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Three cactuses

June 9, 2017

Three entries from Rudolf Slaba, The Illustrated Guide to Cacti, Sterling Publishing Co., 1992. Just because the illustrations by Petr Liška are so pleasing. (And of course because these cacti, like so many, are phallic.)


Dad dogs

June 3, 2017

After several postings on this blog combining a (US) Memorial Day theme with a phallic hot dog theme, Pinterest recently moved the calendar forward from Memorial Day to (US) Fathers Day (June 18th this year), while preserving the focus on hot dogs, as a characteristically masculine food. Fathers Day and Mothers Day are not just (absurdly commercialized) celebrations of male and female parents, respectively, they are also massively gendered holidays (with a hefty infusion of class (middle) and sexuality (hetero) in the gender mix).

I’ll have more to say on the gendering of Fathers Day; here it’s just the hot dog thing, and more generally the gendered food thing.


Needlepoint X

June 2, 2017

(Descriptions of mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

From the Mic site yesterday, “Needleporn: The queer, wholesome yet sexually explicit craft you need to get into” by Evan Ross Katz.

Nice story, though the only illustrations of Zach Nutman’s work are Safe For Work or have the naughty bits pixellated. So I went off to get some of the hard-core stuff. And then found another source of X-rated gay embroidery, by Maria Piñeres. Three examples from each artist are now available in an AZBlogX posting “X-rated embroidery”.


The eve of Pride Month

May 31, 2017

… brings gay porn sales for the occasion. (Warning: this will be about gay porn, with frank discussion of men’s bodies and mansex, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.) The cover photo (technically not X-rated) for the C1R sale:


#1 focuses on one theme of the sale offerings: daddy-boy relationships. Then there’s a trio of Cocky Boys videos (featuring  young, impertinent, highly sexed characters) depicted in an AZBlogX posting, “Cocky Boys for Pride”. And finally, an ad section offering Brawn sex toys in the O-M-GLOW line: soft touch silicone that glows blue or orange in the dark.


Rodeos and sword dances

May 27, 2017

(Warning: there will be talk of penises and mansex.)

On The Hill site on 5/21, “Tillerson: ‘Not my first sword dance’ in Saudi Arabia”, by Jill Manchester:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that his sword dance the previous night in Saudi Arabia was not his first.

“I hadn’t been practicing, Chris, but it was not my first sword dance,” Tillerson told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace.

Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross linked arms during the dance with Saudi performers on Saturday night. [REDACTED] also took part, swaying to the music, and appeared to enjoy the ceremonial dance. The event took place on [REDACTED]’s first day visiting Saudi Arabia, his first stop on his first foreign trip as president.


Ross and Tillerson sword-dancing among Saudis


Let slip the dogs of Japan

May 26, 2017

Though hot dogs combine Memorial Day interest (picnics and cookouts!) with the gay attractions of phallicity (as Pride Month comes into view), after a recent flurry of phallic hot dogs on this blog, I intended to take a brief holiday from the topic, but then a Pinterest board on bento boxes came along. Bento boxes with artful food carefully, sometimes playfully, arranged — including a set of oh-so-cute creatures fashioned from hotdogs: snails, caterpillars, and bears, in particular:


Dog dogs

May 25, 2017

From a Pinterest board on hot dogs (looking forward to Memorial Day in the US), this way too cute presentation of hot dogs in buns:

Hot dogs by themselves are phallic symbols, but here they are, first, symbols of bones (in dogs’ mouths), and then the bones are phallic symbols.

The Pinterest posting led to no recipe or instructions that I could find, so if you want to reproduce these puppies, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

If you do, then you’ll be able to eat a dog eating a dog.

Brainless Tales, with more news for penises

May 20, 2017

#4 in my “Squid Pro Quo” posting is from Marcus Connor’s Brainless Tales, a new webcomic for me, but one largely devoted to language play. And immediately I came across this cartoon, with a portmanteau noun denoting a hybrid, doubly phallic, foodstuff:


baniener = banana + wiener, denoting a decidedly louche anthromorphized banana-wiener. Hey, baby, wanna dance?


Play with your hot dogs

May 19, 2017

As the run-up to the American holiday Memorial Day continues (only 9 days to picnic time), Pinterest has responded with a board of playful things you can do with hot dogs — sometimes moderating their potential as phallic symbols, sometimes accentuating it. Five examples follow.


Red hots, getcher red hots here!

May 17, 2017

Anticipating Memorial Day (May 29th this year), Pinterest has provided a big Hot Dog board. Memorial Day is a US holiday honoring Americans who died while serving in the armed forces, but it has also come to be the unofficial beginning of the summer vacation season and so the occasion for patriotic picnics (like the Fourth of July, but usually without fireworks or marching bands): hot dogs, hamburgers, mayonnaise salads (especially potato salad), watermelon, and so on.

Now, hot dogs are natural phallic symbols, more potent in a bun, and even more potent with the tip of the hot dog protruding from the bun, simulating a glans penis.

As a bonus, one Memorial Day picnic site suggests fruit skewers for the holiday — just the thing for Queer Memorial Day, with rainbow fruit in Pride Flag order and bright strawberry dickheads.