White does Black

(It’s Tom of Finland, with man-on-man sex, and — not shown, but plainly inferrable — penises of monumental size, all discussed in street language, so massively not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Well, that’s the straightforward reading of the page for August in my 2023 Tom of Finland calendar. And certainly White Guy is sliding his absurdly thick cock deeply into Black Guy’s ass, but a look at BG’s posture and facial expression suggests that if he had enough control of himself to speak, he’d be proclaiming something like “Damn, that’s fiiiine!”

So maybe WG is doing BG, and enjoying it, but he’s not fucking BG harshly and pitilessly, like an eagle taking a rabbit. Maybe he’s mostly doing it for BG, giving BG the fuck that he wants, even serving him, out of brotherly affection. Doing him a solid.

Pictorial details. WG is supporting BG, holding him at the waist, as BG arches his back and takes WG inside him. Meanwhile WG is curled forward, almost bringing his forehead to rest on BG’s back. Two intersecting curves, in a carefully designed composition.

It’s a locker room, and you can smell the sweat. And the Vaseline that WG is squirting out, to lube his entry into BG — or, possibly, to lube himself up. (In a locker room, in public. ToF has added an accidental observer of the action, no doubt standing in for Tom himself.)

BG’s tight muscular buttocks are at the center of the drawing. And then you see that they’re mirrored in WG’s more ample muscular buttocks (with the Vaseline right behind him). In TomLand an insertor can switch to receptor in a flash; both potentials are in every man.

This drawing is from 1963 (it’s not dated on the drawing, or even exactly signed — for a signature, you get a TOM tattoo on WG’s left forearm); a year later, Tom did a flip drawing, with the same two characters, but with WG getting a standing fuck from BG. (This drawing is much inferior as a composition, but then standing fucks are awkward, even uncomfortable, sexual acts — while variants of reverse cowboy, as in the 1963 drawing, allow the two men to get just the right angle that will satisfy both of them, and so will foster intimacy and mutual pleasure.)

It all seems to be about the fucking, about those hyperbolic cocks. What happens if you remove the monster dicks, remarkable though they might be?

… You realize that sometimes the dicks are just decor; some drawings are in fact about relationships (and, of course, desires), as I’ve already hinted. So even I, famously phallophiliac, don’t miss the dicks.

Now here’s the 1963 drawing, dickless. I find it both pungently masculine and, well, sweet:

Ok, no dick, but a hell of a lot of ass; and body attending to body

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