Concealing / revealing

on concealing the penis vs. revealing it

see also the Page on cock tease


7/27/10: Collage essays: from concealment to display:

11/7/10: Concealing and revealing:
starting with Jack Pierson and going on to others

11/16/10: Concealing and revealing: Fred Goudon:

11/23/10: Concealing and revealing: more Fred Goudon:

11/23/10: Concealing and revealing:
in male photography, on the conspicuous concealment vs. flagrant display of penises (with links to three XBlog postings)

4/26/11: XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits:
clothed / unclothed

4/22/12: Bookends:
clothed / unclothed

5/2/11: Jason & Jeremy, Jeremy & Jason:
clothed / unclothed

5/3/11: Kisses:
concealing and revealing in Fred Goudon’s Sunday Morning

10/21/12: Marc Bessange:
concealing and revealing in his male photography

3/8/13: More pairings:
with links to 3 earlier AZBlogX postings with clothed / unclothed pairings

5/9/16: Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers:
David Vance pairings on AZBlogX and AZBlog from Escort; Vance full-frontals on AZBlogX

7/2/17: The patriotic fig leaf:
minimally junk-concealing images as cock teases

7/25/17: From Tex-Mex to naked rugby:
Nick Youngquest using a football as a concealer

4/4/18: More 1970s underwar:
#5 naked men with leg positions concealing their packages

1/26/19: News for Aussie penises on their national day:
aussieBum homowear calling attention to packages / pouches (and buttocks) while (barely) concealing the bodyparts

10/1/19: Skirting the lines:
the line between concealing and revealing

10/1/19: Up to the line, and sometimes over:
the line between concealing and revealing

3/25/20: Three men:
range of Seth Fornea photos on this dimension

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