Two Pec Men posting in thongish briefs

(Gay porn actors displaying their bodies entertainingly in minimalist briefs. But yes, man-on-man sex in street language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Just for gasps and laughs. Posted here because of the two model’s presentations of themselves, their stances, their facial expressions, their amusingly skimpy briefs, their body types (especially Rudy Gram’s, which appeals deeply to me), and their evident pride in having developed their pectorals to the point (the point of their sharply erect nips) where those muscles (and Lobo Carreira’s two signally available buttocks) should probably be given names. So I find this p.r. shot for a recently released Lucas porn flick both incredibly hot and laugh-out-loud goofy.

Today’s mailing from the Lucas company:

LucasEntertainment site, “Lobo Carreira And Rudy Gram Show Off In Briefs”, released 8/11, from Men in Briefs

The Lucas ad copy. On their site:

When you imagine two hot-as-fuck men show off their amazing bodies in some small and skimpy briefs, Rudy Gram and Lobo Carreira certainly come to mind. Lobo’s stunning good looks are thanks to his strong genetics and Portuguese heritage. And Rudy Gram can say the same for his Italian background. Here Rudy Gram and Lobo Carreira both get into and explore a similar fetish they both have. They love admiring hot guys in their briefs, and they model underwear for each other — and for you. As they put themselves on display with glee, they get more and more turned on before the sucking and fucking begins!

My notes on the two models. Two Pec Men: quirkily-tatted LC presenting as bottom, doing side-eye because he’s turned to the side to show off the muscular ass (in skimpy white briefs with EAT ME on the rear) he’s offering and also his right arm (covered in eccentric tats); hairy, long-torsoed RG presenting as a half-smiling and very approachable top (in skimpy black briefs).

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