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A hose in your pocket

Learn to Drawl

Variability: juncos

Nighthawks in a time of coronavirus

Pretty, and sometimes protuberant, in pink

Budgies on the roadside

Suicidal cats

Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills

That 70s style

Midnight Tropics

The teddy bears’ drink

Hiding homosexuality: JCL

Hot wings on a paper plate

Hot wings on a paper plate II

Turkish turquoise


His banana Ana and his avocados Arnold

At the Paleo Cafe

quiescent and deliquescent

Buttocks display

The art of the buttocks

Buttocks III: (mainstream) art, male art, porn

Buttocks IV: cake(s) and tail



Please don’t eat the flooring

Gay couple in Pouchland

But is it art? Two cartoon takes

Further adventures in Pouchland

Gay Highander

Fear of furniture

The Pierogi Western

A Byzantine bulge and Byzantine buttocks

Eat me

The Chinese squeaky-pen dog

Before or after?

Who were those masked penguins?

Call it by its name


Portrait of a man: the head and bare torso image

The measure of a man: HTC

Donut alliteration

Chaka Khan and post-Freudian psychoanalytic thought

In Pouchland, where body size is irrelevant

Switzerland at your service

Nuancy Nancy

The best show I can do

Hairy ice

The art of everyday objects


Towards the high end of the hardness scale

Caterpillars spinning platters

Cucumber soup

More cucumber soups


Flies met cute

August flora and fauna

Zippy philaconfusion

The pleasures of role reversal

Double scoop in the heat of summer

Mansex positions: spitroasting

Two whimsical Bizarros

One more book

Christopher Robin Hood

Spontaneous erections


Let them eat cake

Are you 79½ or 80?

Name that tune

The three Ds: debased, degraded, and decadent


The horse on Seventh Avenue

Hard-cruisin’ Daddy

Moments of charm

New Yorker 8/24/20

A desirable body

Creature log in the smoke times

Little brown birds


The Connecticut mystery structure

John Klamik

A song for our times

Hola Queridx

Daniel Goddard

Take me, please


The police


The brokini

The soup fly

Onomatopoeia and program music

wingman, winger

Take me, please (supine version)

Last-naming professors

candy-ass faggots

Working men 2020

The rainbow party dog

More for the birds

Celebratory day

The post-celebratory day

Le Male, the men’s fragrance

cherchez la femme

Forget the fly, go for the hole

Crossed folk stories

Red Löbster Cult


More presents

The croup

Hard-core gendering

Mid-autumn memento mori for the times

All they will call you will be “escapees”

Tom of Finland at 100

Cocktail music

Modern still lifes: Darren Jones

Waiting for my man

Caillebotte’s garden

Born on the same day

Marrow among the courgettes

Out of the water and back again

The mystery scribble

Annals of remarkable commerce

gone to seed

The penis-anus nexus

A visit with Skyy Knox

Mushroom days

The Kentucky lawyer

Still life grotesques


Great progress, grave threat

Feeling more one-headed

Vase of Flowers with Donuts

The unbearable lightness of food and drink

The multipurpose elephant

Come a long way, long way still to go

Parallelism, metaphor, chiasmus

The library hookers and booze joke

Minimal still lifes

From the dominance/submission files

Avocado Chronicles: 8: avocado salad

Yoan Capote

Film blanc

Giovanna Garzoni

The No Tell Motel

Breakfast with Francesco Tonelli

straight men’s jeans

Deconstructed hamburgers, exploding in layers


Sliced bread

Warren Zwicky, pianist

An offer of the body

The Acting Corps: Chris Mulkey

goon squad goon squad goon squad

Boris Kodjoe

More onomatomania

Homage to Magritte

No offense (intended)


The risonym

One more Magritte homage

Another Shih still life

Two woolly mammoths

A tribute to Edward Hopper

One Big Happy mnemonics

Acronymic mnemonics

Paul Newman rises from the sea

Flesh Gordon

The xkcd dialect quiz

The Gauld scientific method

Desert island discs

Unsettling still lifes

Three comforting presents


Shifting gears

A New Yorker trio

The news for gay penguins

Tico Tico

Louis Mandylor

More comforting presents

Patio report 10/25/20

Every picture tells a story

Cruisy contemptolence

Halloween still lifes

Can I get you a vole or two?

A diversion at the beginning of election week

Stirling Silliphant

Fantasy food

past pluperfect

The rehab postings

Memory gaps

On the orientation questions

It’s always 4 a.m.

Pee-shy no more

Genus Americanus


Welcome back gifts

The self-aware diner

[The self-aware diner]

The rainbow penguin shower curtain

Pre-cut walker balls

Images of Jacques

More images of Jacques

Fear of death on a desert island

[Fear of death on a desert island]

Tiers of a clown

Octopi Wall Street

In-vitro meat

The fish art of Ray Troll

/ol/ vs. /old/

An old hand, and two young hands

The joy of swimwear


What question are you asking?

The medal

Knowing how vs. knowing that/what

Desert Island chat

Santa Psychiatrist captions

long / tall

The Boxing Day special

Wigs and smog in Nevada

Reading my life

Australian firefighters, the calendars


The flannel guys


Once more with the mice

How do you find our menu?

A fresh approach to English dangling modifiers

Lay, goosie, lay

Manual labor

The lexicon of masturbation

Masturbatory side notes

Wrong turn at Catalina

Name that artist

Life in the twilight zone

The gayguin

Surprise humor

Loss of perspective

Sweet and fuzzy, from 2006


A lexical surprise

Superbowl Sunday

More sweet and fuzzy

Another 1966 Superbowl moment

Western medicine

Time, and intellectual community

Sweet and fuzzy 3

Sweet and fuzzy 4

Who put the fuckin’ in Califuckinfornia?

Work up a sweat with Franky


Callipygian in his Levis

Rorschach v. Magritte

His name is my name too

Absurdist cartooning

The package

Mating strategies

Two from xkcd

Morning name: consilience

Fun jocks and their models

secret cabal

An Obama periodic sentence

A carnival of omission

Jay Gould

Wasps on wheels

Flat on his back at the solstice

Perverted by Language

A riot of hibiscus

In the bleak midwinter


Collocation restriction

Two reflections on rats

pair of jockstrap

Cure Bear

Death and transcendance

Leyendecker’s jockey

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