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From Aric Olnes a while back, a 5/31/17 piece from Hint Magazine, “Weird & Wonderful Men’s Underwear Ads”:

Hilarious and ridiculous, sure, but some of these vintage men’s underwear ads are downright hunky — they just take a little adjusting…

Hint is a fashion magazine covering men’s fashion as well as women’s. The logo:


Earlier on this blog: from 11/6/16 “Wearing the 1970s”, with a set of entertaining ads and links to other postings.

Four examples from Hint, with my captions (and some comments):


Bruce and Joe had a
Wonderful relationship,
Except for those pesky elves

This is (I think) the weirdest of the four. The text appears to be a play on get into s.o.’s pants, and it’s easy to read the visual as a sexual interaction between two men. But then there are two extra, smaller, legs in the photo, one of them tied to Joe’s right leg, as in a three-legged race. My conceit is that these extra legs belong to elves. I have no idea what the ad agency had in mind.


The locker room parties were
Fantastic, though there were
Spirited disputes about
Pitching and catching

The notable element here is the glove in the right-hand guy’s left back pocket. Marking him as a top?


Sam in his
Fig missile briefs,
On the town with his
Sexbuddy Greg, that
Wild animal

Especially worth notice: the moose-knuckle fig leaf.


Each of them had found the
Nothing But Socks Club by his
Own route, but then it was
Immensely satisfying

Everybody with legs positioned so as to conceal their packages.

These were from the 1970s, when most underwear ads featured “regular guys” relating to each other as buddies (though these presentations sometimes went awry). Since then, premium men’s underwear firms have veered into porn territory, with models presenting themselves as sculpted lust objects, as in this Daily Jocks ad for Supawear from 10/27/17:


Note the seductive facial expression and inviting open mouth. One on one between the model and you.

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