Savage Chickens cartoons

AZ, 10/25/08: The development of language:

The development of language

ML, 12/10/08: The ghost of complex English auxiliary strings:

The ghost of complex English auxiliary strings

8/10/11: -mageddons and -pocalypses:

-mageddons and -pocalypses

6/14/12: Death at play:

Death at play

Savage Chickens in #2 and #3

11/26/12: Packaging content into words:

Packaging content into words

same as ML cartoon from 12/10/08

4/17/13: Penguins and tuxedos:

Penguins and tuxedos

9/28/13: More Yoda:

4/25/14: Pirate chickens:

8/4/15: green … egg … (ham):

11/15/17: The Mankoff rat cartoon:

5/16/19: Is Timmy in trouble?:

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