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postings on Josman’s gay (pornographic) comics are inventoried on this page (and also below):

Josman comics

postings on William Haefeli’s cartoons are inventoried on this page (the ones treating gay male themes are included below):

Haefeli cartoons

postings on Tom of Finland are inventoried on this page (the ones on his cartoons are included below):

Tom of Finland


6/30/10: Footnote on marriage equality:

Footnote on marriage equality


7/12/10: Fair and balanced:

Fair and balanced


8/2/10: Who is this message intended for?

Who is this message intended for?

Tom of Finland XXL book

9/21/10: Phallicity: hi-def meets hot dog:
Gay Comix #1

4/19/11: Tom of Finland collages:
incorporating his gay cartoons

4/24/11 Gay cartoons:

Gay cartoons

Two cartoons from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (by Zach Weiner) on gay subjects: the Kinsey Scale question (“How gay are you?”) and a proposal to use gay to mean ‘awesome’.

4/25/11: Marriage equality:

marriage equality


7/30/11: X of death, killer X:

X of death, killer X

Ortleb & Fiala cartoon

1/1/12: Late entries in the gay Santa sweepstakes:

Late entries in the gay Santa sweepstakes

ToF Santa

2/15/12: How can I put this?:

How can I put this?


5/21/12: Marriage and divorce:

Marriage and divorce


8/5/12: Vintage gay comics:

Vintage Gay Comics

Gay Comics from the 1940s, Gay Comix from later

1/23/13: Piss porn 2: background:
gay cartoons: Etienne, The Hun

1/29/13: Sexuality:



3/25/13: Men kissing:

Men kissing

ToF drawing

4/8/13: Ralf König:

Ralf König

gay cartoonist

6/27/13: queens:



9/25/13: Josman:
Josman cartoon porn

8/5/12: Vintage gay comics:

Vintage Gay Comics

items from Samuel Warde’s “Vintage Politically Incorrect Comic Book Covers” site

1/19/13: Kinu Sekigushi:

Kinu Sekigushi

cartoonist of Manga Boys; yaoi; bara, and Gengoroh Tagame

5/7/13: The protean Colby Keller:

The protean Colby Keller

and 5/9/13: Pin-up boys:

Pin-up boys

gay comic book artist J. Bone, with heavily scruffy character Josh

9/16/13: Joe Boys:

Joe Boys

cartoonist Joe Phillips and the Joe Boy — young, fit, hung, playful, celebratorily gay, and highy sexed

9/17/13: Joe Phillips displays dick:

9/20/13: Fritz of Holland:
gay cartoonist

9/25/13: Josman:
gay cartoonist, esp. of intergenerational sex

5/3/14: Tom of Smurfland:

Tom of Smurfland

mash-up of ToF and Smurfs

6/10/15: Butch Dykeman, Toni Gay, and a moral panic:

Butch Dykeman, Toni Gay, and a moral panic

comic books from the 1950s

11/17/15: Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy:
Josman gay cartoons (X-rated)

1/1/16: BDSM holidays:
#2-#4: Etienne gay cartoons

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

4/24/16: Two gay graphic novels:

Two gay graphic novels

Milligan & Fegredo; Howard Cruse, graphic novel and also comic strips (Wendel, etc.)

4/24/16: Donelan:


gay cartoonist Donelan

4/25/16: Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock:

Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock

4/26/16: Dyke comics:

Dyke comics

Diane DiMassa, Andrea Natalie

4/27/16: Sex comics: the kinksters:

Sex comics: the kinksters

Josman, Tom of Finland, Etienne, The Hun

4/28/16: Gay comics in the 21st century:

Gay comics in the 21st century

the 2009 volume Stripped: A Story of Gay Comics, by Markus Pfalzgraf, with 13 cartoonists featured, plus a series of essays (in parallel English and German) on aspects of gay cartooning

4/29/16: Meatmen 1989-2004:

Meatmen 1989-2004

the anthologies of gay male comics; Volume 1 has contributions from the following artists who have already appeared on this blog: Tom of Finland, Howard Cruse, Brad Parker, Donelan, The Hun, and Robert Triplow. Most of the strips are X-rated, but one, strikingly, is not: Tim Barela’s Leonard & Larry, a touching couples comic

5/1/16: Patrick Fillion:
the gay cartoonist and his work

5/1/26: The news for (big) penises:

The news for (big) penises

gay cartoonist Patrick Fillion

5/2/16: Where is he now?:

Where is he now?

about gay cartoonist Brad Parker

5/3/16: Side by Side:
Mioki’s graphic novel about gay sex

5/8/16: Shirtlifter:


series of gay comics by Steve MacIsaac

6/28/16: Michael DiMotta:

Michael DiMotta

#3 elephant’s trunk in gay cartoon

8/15/16: November 24th, 2016:

November 11th, 2014

#2 Haefeli

9/16/16: Going all the way gay with the X-Men:

Going all the way gay with the X-Men

Gay characters in the Marvel universe

10/19/16: French lessons:
10 collages, in pairs; Tom of Finland and Bob Mizer

10/19/16: Five sets of gay collages:

Five sets of gay collages

set with ToF images

12/9/16: The abacus:

The abacus

#1 shelf of books of gay cartoons and comics

12/17/16: Two late December holidays:

Two late December holidays

ToF Santa

2/15/17: The news for penguins and, of yes, penises:

The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises

#5: Felix d’Eon’s “Love Rocket”

2/17/17: Feliz d’Eon: on normalizing gay:

Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay

on the artist and his work

4/21/17: Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task:

Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task

#6 Haefeli

6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:

In the dunes, in the dunes

reference to Kike Sorroche cartoons

7/6/17: Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan:

Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan

#2 Haefeli

9/19/17: Disney meets Tom of Finland:

Disney meets Tom of Finland

mash-up of Disney and ToF by graphic designer Silverjow

3/17/18: Josman’s family:

3/18/18: The family fetish:

The family fetish

section on the cartoonist Josman, the high priest of gay incest porn

12/14/18: Appearances:


#2 Haefeli

2/20/19: Gay Heart Throbs:
gay comics from 1976, 1979, 1981; settings and themes for gay porn

12/19/19: Zeitgeisty:



8/27/20: John Klamik:

John Klamik

gay erotic artist and cartoonist, publishing under the names Sean and Shawn

2/16/21: Hello, Sailor:

Hello, sailor

#6 Tom of Finland

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