Morning names

2/14/14, Morning names:
Laura Prepon (actress), Frank Gorshin (character actor), Sada Thompson (actress), Danny Pino (actor)

1/27/15, Snidely Whiplash:
Snidely Whiplash (cartoon character)

2/3/15, Three morning names:
http://arnoldzwicky.or (g/2015/02/03/three-morning-names/
Bibb Latané (social psychologist), Pat Buttram (actor), Judy Canova (performer); plus Jensen Ackles (actor, posted on earlier)

2/6/15, Two more morning names:
Mitzi Kapture (actress) (plus Rob Estes), Piggly Wiggly (supermarket)

2/11/15, Two more morning names:
midazolam (drug), Moros y Cristianos (food)

2/15/15, Morning name: calabash:
calabash (plants)

2/18/15, Morning name: Dana Delany:
Dana Delany (actress)

2/20/15, Morning names: Alan Ayckbourn, Teddy Ruxpin
Alan Ayckbourn (playwright), Teddy Ruxpin (toy)

2/22/15, Mornng name: a playful portmanteau
Elrond Hubbard

3/1/15, Gormenghast, the name
Gormenghast (books)

3/3/15, Peter Sarsgaard, Harold in Italy
Sarsgaard (the actor), Harold en Italie (Berlioz symphony)

3/4/15, Morning names: two literary women
Marijane Meaker, Kay Scarpetta

3/7/15, Reynaldo Hahn

3/9/15, Morning name: salsify (with Swiss chard as a bonus)

3/9/15, A note on morning names
morning wood, Ed Wood

3/12/15, Morning name: Archuleta

3/14/15, Two more mornings
Robin Wright (actress), photinia (plant)

3/21/15, Ethelbert Nevin

3/22/15, Chaitins
Gil Chaitin, Gregory Chaitin

3/24/15, Detweiler?

3/26/15, Names for plumed creatures, mythical and real
Quetzalcoatl, hoatzin

3/29/15, Morning names: three ballplayers
Al Kaline, Sal Maglie, Phil Rizzuto

3/31/15, Two, nocturnal and dactylic
pangolin, kinkajou

4/4/15, Morning: Cybill Shepherd

4/13/15: Morning: Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

4/16/15: Morning: C. elegans

4/17/15: Morning: Gary Owens, and other entertainment Gar(r)ys

4/18/15: Morning: Rob Ford

4/25/15: Morning: Conrad Ecklie

4/26/15: Morning: The Great American Dream Machine

5/4/15: Morning with the Fosdicks
Harry Emerson Fosdick, Fearless Fosdick

5/6/15: Morning name: Simon Rattle
conductor Simon Rattle

5/8/15: A morning with Friz
animator Friz Freleng

5/12/15: Morning tune
Three’s Company. its theme song, and actor John Ritter

5/13/15: Morning Olives
authors Oliver Schreiner, Olive Higgins Prouty

5/15/15: Morning: Steve Burton Richter
physicist Burton Richter, actor Steve Burton

5/20/15: Morning harmony
L’Estro Armonico (by Vivaldi)

5/24/15: Witch’s cat in the morning
cat Pyewacket

5/31/15: Morning name: Pyrex

6/3/15: Morning name: Elagabalus

6/12/15: Morning: Vic Hitler (and Terry Kiser):
Hill Street Blues character Vic Hitler; actor Terry Kiser

6/21/15: Morning Zorn:
Zorn’s Lemma; Max Zorn, Alice Zorn, Eric Zorn; John Zorn; Zorn of Zorna

6/23/15: Morning name: La Bayadère:
Petipa ballet

7/7/15: Morning name: booklouse:

7/10/15: Madame von Meck:
and Tchaikovsky

7/11/15: Morning name revisited: Archuleta:
Katherine Archuleta

7/11/15: Morning name: the Kuder Interest Inventory:
and Fritz Kuder

7/12/15: Fletcher and a trail of associations:
proper name Fletcher

7/15/15: Morning names: The Secret of Susanna, The Jewels of the Madonna:
two operas by Wolf-Ferrari

7/17/15: trophyllaxis:
yellowjacket (wasp)

7/19/15: Morning names: Vibrafoam, Vibram:
acoustic insulation, soles for shoes

7/25/15: Morning names: naked mole rat, Penn Palestra:

7/30/15: Morning name: rajas:

8/7/15: Morning name: Hilarion:
St. Hilarion

8/8/15: Morning name: Culebra:
the Puerto Rican island

8/13/15: Morning name: elephantoplasty:
from Monty Python

8/14/15: Morning name: Herbert Huncke:

8/16/15: Morning: mandolin, mandoline:

9/20/15: Morning name: succinic acid:

9/26/15: Morning: bruxism, brucellosis:

9/28/15: Morning name: Ritual Fire Dance:

9/29/15: Morning name: Dudelsack / doodlesack:

10/3/15: Stark morning names:
Starkweather, Starkadder

10/10/15: Morning: A Long Slow Drag:
“A Long Slow Drag” from Scott Joplin’s opera Treemonisha

10/13/15: Morning: the call of nature:

10/14/15: Morning name: Gluyas Williams:

10/14/15: Morning: The Cockettes:

10/15/15: Morning name: Carla Ventresca:

10/18/15: Mornings and mangelwurzels:

10/18/15: Morning: monotreme, marsupial:

10/23/15: Morning toe jam:

10/24/15: Morning silverfish:
howler monkey, dermestid beetle, silverfish

11/30/15: Morning name: penumbra:

12/5/15: Morning names: Norfolk Island Pine, ruach:

12/10/15: Morning name: Park Overall:

12/26/15: Morning name: camellia:

12/27/15: Morning name: Kakadu:

12/27/15: Darius Ferdynand:

12/29/15: tomatillos:

12/31/15: Morning name: Baskit:

1/8/16: Morning name: The Duck Factory:
the tv show

1/24/16: Morning name: John Varvatos:

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles
plus wily and Wile E. Coyote; Andrew Wiles, Kevin Wiles

2/18/16: Morning name: Colton Ford:

2/23/16: Morning names: the two Gracies:
Gracie Allen, Gracie Fields

3/15/16: Morning name: mock-Swedish nonsense:
novelty songs of the 1940s: “The Hut-Sut Song”; “Mairzy Doats”

3/15/16: Morning names: Skidelsky, Sidarsky:
economic hostorian Robert Skidelsky, tv character Robert Sidarsky

3/18/16: Morning name: Roll Over, Beethoven:
the Chuck Berry song

3/20/16: Morning name: catarrh:

3/25/16: Morning name: scuppernong:

3/28/16: Morning name: bullhorn:

3/30/16: Morning name: domoic acid (and Dungeness crab):

4/1/16: Morning names: Ouachita(s):

4/4/16: Morning names: divertimento, serenade:

4/5/16: Morning name: Nachlass:

4/20/16: Ethnic food week:

4/22/16: Morning name: ivermectin:
the medication

5/3/16: Morning names: thistles!:
Diestel, Sacha Distel, distelfinks (plus Destiel)

5/12/16: Morning name: nemesia:
the flower nemesia

5/16/16: Morning name: zygomatic arch:

5/27/16: Morning spunk: sam word, different word:
spunk in three senses

6/1/16: Nefarious morning name:

6/19/16: Morning name: at Carnival, with a trumpet, in a tricorn:
trumpet piece “Carnival of Venice”

7/6/16: The Adventure of the Morning Napoleons:

7/16/16: Morning names: Colquhoun:

7/20/16: Lola Albright:

7/31/16: Cisco in the morning:
the Cisco Kid

8/8/16: Wild in the morning:

8/12/16: Trapped in the morning duff:
the Great Grimpen Mire, the La Brea Tar Pits; duff ‘decaying vegetable matter’ (and various other senses)

8/18/16: Morning eye in the sky:
Jodrell Bank

8/22/16: A ewer in the morning:

8/29/16: Osmunda, Königin des Waldes:
the fern Osmunda

8/29/16: Morning in Murfreesboro:
Murfreesboro TN (and Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest)

11/19/16: Morning Montalvo:
Montalvo the placename and the surname

12/1/16: Morning name: April Dembosky:
KQED reporter Dembosky

12/24/16: Pharmaceutical morning names:
AstraZeneca; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Astrud Gilberto

12/30/16: In the middle of things:

1/1/17: Morning names for the new year:
nickname Ozzy / Ozzie; puerperal

1/12/17: Dolores del Rio and Erno Piffle:

1/14/17: Two character actors in the morning:
Gale Gordon, Tamara Tunie

2/23/17: Morning: spanakopita:

2/24/17: Morning: La Salade Imaginaire:
allusion to Le Malade Imaginaire

2/27/17: Today’s morning name: Topher Grace:

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:
Sepulveda Boulevard

4/3/17: Sparky, Jasper, Bunky:
three address terms

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
the verb blat

4/8/17: snatch:
sexual slang (and other senses)

4/11/17: Guest morning name: Venn:
two John Venns

4/17/17: Chub and chuums in the morning:
chub, chum, chump, chup

4/21/17: rest stop:
… and rest area and restroom

6/1/17: No te vayas de Zamboanga:
Zamboanga, the Filipino city

8/25/17: Revisiting 5: Don Bosco:
St. John Bosco

10/27/17: The X-Bulbs, plus Greek Sword:
Ixia, Sparaxis

11/8/17: sharp, sour:

12/27/17: Morning tetrameter naming:
Xenophon Bellerophon

1/7/18: Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani:

2/17/18: Morning millionaire:
John Beresford Tipton

2/20/18: Vronsky & Babin in the morning:

3/29/18: Secretive morning name
sebum; also semen, smegma

4/2/18: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning:
the movie (and book)

4/3/18: Morning name: Harry:
Harry B. Miller, Jr.

4/8/18: Jessica Dragonette in the morning:

4/25/18: Polydactyly:

4/29/18: acuminate:

4/29/18: Visit to a Small Planet:

5/6/18: Ocotillo:

5/8/18: haws, hawthorns, Haworth, Haworthia, Hawick:
starting from the plant name Haworthia

5/19/18: Rolling pin:

5/26/18: In the morning: the B list actor and the scholar:
W. Sidney Allen, Lisa Whelchel

6/23/18: A pixelated morning:
pixelated / pixilated

7/1/18: Ethmoid morning:

7/17/18: Charlotte:
various places and things related to Charlotte Mecklinburg-Strelitz

8/18/18: Morning: Hai Karate, Dirk Diggler:

8/30/18: Mandarin orange at the Malamute Saloon:

8/31/18: Swiss artsupplies in the morning:
Caran d’Ache

9/1/18: Stick insects and tree crickets:
stick insect

9/17/18: Mornings in Greece and Rome:
mavrodaphne, peplum

10/7/18: Ancient of days:

11/25/18: Morning at the bottom ofthe sea:
benthic, as in benthic worm

11/29/18: A morning in the home counties:
home counties

12/2/18: A morning in the Blue Period:
Paloma Picasso

12/4/18: A Picardy morning:

12/24/18: Seasonal thanks:
Lady Ottoline Morrell

2/24/19: The great work begins:
the phrase from Angels in America; Jill Welch

3/13/19: The lives of the French artists:
Puvis de Chavannes (and Susan Valadon)

3/16/19: le naufrage, le naugfragé:

3/23/19: Lilo & Stitch:

4/7/19: Two moments of iridaceous naming;

5/8/19: Why is he calling her his thesaurus?:
“Il Mio Tesoro”

8/8/19: Minimal pears:
Seckel pears; minimal pairs in linguistics; paired bodyparts of small size

8/11/19: Deux clouseauismes:
quotations: “I have fixed your doorbell from the ringing” and “Not any more”

2/25/20: Timothy and Agrimony:
timothy and agrimony (the plants)

3/3/20: Morning tum:
tumor, tumid, tumescent (plus tumulus, tumult, tummy)

3/10/20: Double damask:
double dozen double damask dinner napkins

5/3/20: Morning name: Bene Gesserit

6/8/20: To Serve Man:

6/10/20: South Cackalacky:

6/14/20: Muss es sein?:

6/29/20: Spilled his seed on the ground:

7/16/20: quiescent and deliquescent:

7/28/20: gentoo:

☛ <strong)8/30/20: tantrum:

9/8/20: cherchez la femme:

9/10/20: diaphoretic:

9/15/20: Cocktail music

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