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Gestures and symbols

June 30, 2013

From many sources, in e-mail and on Facebook, this ad from the Family Research Council:


“Oral Sex and Doggie Style! Family Research Council: Call 2 Fall Is Call 2 FAIL!” by Lisa Derrick 6/27/13:

Gay-hating Family Research Council, now labeled a hate group rather than carrying the Christian branding of being a loving faith-based group, has yet another epic fail on their sweaty social media hands. Their latest campaign, Call 2 Fall complaining about marriage and the repeal of DOMA using hip cool internet lingo is the most hysterically wrong-thinking ad since, well their last one.

… This image from Family Research Council … clearly suggests fellatio followed by modified doggie style intercourse.

So: a “call to fall on our knees” comes out looking like a call to fellatio.


Body language

April 10, 2012

Today’s Zippy has some very specific gestures:

This is one step beyond the gestures in this Zippy strip from last year, in which body language mostly communicates feelings. Here, a single gesture conveys an entire specific text. That is, Zippy’s “body language” seems to be non-compositional — like a codebook, rather than an actual language.