion:

2/12/13: Tony Duran:

2/12/13: Dean Keefer:

2/13/13: Dan Throsby:

2/14/13: Valentine’s 2013:

2/15/13: Trenton Ducati:

2/16/13: Maintaining the hard-on:

2/20/13: Michael Taubenheim:

2/22/13: Dario Beck fucked four ways:

2/24/13: Visual testosterone:

2/25/13: Fetish/kink porn:

2/26/13: Kristen Bjorn:

3/8/13: Cameron Adams:

3/8/13: More pairings:

3/8/13: Butt appreciations:

3/10/13: Military dick out the window:

3/12/13: Fuck shot:

3/14/13: flaccid – erect:

3/15/13: Sexy St. Patrick’s:

3/15/13: Underwear poses:

3/15/13: Remarkable underwear update:

3/18/13: Late St. Patrick’s Day entry:

3/21/13: Maximum availability:

3/23/13: More captioned Bjorn:

3/24/13: Advertisements for himself:

3/28/13: More on the Truly Huge:

3/28/13: Toy With Me:

3/29/13: Massage Bait:

3/30/13: Jesse/Jessy Ares:

3/31/13: Threesomes and more:

4/1/13: Easter threesomes:

4/1/13: Beautiful penis:

4/4/13: One more beautiful penis:

4/4/13: Twinkalicious porn:

4/5/13: Close Up:

4/5/13: Maximum exposure: Good Devil:

4/5/13: Maximum exposure: Male Power:

4/6/13: Manpiles:

4/7/13: More group sex:

4/7/13: Scruff cum:

4/7/13: Two twinks:

4/11/13: Pornstars at play, with their beetles:

4/16/13: Two images:

4/25/13: On the facial hair watch:

4/25/13: More toys:

4/25/13: Rafael Alencar:

4/26/13: Anthony, Saint, Stallone:

4/26/13: Sex in suits:

5/3/13: Global porn:

5/3/13: The view from behind:

5/4/13: What do I look like when I’m getting fucked?:

5/5/13: The UnderGear sale:

5/5/13: RSS Global, round 2:

5/7/13: Sex with Colby Keller:

5/7/13: Mail art:

5/11/13: Titan Rough:

5/11/13: Man shots 1: kirjasto:

5/11/13: Man shots 2: pairings:

5/11/13: Man shots 3: dick shots:

5/11/13: Man shots 4: butt shots:

5/11/13: Man shots: miscellany:

5/13/13: Cattions 1: Michael Taubenheim:

5/13/13: Cattions 2: Benno Thoma:

5/14/13: Michael Reh:

5/14/13: Cattions 3: Reh, Bjorn, Sekigushi:

5/21/13: Adam Killian:

5/21/13: The Adam Killian scrapbook:

5/22/13: Dale Cooper:

5/23/13: The four Bare Boys:

5/26/13: The four Bare Boys, captioned:

5/26/13: The Memorial Day sales (2013):

5/26/13: Throb:

5/28/13: Porne films:

5/29/13: Cattions 4: a miscellany:

5/31/13: One Thing Leads to Another:

6/3/13: The Guys Next Door go to an orgy:

6/3/13: Mr. June:

6/4/13: Kent Larson (and Barrett Long):

6/9/13: Cattions 5: ten more:

6/9/13: Big Dick Sale:

6/13/13: Scruf: Dario Beck and Rogan Richards:

6/14/13: Face Fuckers:

6/15/13: Heretic sweat:

6/16/13: Morning Wood redux for Pride:

6/17/13: Who WAS that masked panda?:

6/19/13: Wolfgang Tillmans:

6/22/13: Cattions 6: twelve more:

6/27/13: Good Devil strikes again:

7/1/13: Josh Duhamel posing:

7/7/13: Eyes for the gang:

7/13/13: More group sex:

7/14/13: Michael Hunt:

7/14/13: Deaths of the pornhunks:

7/19/13: Cum play:

7/20/13: Jason Adonis and Race Cooper:

7/20/13: Josh Weston:

7/21/13: Dream World, Sleazy Gangbang, man pussy:

7/22/13: Hot in black lace:

7/24/13: Asterixions:

7/28/13: Mystery Date, How to Be a Gay Porn Star:

7/28/13: Leo Forte:

7/30/13: Collegiate Porn:

8/2/13: Aiden Shaw (and Dick Wolf):

8/4/13: Gang paintings:

8/5/13: Three couples:

8/5/13: Rear views:

8/5/13: Assclefts:

8/13/13: Asterixions 2:

8/18/13: Tats and dicks:

8/22/13: Television notes:

9/3/13: Falcon’s Labor Day 2013:

9/9/13: Asterixions 3:

9/9/13: Another tv manip:

9/13/13: Défonce Moi:

9/17/13: Joe Phillips displays dick:

9/18/13: Rear views:

9/18/13: Full frontal:

9/18/13: Harnesses:

9/19/13: Pacific Rim Job:

9/19/13: Snarky fashion 4:

9/20/13: Fritz of Holland:

9/23/13: Cumface:

9/23/13: Boomer Banks:

9/25/13: Josman:

9/26/13: More rear views:

9/26/13: A dick miscellany:

9/30/13: Snarky fashion 5:

10/1/13: Asterixions 4:

10/8/13: Snarky fashion 6:

10/25/13: Five images:

12/8/13: Bare Essentials:

12/20/13: Butts, bears, labs:

12/21/13: I’ve got a boner:

12/2/13: Porn Xmas:

1/19/14: Male miscellany:

3/5/14: Man and horse:

4/6/14: Two porn ads:

4/18/14: Adam Ramzi for Easter:

6/25/14: Want mustard on that?:

9/1/14: Blowout and sleaze:

9/3/14: Jonathan Black, X-rated:

9/7/14: Chris Champion:

9/11/14: The cast album:

10/10/14: Double-sucking:

11/7/14: Holiday sale:

11/24/14: Artistic cock:

11/28/14: Putting the Black in Black Friday:

12/14/14: A Lucas Xmas:

12/24/14: C1R Xmas greetings:

12/27/14: O’Origine art:

12/28/14: Santa jack:

1/2/15: For the new year:

1/25/15: Exemplary twink:

3/4/15: critique your dick pic: two examples:

4/5/15: Big and small:

4/5/15: Compare:

4/6/15: Cumshots and cumfaces:

4/6/15: Pairings:

4/13/15: Big dick twink:

4/16/15: Titan faces:

6/6/15: Christopher Ash:

6/12/15: Wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag:

7/4/15: Full frontal tv:

7/5/15: Blowjob, handjob:

7/6/15: Offers:

7/11/15: Frankenchrist:

7/18/15: Porn sale 1:

7/18/15: Porn sale 2:

8/9/15: Antton Harri:

8/12/15: Tearoom time:

9/21/15: Be upstanding:

9/23/15: Mark Mason:

10/7/15: Angle and curvature, again:

10/13/15: More angle and curvature:

10/21/15: In the locker room, half hard:

11/5/15: Ambush:

11/11/15: Wrapped in the red, white, and blue:

11/17/15: Cockfest #1: the basic offer:

11/17/15: Cockfest #2: jacking off together:

11/17/15: Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy:

11/17/15: Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis:

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling:

11/23/15: The news for penises, Thanksgiving edition:

11/28/15: You go your way and I’ll go mine:

12/1/15: The Titan Cyber Monday sale:

12/9/15: Ty Roderick:

12/11/15: The pleasure of humiliation:
image of public BDSM

12/13/15: Sean Duran and Nick Cross:

12/22/15: Bundles of love:

12/23/15: X-rated Damien Crosse:

12/27/15: X-rated Darius Ferdynand:

1/1/16: BDSM holidays:

1/6/16: Wrestling match:

1/26/16: Dean Phoenix in disguise:

1/31/16: X-rated Colby Keller:

2/8/16: Kevin Wiles:

2/10/16: Jason Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and military mysteries:

2/12/16: Liam Riley, power bottom twink:

2/13/16: Brandon Lewis:

2/27/16: X-rated Colton Ford:

2/28/16: Three male nudes by Paul Sixta:

3/3/16: Riding his ass:

3/4/16: X-rated Trent Atkins:

4/15/16: Ganymede’s tale:

4/29/16: Meatmen 1 (1989)

5/1/16: It was a dark and stocky cock:

5/1/16: Patrick Fillion:

5/2/16: Bigdicked Cocksucking Surfers:
3 Brad Parker (1988) strips in this series

5/3/16: Side by Side
hot sex from the main characters of Mioki’s first book of gay comics

5/5/16: Another shot at French/Colt:
photos from the 1992 “The Macho Image” by Rip Colt

5/5/16: Cinco de Mayo with Lucas men:
Michael Lucas porn ad for Cinco de Mayo

5/8/16: Guys for hire:
from Escorts: Tony Serrano and Sloan Christian full frontal; Chris clothed and unclothed

5/12/16: Soaping it up with Jason Phoenix:
C1R ad featuring Jason Phoenix

5/13/16: The ONYX stroking toy:
masturbation sleeve in action

5/16/16: Joe Dallesandro in his youth:
the Warhol superstar, shot by Bruce of L.A.

5/30/16: Memorial Day military porn:
DJ Carlton in Duty Weekend (2008)

6/12/16: The dick days of summer:
from the site “hairyb8r’s bate fuel”, featuring hairy men masturbating

6/21/16: The T-formation blowjob:
Bound Gods image from Cell 2, montage from C1R’s Packed Raw

7/17/16: X-rated Bob Mizer:
3 X-rated images from Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild

7/25/16: George Platt Lynes:
the photographer

7/26/16: X-rated Jeff Quinn:
with Jeff Stryker in Bigger Than Life; with Jim Pulver in Inch By Inch; with Chad Douglas in Giant Splash Shots II

7/30/16: Rocco Steele’s famous tool:
the pornstar top

7/31/16: Fitting formal organization to sociocultural function:
2 scenes from C1R’s Packed Raw

8/1/16: The forest of dildos:
C1R sale on pornstar dildos; other dildos

8/9/16: The Action 3 at worship:
action figures: Carlos, Rebel, and Tyson

8/14/16L An orgy in 1982:
montage from Christopher Rage’s Orgy

8/15/16: Falcon trading cards: the bodies:
9 pornstar trading cards from 1994

8/17/16: Colt and Marco:
photo sets from Colt Studio and Marco Studio

8/26/16: Sylvia Sleigh’s male art
five paintings by Sleigh of male nudes

9/6/16: Another visit to the glory hole
Dirk Yates’s Shore Leave

9/20/16: Bear poets in 1963:
Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg, by Richard Avedon

9/21/16: Voluntary cuckoldry:

9/27/16: Take one by mouth as needed:
Brandon / Brendan Patrick sucking Tex Davidson’s substantial cock in a scene from C1R’s Buff & Scruff

10/7/16: Michael Lucas

10/14/16: Bangers & Mash:
5 collages

10/17/16: Baskets of Joy:
2 collages

10/18/16: ALL CAPS:
11 collages

10/18/16: Fossils on a field of purple:
8 collages

10/19/16: French lessons:
10 collages, in pairs; Tom of Finland and Bob Mizer

10/19/16: Spanish lessons:
10 homoerotic collages

10/21/16: Pingu: first wave:
8 collages

10/21/16: Pingu: second wave:
8 collages

10/22/16: Penguin collages: bigger waves:
8 XXX-rated collages

10/22/16: Penguin collages: smaller waves:
9 XXX-rated collages

10/25/16: On shore leave with Andrew Kennedy:
from Kennedy’s Shoreleave

10/25/16: Doodling with Kristen Bjorn:
7 XXX-rated collages

10/29/16: A fucktage:
ad flyer for a Falcon Studios sale; montage of fuck scenes from Wild Weekend 1, Hung Country, Doc’s Orders, Wild Weekend 2; facial expressions

11/14/16: Watching the BuckleBoys:
7 shots from BuckleRoos

11/22/16: Poised to prong, psyched to suck:
cocksucking in publicity shots: “tipping” and “gearing-up”

11/25/16: Topping off the Thanksgiving meal:
7 cum facial photos

12/5/16: Doodling with the critters:
8 XXX-rated collages with critters (insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes) plus doodles

12/6/16: Doodling with dinos:
13 XXX-rated collages combining dinosaur descriptions with doodles

12/6/16: Miscedoodles:
10 final XXX-rated collages with prominent doodles in them, on various themes — some found captions, some composed for the occasion

12/16/16: Two in the Bush:
2 cartoons / illustrations by Harry Bush

12/22/16: Santatta and his elf:
Dylan James, Ace Era in a XXXmas scene

1/3/17: Johnny Rapid at the jizz ball:
scene from Jizz Orgy: Winning Ball; Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar

1/20/17: X-rated Danny Vox:
Mens Room Bakersfield Station; Danny Vox, Justin Dragon, Trevor Knight, Matt Majors

1/28/17: Locke and cock:
Richard Locke in Joe Gage’s Kansas City Trucking Co.

2/14/17: Get your heart on:
cocksucking for Valentine’s Day, wreathed in smiles

2/16/17: Felix d’Eon:
7 works by the gay artist

2/18/17: Beefier and beefiest:
scene from TitanMen video Stud Finder; Trenton Ducati, Jed Athens, Ford Andrews

2/20/17: Sleazy Presidents Day with Michael Lucas:
ad with double penetration; still shot with two out-facing sit-fucks

3/5/17: Keith Boadwee’s body art:
4 photos / compositions

3/11/17: HyperNexus Men
8 depictions of hugely outsized male genitals

3/24/17: Hand jobs:
shots of hand jobs and mutual masturbation; pornstar Josh Milk

3/24/17: Rub jobs:
shots of mansex frottage: frot, pectoral intercourse, slot rubs; labels for participants

3/25/17: Kip Noll:
6 shots of Noll, from his ca. 9 years making gay porn movies; notably, in William Higgins’s Pacifc Coast Highway (1981)

3/29/17: Paul Morris’s dick frenzy:
SDSTW (front and back), SDSTW2 (front), SDSTW3 (front and back), SDSTW5 (front and back), SDSTW6 (front and back), DOC (front), DOC6 (front)

4/1/17: The naked hitchhiker:
three guys with their dicks out by the side of the road

5/5/17: Cinco fuck:
Lucas sale ad for Cinco de Mayo 2017, pairing Latino and black

5/14/17: Cocktees:
3 penis t-shirts by John Crisvitello

5/31/17: Cocky Boys for Pride:
videos: Missed Connections; Take It to the Bank (Boomer, Calvin, Beaux Banks), Mad About the Boy (muscle top Arad Winwin and power bottom Liam Riley)

6/2/17: X-rated embroidery
by Zach Nutman and Maria Piñeres

6/9/17: Earthbound:
Falcon’s Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2: Trelino, Andrew Stark, Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, Gabriel Alanzo, Armond Rizzo, JJ Knight, Blake Riley, Johnny V, Andre Donovan, Brent Corrigan, Skyy Knox; about Brent Corrigan, fucking Knox and fucked by Zevran and Theo Ford; and a display of Knox’s body

8/15/17: Slammer:
ad for glory holes at Slammer Sex Club in LA

8/31/17: Work it, Sean!:
Lucas films scene with Sean Xavier and Shawn Reeve

9/3/17: Cole Ryan:
in Lucas’s La Dolce Vita; with Alex Chandler and Anton Harri; with Troy Moore in TitanMen’s Closed Set: Titan Stage One

10/7/17: Another slice of pizza boy:
C1R/Catalina Video release of Pizza Boy 4 – Slice of Pie and sale on Pizza Boy 1-3

10/13/17: In a hockey mask, brandishing his weapon:
Michael Lucas Friday the 13th offer

10/29/17: TitanMen shoot their loads:
2014 cumshot compilation

10/31/17: Titan Halloween 2017:
ad for holiday sale; leather gear

11/24/17: Black Friday 2017:
porn sale ads; Bennett Anthony and Micah Brandt for TitanMen; two deals from Falcon (with out-facing sit-fucks); Jock Pussy site, with f2m pornstar Luke Hudson

12/21/17: Merry Jizzmas:
Lucas “Merry Jizzmas” ad featuring Tomas Brand as Santa and Klim Grimov as an elf

12/22/17: More Xmas porn:
2017 TitanMen Xmas sale with David Anthony; 2016 12 Gage of Xmas (with Joe Gage scenes)

12/31/17: Penultimateve offers:
Dirk Yates military men ad (gangsuck), Men on Edge (Kink) ad

1/27/18: Four exercises in cartoon understanding:

Four exercises in cartoon understanding

2/14/18: Lucas Valentines for 2018:
focused on a video with Diego Lauzen, Beau Reed, Wagner Vittoria

2/17/18: Caio Amaral’s 14 inches:

3/5/18: Fingering:
finger sucking and finger fucking

3/13/18: Carlton and Capra:
DJ Carlton and Nick Capra in the Dirk Yates film Duty Weekend

3/16/18: On the fetsh patrol: FamilyDick:
Lucas line of inter-family gay sex porn

3/17/18: Josman’s family:
comics with ecstatic interfamilial mansex

3/17/18: Titan St. Patrick:
TitanMen’s L.A. Cruising (2017); Bruce Beckham, Micah Brandt; TitanMen Piss Off sextoy in chocolate, vanilla, and caramel

3/19/18: Raging Stallion’s Cock Tease:
Cock Tease (2013), directed by Adam Killian; with Killian, Brayden Forrester, Caleb Colton, Mitchell Rock, and others

3/21/18: Superheroes having sex: gay parodies — Justice League: Johnny Rapid, Ryan Bones, François Sagat, Colby Keller, Brandon Cody; Batman V Superman: Paddy O’Brian, Trenton Ducati

3/31/18: Marketing Rico Marlon:
LucasFilm pornstar Marlon

3/31/18: Israeli porn:
Lucas’s Men of Israel, Inside Israel; “Israeli dancer Yoav Bosidan being fucked”; Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, Matan Shalev, Naor Tal

4/1/18: For Easter Fool’s Day:
TitanMen ad for Dick Danger 2; Gay Room video with Casey Everett, Lex Ryan

4/8/18: Yvon Goulet X:
2 X-rated homoerotic paintings by the Montréal artist

4/25/18: Urinal sex X:
t-room mansex rituals performed at or around urinals

4/26/18: On the piss patrol:
the Urinal Piss Gag; piss drinking; and piss play in general

5/5/18: Muscle Bears and Lusty Lads:
2008 porn film from U.S. Male: Josh West, David West, Dak Ramsey, Lance Bennett

5/12/18: Mothers / Muthuhs Day 2018:
TitanMen: New Rules – Dirk Caber, Dakota Rivers, Julian Knowles, Daymin Voss; Big Brother – Knowles, Jesse Jackman

5/13/18: Gay butterflies:
3 mansex collages with word play and butterflies

5/26/18: Memorial mansex:
Lucas gay porn sale for Memorial Day 2018

5/28/18: More Memorial mansex:
TitanMen ad featuring Liam Knox; Dirk Yates ad featuring Alex Peterson

6/2/18: Cumdumps:
Treasure Isand video So You Wanna Be a Cumdump (2014), Hot Desert Knights video Buckets of Cum (2007), featuring Jarod Steele

6/16/18: Muscle Daddies Day:
TitanMen sale for Fathers Day, featuring Liam Knox and Luke Adams in Muscle Daddies

7/4/18: Liam Knox for the 4th:
LK (and Micah Brandt) in Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick; LK (and Luke Adams) in Muscle Daddies; LK (and Julian Knowles) in Beef; LK (and Dakota Rivers) in Dick Danger 2

8/25/18: Dave the Robot takes pen in hand:
penis art from David the Robot in Perth, Western Australia

10/1/18: Fall facework:
pornstar Luke Adams; also Jesse Jackman, Anthony London, Liam Knox, Diego Sans, Christian Wilde

10/4/18: Levi and Liam:
CockyBoys pornstars Levi Karter and Liam Riley

11/3/18: In costume for Halloween 2018:
TitanMen ad; The Sword posting on gay Halloween; gay vampires

11/24/18: November facework:
Justin Matthews and Arad Winwin in Cocky Boys’ Break Him In 2; Matthews displaying himself in 2011, 2014, 2018; Blissful face from a Swingin’ Balls ad; Cruise of Death face in Michael Lucas ad

12/4/18: Nob Hill:
NakedSword’s gay porn flick Nob Hill, set at the closing of the theatre; Woody Fox, Alam Wernick, Timarrie Baker, Max Adonis, Jessie Colter, Adam Killian

12/30/18 Offers: prone, supine, lateral
sexual displays > offers

1/1/16: He kissed me:
short story about my character Sundance and a t-room kiss

1/17/19: Happy New Year’s Muscle Daddies:
from Titan’s New Rules: Dirk Caber, Dakota Rivers, their facial expressions

1/26/19: PeterFever and the GrowlBoys:
muscular Asian men; gay beast fantasies; magical properties of cum

1/30/19: Manly Beach:
Kristen Bjorn porn flick set on this Sydney-area beach

2/8/19: Fucking cowboys, spitroasting, and Eiffel Towers
also: BuckleRoos, Liam Riley, sex positions, three-ways

2/15/19: Sweetly Blissful VDay Muscle Daddy:
Dirk Caber (and Daymin Voss, in New Rules) for Titan’s Valentine’s Day sale

2/20/19: Gay Heart Throbs:
gay comics from 1976, 1979, 1981; settings and themes for gay porn

3/31/19: Popeye screws Moon:
Tijuana bible of ca. 1935, “Stepping Out”

4/11/19: TaXXXing moments:
TitanMen’s 2017 Taxxx and 2016 The Taxman Cumeth

4/26/19: The Mapplethorpe gun file
3 Mapplethorpe penis photos

6/6/19: On the art patrol: Alice Neel, Larry Rivers:
Alice Neel painting of Joe Gould with many penises; Larry Rivers painting of Frank O’Hara naked in boots; on the Fine Art Exemption

7/6/19: Matthew Bosch for President:
Bosch in TitanMen’s Cauke for President and other Titan videos

9/7/19: The boys of the end of summer:
Lucas Entertainment end-of-summer sale; barebacking flick All-Star Orgy

9/21/19: Costume fantasy porn:
2019 Dominic Pacifico production Sands of Time

10/1/19: Skirting the lines:
ad for Varsity mesh harness, with model’s hand in his underwear, fondling his cock; covering the genitals vs. revealing them; protecting the genitals vs. fondling them

10/22/19: The Jeff Stryker shredded-clothing massive-peen-display shot:
Stryker shot from Powertool

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images; bdsm crosses

1/27/20: Humongous fucks Adonis:
two scenes from Falcon’s 1984 The Bigger the Better

2/2/02: Jocks, Socks & Cocks:
for Super Bowl LIV: Todd Winters in Take One For The Team and Jocks, Socks & Cocks

2/12/20: Big dicks, sex roses, and Angel Rock:
Falcon big dicks ad; Angel Rock / Aaron Shepard sex-rose scene

2/16/20: News for big penises: well, it seemed like a good idea at the time:
ad for the studio Bareback Cum Pigs’s That Secret We Kept; big fat dicks; facial expressions

2/17/20: Hail to the chief:
Presidents Day sale ads; pornstars Paddy O’Brian, Sebastian Kross, Rex Cameron

3/25/20: Vidra Fornea Clark:
Jack Vidra, Seth Fornea, Hayden Clark; cock size

4/5/20: In the fantasy locker room:
Falcon: Tales From the Locker Room (2020); athletes, smells

5/10/20: VT’s Banksy’s Magritte:
two Vadim Temkin take-offs on a Banksy take-off on a Magritte — one, in the negative, like the Magritte original; the other, in the positive, as in the Banksy take-off

5/21/20: Cock run amok:
Falcon Studio’s Bro Buddies

5/29/20: Josh Rider bakes raw:
NakedSword’s Naked Baking

8/11/20: Spitroast chronicles:
canonical (horizontal, downward) spitroasts and noncanonical (vertical or upward) ones

8/14/20: Cake Shop:
2020 Raging Stallion porn Cake Shop

8/23/20: Devin Franco:
in Falcon’s video I Spy

9/4/20: Labor Day 2020:
ad with two smiling affectionate men (playing construction workers)

9/20/20: Cocks and assholes:
two different presentations of the engagement between a cock and an asshole: submissive receptivity in a Say Uncle ad; active enthusiasm in a Hot House Studio ad (featuring Marc Dylan in the video Pack Attack 6)

9/20/20: Skyy Knox:
Skyy Knox, JJ Knight, Falcon’s Head Play

9/25/20: Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking:
Raw Alpha Males gay porn; dominance and submission

10/7/20: Humongous Cocks:
with two images from a porn video ad

1/8/21: Who put the fuckin’ in Califuckinfornia?:

Who put the fuckin’ in Califuckinfornia?

the Falcon gay porn DVD Califuckinfornia

2/12/21: Pile Driver / Piledriver:
the position for fucking

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