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The news for penises, St. Lucy’s Eve edition

December 12, 2017

Tomorrow’s the day to set your hair on fire, especially if you’re a young Scandinavian girl. But while you’re waiting for Advent to culminate in Christmas, you can savor the lights of the season:



The saguaro in bloom

December 7, 2017

Here in northern California, we’ve had some early rain — not very often and not a lot, but enough to turn the golden hillsides to bright new green. And enough to convince the cacti and succulents in Stanford’s Arizona Garden that Their Time Has Come, so they’re bursting with new growth and breaking out in flowers. Notably, a big ol’ saguaro cactus has thrown out huge creamy blossoms, much like these in this photo from the net:

(#1) The state flower of AZ; NM claims the yucca

Meanwhile, the saguaro serves as an anthromorphic symbol — a man with both arms in the air — and a phallic symbol (an interpretation encouraged by the fact that the cactus is, oh dear, prickly).


Again, the rowers of Warwick

November 27, 2017

Rebecca Wheeler alerted me to the appearance of this year’s Warwick Rowers‘ calendar, with this image, among others:

Playful decadence, with grapes


Guess I’ll go eat worms

November 26, 2017

A follow-up to my posting on the 23rd, “Two Thanksgiving meals”, in which one of the meals had as its main dish vermicelli Singapore-style, with rice vermicelli as the base. So now I’m all about vermicelli.

Warming up to the pasta topic, let’s consider Zesty Anderson Davis consuming some string pasta made from wheat:

(#1) #2 in a 6/23/13 posting, showing Zesty AD sucking up worms (well, spaghetti) in a panoply of sexual imagery
(#2) Abasement, comfort food, or oral sex?


Mens Room Sausage

November 22, 2017

Via Facebook friends, a Seattle specialty that had somehow escaped my attention:

(#1) The studiedly suggestive logo for Uli’s Mens Room Sausage: red devil, tipped tails, and of course the pig for the pork (“Men are pigs, but then we like pork”)


This week’s news for pickles

November 12, 2017

Back on the 3rd, in “The pickle watch”, a survey of matters concerning pickles (pickled cucumbers) as food and as phallic symbols — and now fresh pickle news comes from Mike Pope, who encountered this remarkable object at McLendon Hardware in Renton WA, on a shelf of stuff from Archie McPhee:

(#1) The electronic yodelling pickle, combining in one small battery-operated package the double risibility of pickles with the quaint ridiculousness of yodelling

From the Archie McPhee site:

Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? So were we. At last, the Electronic Yodelling Pickle that you have always hoped for! Each 5-1/4” long plastic pickle yodels its little heart out at the push of a button. Batteries included.

You can listen to the EYP’s siren song on the site.


Revisiting 11: news for wooden penises

November 6, 2017

David Preston on Facebook, with a comment on my posting yesterday “Alpine news for penises”, whose centerpiece was a large mountaintop wooden penis in Austria:

Also see the Finnish tradition of leirikyrpä.

A military camp tradition, specifically, illustrated here:


Alpine news for penises

November 5, 2017

Mike McKinley has alerted me to this story from the UK newspaper Metro on the 3rd, “Giant wooden penis appears on top of a mountain” by Tom Herbert, accompanied by this striking photo:


The Pink Fellowship

November 3, 2017

(Men from the Pink Fellowship, in very skimpy underwear; racy language. Use your judgment.)

(#1) thong

Nights with pink pouches
Never reaching the end
Offers they’ve flaunted
Never willing to send

Knights with pink pouches
Famous cock teases
Offer their assets
Won’t close the deals


On the pickle watch

November 3, 2017

From Alex [Alessandro Michelangelo] Jaker yesterday on Facebook, this photo of him at the Mr. Pickle’s in Millbrae CA, very near SFO (in 2005, when he lived above the shop and right under the jet planes):

(#1) Another line of trochaic tetrameter: Mister Pickle Alex Jaker

A wry bilingual word play, involving the alternative Latin 3rd decl. neut. nouns

nom. sg. alec, gen. alecis

nom. sg. allec or allex, gen. allecis

all meaning ‘fish sauce, herrings, pickle’. Alex is Mr. Pickle.

(With the inevitable phallic allusion to images of or references to pickled cucumbers, usually referred to briefly as just pickles.)