Diner postings

AZBlog postings about/in diners (and motels and fast food restaurants and bowling alleys etc.)(mostly from Zippy the Pinhead)


Footnote on marriage equality:

Footnote on marriage equality

William Haefeli New Yorker cartoon with a male couple in a trendy NYC diner

The Bun Boy Motel:

The Bun Boy Motel

the Bun Boy Motel in Baker CA and the adjoining Mad Greek diner

face compounds:

face compounds

Zippy: Doggie Diner chain

Breakfast at Zippy’s:

Breakfast at Zippy’s

non-standard American breakfasts; the diner depicted might be the Gourmet Diner in Clarks Summit (near Scranton) PA

Zippy’s movie career:

Zippy’s movie career

Zippy: Hollywood Diner in Dover DE

French dip:

French dip

Zippy: USA Country Diner in Kullman NJ; French dip sandwich

8/23/12: Madonna Inn:

Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo CA

Two portmanteaus:

Two portmanteaus

Zippy with diner-saur (in an unidentified diner); Roadside Diner in Wall NJ

Repurposed comics:

Repurposed comics

Zippy of 2/13/07 in an unidentified diner



assorted parodies of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

Bob’s Big Boy:

Bob’s Big Boy

various Bob’s Big Boys, especially one in San Jose CA

Bob & Edith’s:

Bob & Edith’s

Zippy: Bob & Edith’s Diner in Arlington VA



Zippy: names; unidentified diner

eggs over easily:

eggs over easily

Bizarro on eggs over easy at a diner



Zippy: Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights NJ

The queen of South Jersey diner haiku:

The queen of South Jersey diner haiku

Zippy: Olga’s Diner, Marlton Circle, South Jersey; three haikus

8/17/13: The Astro Motel:

The Astro Motel

in Pasadena CA (and elsewhere)

traditional Czech triplecoat:

traditional Czech triplecoat

Zippy: a Parthenon diner, possibly in CT; Czech specialties

Zippy: Fun with names:

Zippy: fun with names

Zippy: Polka Dot Diner, probably the one in White River Junction VT; Esso Drop Girl; and more

White Man(n)a:

White Man(n)a

Zippy: White Manna in Hackensack NJ, White Mana in Jersey City NJ

Modern Diner:

Modern Diner

Zippy: Modern Diner in Pawtucket RI; limerick “There once was a man from Nantucket”

Town Diner:

Town Diner

Zippy: Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown MA; Andrew Wyeth; and Mallomars

The Zippy diner watch:

The Zippy diner watch

Bill Griffith clears out the Oasis Diner in White Plains NY

Two from Zippy:

Two from Zippy

#1, Zippy: unidentified Central Diner

At Peg’s Diner:

At Peg’s Diner

Zippy: Peg’s Diner in Whitinsville MA; earlier Zippy (of 4/13/06) with Peg’s

Invisible in Eureka:

Invisible in Eureka

Zippy: Fresh Freeze in Eureka CA

Santa art:

Santa art

Ed Wheeler parody of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

Doggie Diner:

Doggie Diner

Zippy: (California) Doggie Diner chain

Another crop of cartoons:

Another crop of cartoons

#4, Zippy: Kim’s Classic Diner in Sabina OH – no, the Carlton Kitchen in Bentleyville PA

A diner and taco sauce:

A diner and taco sauce

Zippy: Angelo’s in Glassboro NJ; La Victoria taco sauce

Jarry at the diner:

Jarry at the diner

Zippy on Alfred Jarry

Jarry at the diner II:

Jarry at the diner II

Tit’n Diner in Tilton NH; followup to “Jarry at the diner”

The diner and the definite article:

The diner and the definite article

Zippy on The Diner (Omaha NE) and other uses of the definite article

On the lam at Lim’s:

On the lam at Lim’s

Zippy: Lim’s Cafe, Chinese restaurant/diner in Redding CA

Zippy on sleep and more:

Zippy on sleep, and more

Zippy: cultural references; Amherst Diner in Winchester VA; country ham and beaten biscuits

Self-awareness and a milestone:

Self-awareness and a milestone

Zippy: pop icons; Village Diner, Millerton NY

In style:

In style

Bizarro: diner egg styles



interpreting the diner board

Streamlined Koons:

Streamlined Koons

Zippy: Streamline(d) Diner in Savannah GA; Jeff Koons

Cartooning at the diner:

Cartooning at the diner

Zippy: two cartoons set in the Pig ‘N’ Whistle Diner in Brighton MA

A Sunday quartet:

A Sunday quartet

#1: Zippy in a nameless, unidentified diner

Keep on Truckee:

Keep on Truckee

#1: Zippy at the Truckee Diner in Truckee CA

8/9/14: Neon Vegas:

Neon Vegas

Sky Ranch Motel in L.V.

Tumble Inn, Stan:

Tumble Inn, Stan

Zippy: the Tumble Inn Diner in Claremont NH

9/12/14: Zippy at the Alamo:

Zippy at the Alamo

the Alamo Court Motel in Ocean City MD

Roost Lake Trout:

Roost Lake Trout

Zippy: Roost Lake Trout in Baltimore MD

Miss Florence and the Paleo Diet:

Miss Florence and the Paleo Diet

Zippy: Miss Florence Diner in Northampton MA

Monday quartet:

Monday quartet

#4 on Doggie Diner heads

Telezippic communication:

Telezippic communication

Main Street Diner in Plainville CT

The Zip-man:

The Zip-man

unidentified diner in Zippy

Driving your penguin into the new year:

Driving your penguin into the new year

Penguin Drive-In in Charlotte NC

Miss Portland:

Miss Portland

Zippy with Miss Portland Diner in Portland ME

Advice from Weenie Beenie:

Advice from Weenie Beenie

Zippy: Weenie Beenie in Arlington VA



Norms coffeeshop in L.A., with a Zippy

Diner at the summit:

Diner at the summit

Zippy: Summit Diner in Somerset PA

At the diner in Prosaic:

At the diner in Prosaic

Zippy: Cindy’s Diner in North Scituate RI

Return to Norms:

Return to Norms

Zippy: Norms in SoCal

King Copper:

King Copper

The King Copper Motel in Copper Harbor MI

Zippy in Holyoke:

Zippy in Holyoke

Nick’s Nest in Holyoke MA

7/16/15: Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet:

Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet

the Bluebonnet Diner in Northampton MA

8/8/15: Diner aesthetics:

Diner aesthetics

Mel’s Diner in Lebanon PA

9/14/15: The speech of signs:

The speech of signs

Blake’s Lotaburger in the Albuquerque area

10/16/15: Meatless and brainless:

Meatless and brainless

Zippy: the Short Stop diner in Belleville NJ

1/1/16: Two for New Year’s Day:

Two for New Year’s Day

#1 Zippy: Summit Diner in Somerset PA

1/7/16: Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein):

Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein)

Wolfie’s Rascal House in Miami area

1/21/16: The Elm City Diner:

The Elm City Diner

Zippy: Elm City Diner in New Haven CT

1/28/16: Three Thursday cartoons:

Three Thursday cartoons

#3 Zippy: Conny’s Creamy Cone soft-serve in St. Paul MN

3/28/16: Rendezvous at Zip’s:

Rendezvous at Zip’s

7 Zippy cartoons involving Zip’s Diner in Dayville CT

3/29/16: From a Maine dner to Southern squirrel stew:

From a Maine diner to Southern squirrel stew

Zippy: Brunswick Diner in Brunswick ME

4/9/16L Zip-O-Rama:


Zippy: Burg-O-Rama diner in Oxford MA

4/14/16: Surreal mud in CT:

Surreal mud in CT

Zippy: Norm’s Diner in Groton CT

4/27/16: Ding Dong Deli:

Ding Dong Deli

Zippy: Ding Dong Deli in Oak Ridge NJ

5/19/16: The White Palace Cafe:

The White Palace Cafe

Zippy: the White Palace/Castle Cafe in Gadsden AL

5/24/16: On the Hi-Lo:

On the Hi-Lo

Zippy: the Hi-Lo Diner in Minneapolis MN

8/5/16: Ziplinguistics:


Zippy: Griff’s Hamburgers in the southwest (TX, LA, NM)

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc.etc.:

Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.

Pink Motel in Cherokee NC, Pink Motel in San Fernando Valley

9/5/16: A Minneapolis fling:

A Minneapolis fling

Memory Lanes blowling alley in Minneapolis MN

10/15/16: Zippy goes out to catch a bite:

Zippy goes out to catch a bite

Dippin’ Donuts, the Sugar Shack

10/27/16: Two poignant cartoons:

Two poignant cartoons

Singers Kreemy Deelite in Oil City PA

11/11/16: Tubby in Peekskill:

Tubby in Peekskill

Center Diner in Peekskill NY; Sunset Diner in Little Lulu

11/19/16: Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn:

Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn

12/3/16: The shop of many things:

The shop of many things

Terminal Launderette (no – Luncheonette); gas station; food convenience store; diner

2/24/17: Arbitrary donuts:

Arbitrary donuts

3 Donut Dinettes

4/24/17: Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim:

Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim

Linbrook Bowl (and coffee shop) in Anaheim CA

5/20/17: X with some X on the side and some X poured on top:

X with some X on the side and some X poured on top

South Street Diner in Boston MA

7/14/17: Wonder Woman gets Milk Duds at the Charcoal Pit:

Wonder Woman gets Milk Duds at the Charcoal Pit

original Charcoal Pit in Wilmington DE

8/1/17: Zippy and Griffy on the Hanna-Barbera diner tour:

Zippy and Griffy on the Hanna-Barbera diner tour

The Hollywood diner in Dover DE; Happy Days Diner in Cave City KY

9/28/17: From marbles and barbats to challah:

From marbles and barbats to challah

the Parthenon Diner in Old Saybrook CT

10/2/17: One-hit grinders:

One-hit grinders

Mary’s Coffee Shop (and grinders)

10/13/17: Traveling around with Zippy:

Traveling around with Zippy

Justin Time / Cassidies / Cassidys diner in Meriden CT

11/11/17: At the Little Tavern in Laurel:

At the Little Tavern in Laurel

the Little Tavern in Laurel MD, now Laurel Tavern Donuts

11/11/17: Rice pudding in the land of quilted steel:

Rice pudding in the land of quilted steel

Schuyler Diner in Lyndhurst NJ

12/1/17: Maple Donuts, coffee shops, and unapologetic identities:

Maple Donuts, coffee shops, and unapologetic identities

Maple Donuts in York PA

12/21/17: The flying bucket on Sepulveda:

The flying bucket on Sepulveda

Dinah’s Family Restaurant

12/22/17: Memory and the power of diner food:

Memory and the power of diner food

more from Dinah’s

1/1/18: No vacancy:

No vacancy

motel and diner in Columbia PA (in Lancaster Co.)

1/9/18: The clowns of death and the frogs of Wellsboro:

The clowns of death and the frogs of Wellsboro

the Frog Hut fast-food place in Wellsboro PA

1/15/18: Attack of the custardy torus:

Attack of the custardy torus

Happy Donuts in Palo Alto; the Glass Slipper Inn

2/27/18: Retro chic:

Retro chic

Eveready Diner in Hyde Park NY

3/18/18: Return to Dover DE:

Return to Dover DE

The Hollywood in Dover DE

4/23/18: A war of initialism:

A war of initialism

the Flames in San Jose CA, its predecessor and its successor

4/27/18: Cold Comfort Brooklyn:

Cold Comfort Brooklyn

The New Floridian in Brooklyn

4/29/18: Return to Austin TX:

Return to Austin TX

Fran’s Hamburgers (2 locations) in Austin TX

6/23/18: Return to the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA:

Return to the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA

6/28/18: Mix and match:

Mix and match

Main Street Diner in Plainville CT

11/15/18: Bite me, Count Bendix!:

Bite me, Count Bendix!

Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights NJ

4/20/19: Will the real Zippy please stand up?:

Will the real Zippy please stand up?

Littleton Diner in Littleton NH

6/5/19: The Chinese diner:

The Chinese diner

Elgin diner in Camden NJ

9/18/19: The outrage of a new menu:

The outrage of a new menu

Al’s Diner in Chicopee MA

10/29/19: News at the Miss Albany:

News at the Miss Albany

the Miss Albany in Albany NY

11/27/19: At the onomatomania dinette:

At the onomatomania dinette

Do-Nut Dinettes in Norfolk VA and in NC; dinette ‘diner’

1/12/20: The lure of Zip’s:

The lure of Zip’s

Zip’s in Dayville CT

4/19/20: Quick shot: return to 24th St.:

Quick shot: return to 24th St.

St. Francis Diner in SF

5/9/20: The Book of Norman:

The Book of Norman

Village Diner in Millerton NY

5/19/20: The toroids of York:

The toroids of York

Maple Donuts in York PA

6/13/20: Milk Duds with duck sauce chez Zippy:

Milk Duds with duck sauce chez Zippy

Zippy’s dream diner Zippy Food

7/14/20: CORN/BEEF:


Fuller’s in Portland OR

7/30/20: Donut alliteration:

Donut alliteration

Niceville (FL) diner

12/31/20: Life in the Twilight Zone:

Life in the twilight zone

29 Diner in Fairfax VA.

1/2/21: Loss of perspective:

Loss of perspective

Hillsville Diner in Hillsville VA

2/11/21: The allusive shark shack:

The allusive shark shack

Joe’s Crab Shack chain

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