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Art of the penis

February 19, 2017

(Obviously, there will be a lot of dick talk here, but of the art-historical and art-critical variety, rather than the sexual-arousal variety.)

On Facebook, art historian Reuben Cordova writes:

I’m giving a lecture: “The Penis in Art. A Short History, From the Greeks to Today.” Any suggestions?

and offers as an example this ancient Greek vase with the image of a naked woman carrying a gigantic penis on it:


(Such images appear to fall under the Fine Art Exemption for body display on Facebook, and presumably Google+ and WordPress as well. The point presumably being that the penis images on display are not of actual human bodyparts, but are fantasy creations.)

Naked men are all over ancient Greek art, and ancient Roman art as well. A few more examples, then a pile of links on this blog and AZBlogX to phallic art, and a sampling of modern penis art not already covered in my blogs.


The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises

February 15, 2017

From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky on Facebook yesterday, a chocolate cupcake for Valentine’s Day (which is also, significantly, Elizabeth’s birthday), with white frosting and a blue frosting design on top of that:


Ah, you say a penguin, on ice, with a message of love (those hearts). Note that, thanks to me, penguins are a big thing in my family.

Elizabeth boldly denied the Penguin Interpretation — well, with a  Magrittean disavowal (Ceci n’est pas une pipe):

This is not a penguin.

But then she added an alternative, the Rocket Interpretation:

A rocket. With heart-shaped windows.

But wait! There’s more!


Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2017

(Very little of linguistic interest, beyond a penis joke in Spanish and a note on grammatical gender. Otherwise, it’s the massive Latino musclehunk “The Marvel” on display.)

From my regular correspondent RJP this morning, a (broken) link to a Facebook video by The Marvel (posting as maravilla3x). I persevered and found a working Facebook link, which FB seems now to have taken down as too racy: it shows a naked Marvel sitting up in bed humping a big heart-shaped box of Valentine’s chocolates, then taking the cover off and eating chocolates from the box while revving up the tempo and intensity of his pelvic thrusts towards climax (at which point the tease is cut off). However, The Marvel has resourcefully put the video on YouTube, and you can watch it there.


The news for penises: Lunar New Year

January 28, 2017

I take the occasion of Lunar New Year to celebrate the cock, last up in the lunar zodiac in 2005, next up in 2029:

(Shirt from the TeeAndGiftsSite.) Red (the hue of tumescence) is the color for the year:

When the red red phallus comes throb throb throbbin’ along along


Annals of double entendre

January 21, 2017

Comment by Robert Coren on my “Meaty matters” posting:

“It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion” inescapably reminds me of a cigarette ad from my youth, whose slogan I chose to interpret in a way probably not intended by its creators: “It’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long”.

The 1951 song title was intended to convey (in the Wiktionary gloss)

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, penis size doesn’t matter, but technique does.

The cigarette ad from the 60s (which came in many variants, for television and for print media) was for Winston Super Kings, and the sexual innuendo was surely not inadvertent.


The Christmas pickle

December 26, 2016

The song for today: “Good King Sauerkraut look out / On his feets uneven / Beware the snoo lay ’round about / All kerchoo achievin’…” (discussion here).

There seems to be no end to the blizzard of holiday material that comes my way. Recently: the Christmas game of Hide the Pickle or Find the Pickle, which I don’t recall having heard about until about two days ago, when the topic popped up on Facebook. At the center is a Christmas tree ornament like this one:



The advancing horde of shelf elves

December 21, 2016

The most extravagant of the images I’ve collected on this topic — one that should serve as a warning about (some of) the content of this posting:


Two things you need to know about to fully get this composition: the Elf on the Shelf figure; and the glory hole setting, with a candy cane (which often functions as a phallic symbol) standing in for a penis. (In a moment I’ll have more to say about the details of the composition.)


The Yule log

December 18, 2016

It starts with another feature of cultural, as opposed to religious, Christmas, the Yule log. Moves to the cover of the current New Yorker (12/19&26), Ana Juan’s “Yule Dog”. And then, briefly, to sexy word play on the log of Yule log (with a digression on a vintage postcard with a gay Yule log joke). And culminates in an orgy of cake: Bûches de Noël, edible simulacra of the Yule log.


More news for cigars

December 7, 2016

(Warning: some smokin’ m2m sex in passing. On the other hand, there’s some Elvis and some ZZ Top.)

Yesterday: a posting on cartoons from the 1991 book The World of Charles Addams, from a used copy recently acquired by Juan Gomez. In which was secreted a cigar-box label, all fresh and unused:


Back to cigars (last visited on November 18th) and on to Las Vegas.


Penguins among the asparagus

December 6, 2016

Two Charles Addams cartoons from New Yorkers of years ago: a penguin-themed one from 4/27/57 and an asparagus-themed one from 5/25/63:



“You telephone ‘Better Homes & Gardens.’ I’ll start making the hollandaise.”