Rhymes With Orange

by Hilary Price


AZ, 3/29/07: Mea culpa:

AZ, 5/12/07: Why backwards talk Yoda?:

AZ, 6/26/07: Three taboo cartoons:

AZ, 11/3/07: Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny:

AZ, 8/21/08: Give me an F…:

1/23/09: More on txtng:

AZ, 9/8/07: Whom was that masked man?:

AZ, 9/26/08: Cartoon linguification:

AZ, 4/16/09: Once more on less:

4/20/09: Gramma’s rules:

5/13/09: Peek-a-boo:

6/30/09: Use your words:

7/8/09: Homophone problems:

ML, 7/9/09: Homophonicide:

AZ, 7/16/09: Tongue twisters:

7/16/09: So fun:

7/21/09: Summer intern:

9/13/09: Labels:

1/30/10: A sarcastic cartoon for weekend fun:

3/10/10: Yet another portmanteau:

3/14/10: A fashion for portmanteaus:

4/3/10: Easter storm:

4/11/10: Another playful portmanteau:

4/28/10: Words for chew toy:

4/30/10: Interpreting compounds:

5/13/10: Phrasal Overlap Portmanteaus:

6/12/10: Morohological overlap portmanteau:

6/12/10: Deathly idioms:

8/11/10: The ambiguity watch: N of N:

12/28/10: Arf:

2/4/11: A portmanteau crop:

2/28/11: Aah:

5/24/11: The marmaxi:

5/30/11: Triceratopiary:

7/19/11: Real names:

9/8/11: Maternal qudgments:

11/30/11: Haikupons:

12/1/11: Bad language school:

12/22/11: Christmas elves:

12/24/11: The night before Christmas:

1/31/12: Cartoon 3: Snowman up!:

2/19/12: I feel like sushi:

3/14/12: The news for gnus:

4/23/12: Cartoon potatoes:

6/11/12: Discontinuous overlapping:

6/14/12: Death at play:

6/17/12: For Dad:

6/24/12: A Sunday pun:

A Sunday pun

6/25/12: The young Yoda:

The young Yoda

7/19/12: Magritte:


7/20/12: Cavities:


7/30/12: The comma swatter:

The comma-swatter

8/3/12: The Chairman laughs:

The Chairman laughs

8/14/12: Jack POP:

Jack POP

8/25/12: Two portmanteaus:

Two portmanteaus


9/13/12: Laundromat dialectology:

Laundromat dialectology

10/5/12: Portmanteaus of past lives:

Portmanteaus of past lives

11/29/12: The war on errorism:

The war on errorism

4/9/13: On the pun watch:

On the pun watch

4/15/13: Pun for April 15th:

Pun for April 15th

4/23/13: Reduplicative compounds:

Reduplicative compounds

5/6/13: Autocorrect rules:

Autocorrect rules

5/8/13: More rhesus humor:

More rhesus humor

5/9/13: Code 404:

Code 404

5/11/13: Plantanimals:


5/21/13: Hairy Harry and the asparagus:

hairy Harry and the asparagus

6/2/13: Penguin cartoon:

Penguin cartoon

8/1/13: The Thursday pun:

The Thursday pun

10/13/13: Sunday funnies:

Sunday funnies


10/23/13: Remembering:


11/28/13: Thanksgiving news:

Thanksgiving news


12/24/13: Xmas cartoons:

Xmas cartoons


1/21/14: Four cartoons:

Four cartoons


1/24/14: Friday cartoons:

Friday cartoons


2/23/14: Playful –ify:

Playful -ify

3/1/14: Swamp Thing:

Swamp Thing

3/7/14: More cultural allusions:

More cultural allusions

3/8/14: Three cartoons for Saturday:

Three cartoons for Saturday


3/30/14: Triple play:

Triple play


4/9/14: Two cartoon puns:

Two cartoon puns


4/16/14: A(B + C):

A (B + C)

4/23/14: A Dilbert and a Rhymes:

A Dilbert and a Rhymes

5/6/14: For National Cartoonists Day:

For National Cartoonists Day


5/10/14: Party of five:

Party of five


5/11/14: Three on Mothers Day:

Three on Mothers Day


5/18/14: Five for Friday:

Five for Friday


5/21/14: Three diverse:

Three diverse


6/1/14: May-June turnover:

May-June turnover


6/15/14: Fathers Day five:

Fathers Day Five


7/31/14: POP goes the taxi:

POP goes the taxi

8/30/14: The accent in Polish:

The accent in Polish

8/31/14: Generalizations:


followup to previous

9/2/14: Let’s get Mexican:

Let’s get Mexican

9/4/14: Orcastra:


9/12/14: mix media:

mix media

10/9/14: Two for Thursday:

Two for Thursday


10/21/14: Erson of Pinterest:

Erson of Pinterest

11/8/14: Saturday trio:

Saturday trio


11/10/14: Monday quartet:

Monday quartet


11/24/14: Pumpkin spice days:

Pumpkin spice days

12/29/14: Name that hero:

Name that hero!

1/12/15: Tennis elbow:

Tennis elbow

1/15/15: The noirwhal:

The noirwhal

1/15/15: The French pastry revolution:

The French pastry revolution

2/4/15: Hybrids:


2/25/15: fraug:


3/9/15: PT:


3/13/15: Today’s artistic pun:

Today’s artistic pun

4/20/15: The swim-up bar:

The swim-up bar

5/25/15: Why are they pets?:

Why are they pets?

5/26/15: A California breakfast:

A California breakfast

6/27/15: Clickbait:


7/11/15: claustrophilia:


8/2/15: Clown Time:

Clown time

8/5/15: Language cartoon Wednesday:

Language cartoon Wednesday


9/13/15: Ten language-y comics:

Ten language-y comics


9/13/15: Stage names for dogs:

Stage names for dogs

10/9/15: Party in the back / rear:

Party in the back / rear

10/14/15: Lassie to the rescue:

Lassie to the rescue

10/15/15: Dark loamy POP:

Dark loamy POP

11/1/15: The morning after:

The morning after

11/4/15: Born out of breadlock:

Born out of breadlock

11/15/15: fish food, fish flakes:

fish food, fish flakes

12/7/15: A Montalbán Hanukkah:

A Montalbán Hanukkah

12/20/15: Odds and ends 12/20/15:

Odds and ends 12/20/15


12/21/15: Ocus:


1/20/16: butt/booty, dial/call:

butt/booty, dial/call

1/28/16: Three Thursday cartoons:

Three Thursday cartoons

2/7/16: At the noodle bar:

At the noodle bar

2/26/16: A Rhymes word exchange:

A Rhymes word exchange

3/13/16: Cowboy POP:

Cowboy POP

3/24/16: The invasive starling:

The invasive starling

3/30/16: Three for the 30th:

Three for the 30th

4/12/16: POP goes the bargain:

POP goes the bargain

4/14/16: The gang double:

The gang double

5/22/16: A slow meme:

A slow meme

5/28/16: The snail days of summer:

The snail days of summer


6/28/16: Gang of five:

Gang of five


7/11/16: Word play for 7-11:

Word play for 7-11


7/20/16: Let’s just call it “grammar”:

Let’s just call it “grammar”

8/7/16: Fixed expressions:

Fixed expressions


10/7/16: The sculpture garden:

The sculpture garden

11/20/16: Two POPs:

Two POPs

1/6/17: Epiphanic puns:

Epiphanic puns


1/22/17: Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress:

Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress

2/5/17: Pop food edifice:

Pop food edifice

2/22/17: Understanding the comics:

Understanding the comics


2/25/17: Ten language cartoons:

Ten language cartoons


3/6/17: Ya gotta know the matryoshkas:

Ya gotta know the matryoshkas

3/7/17: Mixing it up:

Mixing it up

4/28/17: Friday word play in the comics:

Friday word play in the comics


5/3/17: A musical decline:

A musical decline

5/5/17: Conjunct order in the comics:

Conjunct order in the comics

5/20/17: Squid Pro Quo:

Squid Pro Quo


5/31/17: Slow turtle and even slower snail:

Slow turtle and even slower snail

5/7/17: The word came down on Pentecost:

The word came down on Pentecost


6/11/17: You can dress a fox in hen’s clothing but…:

You can dress a fox in hen’s clothing, but…

6/17/17: For Eve V. Clark:

For Eve V. Clark


6/21/17: It was ever thus:

It was ever thus

7/4/17: POP go the pheromones:

POP go the pheromones


7/10/17: Taking the Magrittean Disavowal at face value:

7/18/17: POP with Poe:

9/25/17: Naked came the mammoth:

10/6/17: Noodling with formulaic language:

11/15/17: 3 for 15:

11/30/17: Two memic moments:

12/10/17: Son of Snowman:

1/10/18: Puns and metatheses:

1/27/18: Four exercises in cartoon understanding:

3/7/18: Aria 51:

3/15/18: Two (more) Sunday cartoons:

4/8/18: Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively:

4/18/18: Cartoons on SF earthquake day:

4/27/18: Another quick cartoon comprehension quiz:

5/6/18: Said the rapper to the geek:

6/1/18: Narrative theory at the theorist’s:

7/20/18: Beheaded pizza:

8/4/18: Cultural knowledge:

8/6/18: Two occasions, four cartoons:

8/8/18: The elephant in therapy:

10/24/18: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

5/30/19: Wisely seasoned:

6/18/19: The clown facial:

6/27/19: The Desert Island Reaper:

7/4/19: Am I a bird?:

9/17/19: The amazing talking pirate:

10/9/19: Two old cartoon friends:

12/1/19: Three comic rabbits for December:

1/8/20: There was a singer had a dog:

1/13/20: Just one peanut:
#1, #5

2/3/20: The missing:

3/16/20: Higashi Day cartoon 6: Pi Day cartoon understanding:

4/16/20:The Grim Mouser:

4/30/20: Joe and the cucumber sandwiches:

6/24/20: Annals of ambiguity: making it rough for Schrödinger:

7/21/20: But is it art? two cartoons:

1/30/21: Two cartoons on the 30th:

2/19/21: Lobster bands, and other restraints:

2/26/21: Smell the roses in a field:

3/21/21: St.Patrick’s Day spriticide:

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